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"Do Us A Flavor" Lays Potato Chip Contest

by Melody Judge posted Jul 18 2014 6:48AM
The people have spoken and apparently we want coffee-flavored potato chips. A new contest put on by Lay's potato chips called "Do Us a Flavor" let fans decide what savory flavors they'd like to see added to the chip line. 
The four finalists are: Cappuccino, Wasabi Ginger, Bacon Mac n' Cheese, and Mango Salsa. All four flavors will be on sold in grocery stores until November, when one will be crowned the winner and remain on store shelves.  As for the winner, they don't just get bragging rights. The person who came up with the winning flavor will get a cool $1 million cash prize. 
Want to vote? Head to for all the details.
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07/18/2014 4:48AM
"Do Us A Flavor" Lays Potato Chip Contest
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07/18/2014 12:13PM
how did u pick them
07/18/2014 8:35PM
07/20/2014 6:29AM
that sounds disgusting!
07/21/2014 4:03PM
how was the contest judged??
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