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#TBT: 8 Slang Terms From The 1980s And What They Mean Today

by Melody Judge posted Jun 19 2014 10:30AM
In the 1960s, there was rock. The 1970s had us dancing to disco. The 1980s gave birth to rap. The popular genres of music evolve with each decade, but that is not the only aspect of culture that does. With “swag” and “YOLO” ushering in a new era of slang, are we really saying anything new? Or is it that younger generations are saying the same things but in different ways to separate themselves from their square parents? Here’s a little #TBT (Throwback Thursday) to slang from yesterday and today.

1)  In the 80s you were totally “stoked” to go to Heather’s party this weekend. We’re still totally excited for it but now we say how “pumped” we are.

2)  Maybe you “bounced” from Heather’s bogus party in the 80s, but now when we go to a lame party we just “dip.”

3) Or maybe that party was so wild it was “banging.” If you went to that party today it would be “epic.”

4)  “Bodacious” babes left men with their jaws agape in the 80s. “Rockets/Babe” are the hot ladies leaving men speechless these days.

5)  Unlike the ’90s, where “frosted” could refer to a man’s unfortunate highlights, in the ’80s it meant you were quite the angry dude. Today we say we’re “tight” when we’re really peeved.

6)  If you’re wondering how to use “ratchet” today, maybe try calling that gross person over there “grody.” Extra points if they’re “grody to the max.”

7)  Going to the gym back then meant you were getting “buff” and beefy. Now we get “swol” when we work on that hot bod.

8)  If things weren’t going your way and you were totally stressed you might be “wiggin’ out” in the 80s. If you’re freaking out these days you might be “trippin’.”
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06/19/2014 8:30AM
#TBT: 8 Slang Terms From The 1980s And What They Mean Today
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