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Melody Judge weekdays 6-10a
New to Gillette, but not to radio. I was born and raised in Iowa and now excited to call Gillette, Wyoming home. I’m a farm girl that loves stilettos and ready to add more boots to my collection. My kids are grown, and I have two grandchildren that can’t wait to visit and see all of the sights “Out West”. I share a home with two Chihuahuas, Miss Pippi Jackpot and Mr. Pretzel Potpie. My fiancé and I are tying the knot this fall-I hope he knows what he’s in for! My taste for music runs wide - and was previously a Morning Show Host on a Mix station for over six years. I look forward to settling back in the air chair and have a lot of fun in the morning.

Floyd Hillman Weekdays 2-6p
Born from his mother and raised by both mother and father (a two parent family, that’s just weird), Floyd grew up on the foundation of a spiritual, Southern family in Augusta, Georgia. Not allowing himself to be ordinary, Floyd studied the art of perfected being a nerd in school. His love of Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as other geeky, sci-fi television programs as well as a plethora of comedies ranging from Monty Python to Mel Brooks, gave Floyd a strange sense of humor few would understand. However, many began to catch on.
In elementary school, Floyd created a newspaper called “The Daily Blab” which had a satirical view of current events. Some decades later, “The Onion” became popular, and event that was completely unrelated, yet, frustrates him to this day because someone had the vision and the know-how to turn a similar idea into early retirement.
Okay, enough of this. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being mildly famous. And, of course, I would LOVE to have a massive wad of cash that would enable me to work, not just to pay bills, but to fulfill dreams. Who wouldn’t want that?
I’ve worked in radio and television for over fifteen years, have seen a few things, heard a few things, experienced a few things, have thoughts on those things, and would like to share those thoughts and experiences with you. I hope you enjoy those thoughts and experiences, are entertained by them, inspired by them, and would be so enthusiastic about them that you would want to share with your friends who, hopefully feeling the same, would tell their friends, and they tell their friends, and so on and so on… well, you get the drift (and the reference. Party on, Wayne!) Being a Georgia Boy, I’ve worked mostly in the Southeast, so I’m excited to learn and get to know a new area… though I hope to be around for quite a long time!
 Okay, personal stuff: I’m in my 30s, been married to my lovely wife since 1996 and we have a wonderful, energetic son who was born in 2006. I’ve been “paid” to work in radio and television for over a decade and a half, but I have had a passion for radio since as young as I can remember. When I was a kid (about 5 or 6), I would take my toy walkie-talkies (yes, this is before cell phones, boys and girls), duct tape the button down on one of them so it could serve as my microphone/transmitter, and have the other one somewhere in the house (usually near my Mother. I’m so thankful for her patience!). Then, I would play records and read the weather/commercials off an information channel on the TV. That was my first “radio” gig.
Oh yeah, the cheesy bio stuff: It’s hard to narrow down my favorite food, movie, TV show, etc. I like to try new things and approach them with an open mind, so I don’t want to isolate myself to just one thing, especially when it comes to music! I love just about every genre imaginable! I used to loathe Country when I was growing up, but now I embrace it, especially its Folk Music roots! And, of course, with the name Floyd, I HAD to become a connoisseur of Pink!
So, here I am. I hope you like me!
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