Worland Aquatic Center Repairs

Refurbishment work is continuing to progress at the Worland Aquatic Center. Washakie County School District #1 Business Manager Jack Stott said that bricks and insulation are being brought down by construction workers and they're in the process of demolishing the roof around the building of the the facility as well, while brick in the lower sections of the building will not be touched. This project is being done in order to repair the vapor barrier membrane that surrounds the main pool hall because of how the work was not fully covered and completed 360 degrees at the top of the wall leaving open gaps which created mineral deposits on the bricks causing premature failure of the mortar along with some soaking insultion. Stott along with other employees of the School District noticed this concern about 6 months after the work on the facility was done and saw that it became more of a concern during the winter or spring of 2014. A construction crew from Groathouse Construction began the work in June of 2016 and are expected to get everything finished no later than November or December of thie year. The work is being funded through insurance claims and is not costing the Washakie County School District #1 any money. Stott went on to say to that the competition pool will be closed for probably a few weeks due to the fact that roof work is being done on the eastside of the facility. Once that's complete, the competition pool will reopen and then roof work will begin on the westside of the facility which will close down the activity pool for 3 or 4 weeks. However, lap swimming is still available, while the jacuzzi and therapy pool are open, but the splash pad outside of the facility will be closed for 1 week.