Emergency Medical Services Employees earn I-EMT Certification

Press Release —Campbell County Health announces that six employees in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) earned their Intermediate Emergency Medical Technician (I-EMT) certifications. Employees include:

  • Derric Culey, who has been with CCH since April 2015
  • Stephanie Gisi, who has been with CCH since May 2015
  • Collette Houch, who has been with CCH since May 2013
  • Jeremy Onsgard, who has been with CCH since December 2009
  • Heather Springer, who has been with CCH since June 2014
  • Elizabeth Wood, who has been with CCH since March 2014

This certification allows EMS to provide a more advanced level of care when it is needed throughout the Campbell County, Wyoming community. I-EMTs are able to start IV's, give medications, and provide advanced airway skills—thus making the transition of care easier for the patient when they arrive at the Emergency Department for further care.
I-EMT certification requires 160 class hours, 36 hours of clinical time in the Emergency Department, 24 hours of EMS ride time, and hours in an operating room for Endotracheal Intubations. Upon completion of this, EMT students must successfully complete a written and practical test from the Wyoming Department of Health and Preventive Medicine.