Residential Curbside Recycling Service to Begin Tuesday

Press Release – Residential curbside recycling service will begin on Tuesday, January 3rd. Registered curbside recycling customers can put out their commingled recyclables in blue or clear bags (with flattened corrugated cardboard placed underneath) on the same day that their trash is picked up. Since Monday, January 2nd is an observed holiday, Monday’s trash and recycling will be picked up on Tuesday, January 3rd along with Tuesday's trash and recycling. 

At the December 20th Regular Meeting of the Gillette City Council, the Council approved an amendment to the Residential Curbside Collection and Recycling Agreement with Western Waste Solutions, Inc. The amendment changed the effective date of the agreement to Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 rather than requiring a minimum of 900 customers for the program to begin.

The new residential Curbside Recycling collection program expands the type of items that can be placed in the blue or clear bags. Below is a list with some examples of what can be recycled in each category: 

  • Steel – Vegetable cans, soup cans, coffee cans, empty paint cans, aerosol cans
  • Aluminum – Soda cans, aerosol cans, food cans, spray starch cans, aluminum bottles
  • Glass – Any type of glass beverage container. Please remove lids
  • Plastics – Any plastics container with a recycle logo with a number inside: milk jugs, detergent jugs, soda bottles, water bottles, food containers
  • Corrugated Cardboard – Flattened and placed under the recycling bag

Residents must be registered in order to participate in the residential curbside recycling program. There is a $6/month fee for the service. Call customer service at (307) 686-5206 to sign up.

For more information, contact Communications Manager Geno Palazzari at (307) 686-5393.