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by Melody Judge posted Mar 5 2015 9:23AM
  1. Was the inspiration for the new invention -- cat spanx

  2. Causes floor to creak when he walks -- a cement floor

  3. He needs two collars to go around his neck

  4. His tummy actually cleans the wood floors

  5. For exercise, the mouse run around him

by Melody Judge posted Mar 5 2015 9:19AM

Baseball is just kicking off spring training, but the Arizona Diamondbacks are already in midseason form when it comes to their food game. They just announced a new dessert they'll be selling at their ballpark this year . . . the CHURRO DOG.

It looks kind of like a hot dog, only it's a warm cinnamon churro instead of a hot dog . . . a chocolate-glazed long john donut as the bun . . . and three scoops of ice cream on top, with whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce.

It'll cost $8.50 . . . and it's approximately 1,117 calories.

This isn't the Diamondbacks' first venture into crazy stadium food. Last season, they rolled out the D-Bat Dog . . . an 18-inch corn dog stuffed with bacon and cheese, for $25.

Who will DARE to eat both the D-Bat Dog AND the Churro Dog during the same game?

(Arizona Republic / ESPN)

by Melody Judge posted Mar 4 2015 8:01AM

Katy Perry is cashing in on the dancing shark phenomenon from her Super Bowl half-time show last month, by releasing an official costume.

The singer was joined onstage by two dancers dressed up like sharks during her hits medley during that performance.

The sharks were an Internet sensation and now she is giving the chance to don the big fish costumes.

Perry announced the news on Twitter:

The Katy Perry Left Shark “Belovesie” retails at $129 on Perry’s website.

by Melody Judge posted Mar 4 2015 6:20AM

Metallica are feeling retro — so retro, their next release will be on cassette.

They will celebrate Record Store Day by releasing their demo tape, “No Life ’til Leather,” that they recorded in 1982 that led to their record deal.

They will release it as a limited-edition cassette to independent record stores only on April 18.

If that’s too retro for you, Metallica will release it on vinyl and on CD this summer.

by Melody Judge posted Mar 3 2015 7:48AM

If you want green milk for St. Patrick's Day, what do you do? You could add green food coloring to your milk, but that's no fun. You could buy a Shamrock Shake and wait for it to melt, but who has the willpower not to drink it right away?

This year, there's FINALLY a better solution.

A milk company called TruMoo is selling a mint-and-vanilla-flavored green milk nationwide.

Other dairies have sold green milk for St. Patrick's Day before, but those have always been regional . . . this is the first time everyone in the country will get a chance to drink the stuff.

TruMoo is clearly working to establish itself as the go-to brand behind weird milk flavors and colors. They made an orange creamsicle flavor for Halloween, and they'll be selling a pink jellybean one for Easter.


by Melody Judge posted Mar 3 2015 7:04AM

Zagat just released their annual survey on how much coffee Americans drink. And 82% of coffee drinkers say they have at least one cup every single day. Here are six more results from the survey.

1. The average coffee drinker has 2.1 cups a day. Men average 2.4 compared to 1.9 for women.

2. 24% of people say normal coffee is their favorite . . . 17% prefer lattes . . . 12% prefer cappuccinos . . . 8% like espressos . . . and 5% say iced coffee is their favorite.

3. 29% of people take their coffee black . . . 23% add half-and-half . . . 16% use whole milk . . . 15% use skim . . . 8% use almond milk . . . and 6% use soy milk.

4. 43% of people usually make their coffee at home or at work to save money . . . 26% go to a national chain like Starbucks . . . and 22% go to smaller coffee shops.

5. The average cup of coffee that's not made at home costs $3.28, which is up from $3.05 last year.

6. 25% of us always tip a barista, while 30% say it's not necessary.


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