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by Melody Judge posted Mar 3 2015 7:48AM

If you want green milk for St. Patrick's Day, what do you do? You could add green food coloring to your milk, but that's no fun. You could buy a Shamrock Shake and wait for it to melt, but who has the willpower not to drink it right away?

This year, there's FINALLY a better solution.

A milk company called TruMoo is selling a mint-and-vanilla-flavored green milk nationwide.

Other dairies have sold green milk for St. Patrick's Day before, but those have always been regional . . . this is the first time everyone in the country will get a chance to drink the stuff.

TruMoo is clearly working to establish itself as the go-to brand behind weird milk flavors and colors. They made an orange creamsicle flavor for Halloween, and they'll be selling a pink jellybean one for Easter.


by Melody Judge posted Mar 3 2015 7:04AM

Zagat just released their annual survey on how much coffee Americans drink. And 82% of coffee drinkers say they have at least one cup every single day. Here are six more results from the survey.

1. The average coffee drinker has 2.1 cups a day. Men average 2.4 compared to 1.9 for women.

2. 24% of people say normal coffee is their favorite . . . 17% prefer lattes . . . 12% prefer cappuccinos . . . 8% like espressos . . . and 5% say iced coffee is their favorite.

3. 29% of people take their coffee black . . . 23% add half-and-half . . . 16% use whole milk . . . 15% use skim . . . 8% use almond milk . . . and 6% use soy milk.

4. 43% of people usually make their coffee at home or at work to save money . . . 26% go to a national chain like Starbucks . . . and 22% go to smaller coffee shops.

5. The average cup of coffee that's not made at home costs $3.28, which is up from $3.05 last year.

6. 25% of us always tip a barista, while 30% say it's not necessary.


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