Camp Invention Returns This Summer

If you’d like to keep your child’s brain exercised during the summer months there is an opportunity coming in the form of Camp Invention.  Jody Craigo-Wiley with the Science Center Adventurarium said Camp Invention is the only national education proram founded by the National Inventers Hall of Fame.

“Camp Invention is coming this summer to Buffalo Ridge Elementary. It’s a summer science camp.  It’s a week long, June 23rd through the 27th from 9 to 3:30p.m.  It is for grades 1st through 6th starting next year.  Scholarships are available.  You can call (307) 299 – 8084 for more information.  Or contact me, Jody Craigo-Wiley, at the Science Center Adventurarium at (307) 686-3821 ext. 119.” 
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