Celebrate National Park Week with Free Admission

Devils Tower, WY – Go wild for the geology, culture, history, nature and trails of  Devils Tower National Monument during National Park Week, April 19 through 27, 2014. To kick-off the celebration, Devils Tower National Monument will waive entrance fees on April 19 and 20.
Visitors of all ages can become Junior Rangers after completing the Junior Ranger Activity Guide.  Ages 4-8 complete the activity pages which have a picture of a prairie dog on them and ages 9 & up complete the pages with a picture of the Tower on them.  Junior Rangers learn about hiking trails and safety tips, animals and the geology of the Tower, prairie dogs and wildflowers.  Also, Junior Rangers learn that the Black Hills and the Tower are sacred to many American Indian tribes and the various names they have for the Tower.   Other activities include a crossword puzzle about rock climbing, a BINGO game, a fill-in-the-blank game about the history of Devils Tower and a True or False game about fires and floods in the ecosystem. Return the completed activity book to a park ranger and receive a shiny Junior Ranger badge and a certificate from our nation’s first national monument!  
Visit www.nationparkweek.org for more information about what is going on at Devils Tower National Monument and other National Park Service sites throughout the country. You can share your park experiences and photos on the website.
 To learn more about Devils Tower National Monument, contact 307-467-5283, visit us online at www.nps.gov/deto or www.facebook.com/Devils-Tower-National-Monument-Official-NPS-Site.

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