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Drunk groom and guess who he chose to pick a fight with?

by Melody Judge posted Apr 7 2014 6:50AM
In the movies, guys always have their bachelor party the night before the wedding . . . and it always causes MASSIVE problems.  Which is why in real life, men are smart enough to do the bachelor party way earlier.  Not this guy.  41-year-old Jake Francis Brookes of Adelaide, Australia was getting married in February and had his bachelor party the night before the wedding.  And of course he got hammered.  In fact, he was SO drunk, he showed up to the church the next day STILL DRUNK.  And when the minister noticed he was drunk, swaying, covered in bruises, and his clothes were torn . . . he REFUSED to perform the wedding for ethical reasons.  And Jake responded by starting a FIGHT with the minister.  The cops came and broke it up, and Jake was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  The story just came out when he was in court last Thursday for a preliminary hearing.  And after he was arrested, his fiancée dumped him. 
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04/07/2014 4:50AM
Drunk groom and guess who he chose to pick a fight with?
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04/07/2014 12:40PM
Drunk groom
He picked a fight with a police officer. 24556958
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