Enhancing Citizen and Government Communication

Gillette, WY– May 16, 2014 – Campbell County, Wyoming is pleased to announce that it has launched its new website as of May 12th, 2014.   

One look at the world around us today reveals a rapidly evolving landscape in this digital age.  More and more people are obtaining their news and information from electronic sources and all indications point to the fact this is not just a short lived fad.  What was once considered a trend is now a reality; people want to be engaged through electronic sources.  

In an effort to empower and inform citizens of current County related matters, Campbell County is reaching out to its citizens by utilizing the mediums of communication most frequently accessed by the public.  This is being done through a twofold approach.  The first part of this approach was to redesign their current website. The website (http://www.ccgov.net) just underwent an eight month re-design process by CivicPlus, the leading government website provider. The website now has much more functionality as well as a cleaner, easier layout to navigate. 

Mark Christensen, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, explained “It was important to the Board of Commissioners to have an updated and uniform website for all of our Campbell County departments.  Before now, each department maintained their own and separate website, which made it difficult for the public to see what was going on in all of Campbell County without visiting multiple websites – each with their own layout and structure.  The new website from CivicPlus brings a consistent look and feel to all county departments, and most importantly, provides for a large calendar where citizens and visitors can see what is going on across all county departments from one easy to visit location.  My belief is that the new website will make it easier for our citizens to participate in events and programs, and utilize departments they were not traditionally familiar with.”

Citizens and their local government will be able to interact with the new website through some new features:

--Completely new design and layout
--Easy navigation
--Jobs module, which allows citizens to easily view and apply for jobs
--Calendar module, which unifies event calendars across all county departments
--Sign up for alerts and notifications 
--Up-to-date news and information
--Mobile device compatibility
With the new website Campbell County will be able to increase its community engagement and enhance the communication between residents and the local government.

In addition to the re-designed website, Campbell County is also excited to announce the official launch of its first government-wide Facebook page.  This page is being designed to provide timely information on what is happening in Campbell County Government.  The County’s Facebook page will cover topics ranging from important public information to special events and activities occurring across departments such as the Library, Parks and Recreation, the Rockpile Museum and the Fair.  This page can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/campbellcountywyoming?ref=hl
, or by searching Campbell County Local Government.  

“In our modern world, people communicate digitally and through social media.  Gone are the days of simple county notifications on just the radio and in the newspaper.  Today’s Campbell County citizens expect communications with the county to be easy and delivered in multiple formats; the new website and social media pages will help us meet that goal.”, Christensen added.
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