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by Melody Judge posted Apr 8 2015 9:07AM

In real life, James Bond would have lasted just seven minutes into his last movie "Skyfall" before dying from his wounds.

A group of medical experts watched the Bond flick and came up with the conclusion that several times during the movie, Bond would have either died or have been critically injured.

Within the first seven minutes, Bond is hit by a depleted uranium shell - an armor-piercing round normally used to destroy tanks.

According to the experts, Bond's depleted uranium wound would have been fatal as it 'would have turned his lungs inside out and killed him'.

In the unlikely event the massive round did not cause catastrophic injuries, the radioactive nature of the ammunition 'would greatly increase his cancer risk'.

Medical experts examined several different action movies to see whether the male characters would have survived their ordeal.

Other movies to undergo the medical assessment were "Die Hard" featuring Bruce Willis.

CONCLUSION: John McClane would not have survived.

Even "Home Alone" would have produced three fatalities. Marv and Harry would have likely died within hours of the movie's ending while Kevin would have been killed within the first third of the film after falling from some shelves.

However, Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" could have plausibly survived on a desert island for four years - as long as he escaped relatively unscathed from the plane crash. Although according to the experts, 76 per cent of the time he would have died in the accident.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 8 2015 7:42AM

What's better than pizza and baseball? How about free pizza.

If you want to score a free pie this spring, you'd better hope for a quiet game.

Domino's will give away 20,000 pizzas after each of the first two no-hitters during the 2015 MLB regular season.

The first 20,000 baseball fans who visit and log in to beginning at2 p.m. CDT on the business day following the no-hitter will receive a code for a free, two-topping medium Handmade Pan Pizza (carryout only) when they order online from

  • Since 1901, there have been 239 no-hitters thrown, which is, on average, just more than two per season.

  • In 2014, five no-hitters were thrown – one in May and two in June and September.

  • The last season without a no-hitter was 2005.

  • It would take 308 pizzas lined up to cover the distance around the bases of a Major League Baseball diamond, while the distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate is 52 pizzas.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 7 2015 7:52AM

The Hollywood star, who played the bumbling sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane in the show, had a prolific career with 83 movie appearances and 600 TV shows.

The star, aged 88 passed away on Monday at a hospice in North Carolina following ashort illness

by Melody Judge posted Apr 6 2015 8:52AM

In 1931, the first Hostess "Twinkie" went on sale. I believe that someone finally ate that one just the other day. Yes, never had so many preservatives tasted so good. Here's a few Twinkie tidbits:

  • It's a small cake-light dessert that contains all the things you probably shouldn't eat in one small package.

  • Each Twinkie contains 145 calories.

  • Five hundred million are produced every year.

  • The original filling was banana.

  • They're baked for ten minutes.

  • The fried Twinkie is quite popular at fairs across America.

  • I believe it's still in perfect shape.

C.A. Swanson & Sons introduced the first TV dinner in 1954. It consisted of roast turkey with stuffing and gravy, sweet potatoes and peas in an aluminum tray and sold for 98 cents. Swanson stopped calling them TV dinners in 1962.

Post-It Notes were introduced in 1980.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 2 2015 8:41AM

A survey by Visa has found that “promposals” and the rest of the prom rituals are adding up to about a third of what a student spends on prom costs.

Promposals are costing the average student $324 this year from the nearly $1,000 teens and their parents are expected to spend on clothes, limo rentals, tickets, flowers, pictures, and after-party events.

Total prom costs are down 6 percent this year compared to 2014, but the survey found that families with lower incomes are expected to outspend their more wealthy neighbors when it comes to overall prom costs.

Households with total annual incomes of below $25,000 will likely spend around $1,400 on prom costs, while families with a annual incomes of below $50,000 should spend just over $1,100.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 2 2015 6:13AM

Yes, really

Well here’s an ironic food recall for you.

Silver Lake issued avoluntary recall Friday for Easter Egg Cookies because they contained eggs. The company hadn’t declared the ingredient in the “nutrition facts” section of its label.

According to the FDA release, “People who have an allergy or a severe sensitivity to eggs run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these cookies. The cookies are safe for consumption by those who do not have egg allergies.”

No illnesses have been reported yet.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 7:36AM

Gary Dahl, the creator of the Pet Rock -- the wildly popular '70s trend -- died last week in Oregon. He was 78.

Dahl was an advertising executive in California when he came up with the idea for a pet that required no care or time commitment. He placed a smooth rock inside a cardboard box, with breathing holes, and included instructions for how to care for and feed the pet. Each Pet Rock cost around $4 and about 1.5-million of them were sold.

Did you have a Pet Rock? What weird things did you purchase like this?

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 7:22AM

Tax Freedom Day happens on April 24, which is 114 days into the new year.

This year Americans will pay $3.28 trillion in federal taxes, $1.57 trillion in state and local taxes which equals a total tax bill of $4.85 trillion.

Tax Freedom day is the day when Americans as a whole have worked enough to pay off the nation's tax burden.

In 1900, Tax Freedom Day came on January 22. The latest it's ever fallen was May 1 in 2000.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 6:35AM

Playing Christmas music all day, all night, every day!

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 6:30AM
by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 5:46AM
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