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Ever crashed a wedding? Check this story out: (pictured are the Wedding Crashers

by Melody Judge posted Apr 28 2014 9:18AM
Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania got married back in January.  And during the wedding, they figured out neither of them knew one of the couples there . . . because they'd CRASHED the wedding.  So the wedding planner threw the couple out.  But when Krista was going through the photos last week, she found the wedding crashers had made a hell of an impact . . . and were ALL OVER the photos AND the wedding video.  She decided she needed to find them.  And when you need to find someone in 2014 . . . you go to Facebook.  So she posted the photos on Facebook, and found out who the wedding crashers were . . . because they reached out to APOLOGIZE.  They told her they were staying at the hotel where the wedding was, and were bored . . . so they decided to dress up and try crashing a wedding.  Krista accepted their apology, and she didn't release their names
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04/28/2014 7:18AM
Ever crashed a wedding? Check this story out: (pictured are the Wedding Crashers)
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