Ford transfers to Cochise College

GILLETTE, Wyo.--McCorra Ford, a former Campbell County High School Lady Camel and Gillette College Pronghorn basketball player, has signed her national letter of intent to transfer to Cochise College in Douglas, Arizona.

"I think Cochise is going to be a better overall fit for me. The Gillette program just didn't suit me, as well as I originally thought it would," Ford said.

The Gillette College Pronghorns played Cochise College this past season when they traveled to Arizona for a tournament before the holiday break.

After the game Head Coach Laura Hughes of the Cochise women's team came up to McCorra to talk to her.

"Coach Laura, she actually came up to me after the game and said that, you know, she was full of compliments and that she really loved they way I played. After that, I kind of kept my eye on them," Ford elaborated.

The decision for Ford to transfer to Cochise was mutual between Ford and Head Coach Will Rider of the Pronghorns.

Rider added that he wished McCorra the best of luck with her future endeavors down in Arizona.

McCorra is a native of Rozet and grew up in Gillette. This will be her first time living away from Northeast Wyoming.

She looks forward to "getting a tan" and "just getting out, meeting new people, seeing new things. It'll definitely be a new change for me"

Douglas, Ariz. is border town to Mexico. When asked if she had a passport, Ford said she did not, but it might be a good idea to get one.

McCorra said that she plans to be used as a point guard under Coach Hughes, Ford's natural position.
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