Forest Service investigating damage to over 100 trees

Buffalo, Wyo. (May 14, 2014) – Bighorn National Forest officials are investigating damage to 115 trees in the Powder River Ranger District.

     Forest Service employees on a routine snowmobile patrol noticed directional arrows carved into trees.

     “It is a federal offense to cut or damage a live tree without authorization,” said Mark Booth, district ranger in Buffalo. “With the fine at $100 for the first tree and $50 for each additional tree, these arrows could end up costing someone around $5,800 in fines.”

     Cutting into a tree makes it more susceptible to disease and rot, thereby shortening the tree’s life.

     Anyone with information about the tree damage is encouraged to contact Mark Booth or Forrest Tellock at the Powder River Ranger District at 307.684.7806.  
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