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My days in radio started way back when we still played 45 records on the air, in 1981. I graduated from Park City High School in Montana back in 1981. FFA was a big part of my life and being a state public speaking winner led me to radio. I started my career in Laurel Montana and had stops in Livingston, Polson, Bozeman, Billings, Portland Oregon, Nebraska City Nebraska and finally landed in Gillette Wyoming. I called play by play for high school and college sports for 27 years before taking over the morning show on Fox Country. My wife Gina and daughter Jenikah and dog Gizmo make up our Gillette family and we also have two boys Rob in Sioux City Iowa and Jeremy in Livingston Montana. We love this community and area and hope to grow older here.

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After growing up in Wisconsin and graduating from college in Minnesota my journey in the world of radio has taken me to a few different places including Gillette......twice! I am glad to be back in Gillette, I've always heard "there is just something that grows on you" and I have to say that is very true! I live a pretty simple life, just like most guys I enjoy sports, my favorite teams pretty much all call Minnesota home (except the St. Louis Rams). A few random facts about me are, I am scared of public speaking (at least with radio I don't have people looking at me!) I am engaged to be married in late 2015 at that time my lovely better half will join me in Gillette and I cannot wait for her to enjoy the area as much as I have!! I have always enjoyed country music and I am so excited and proud to bring you the latest and best in country music to you afternoons from 2-6!

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Oldest Message in a Bottle!
How cool is this? A century-old message in a bottle, possibly the oldest ever found, has finally reached its destination. Tossed into the North Sea sometime between 1904 and 1906, the bottle washed up on the beach in the German town of Amrum, and was found by a couple in April. Inside they found a postcard asking that it be sent to the Marine Biological Association of the U.K. -- which they did. The association said Friday that the bottle was one of some 1,000 thrown into the North Sea as part of marine research more than 100 years ago. Inside each bottle was a postcard promising a shilling to anyone who returned it to the association, based in Plymouth. Most of the messages were returned decades ago. And oh yeah, the couple got their shilling. 

When Pigs Fly...Oh Wait.
Authorities in Fort Collins, Colorado say a 250-pound pick escaped miraculously unscathed after it flew out of a trailer that was being pulled at about 65 mph down Interstate 25. After flying out of the trailer and hitting the road, the pig took refuge under a tractor-trailer that had pulled up on the scene. Sheriff's deputies and road workers pulled the pig from under the truck by its hind legs. After a little squealing, it was checked out by a vet and returned to its owner. The pig suffered some road rash to its ears and snout but was otherwise unhurt. 

Florida Being...Florida!
Believe it or not, Commissioners in Daytona Beach, Florida, have approved a measure that will allow the opening of a 12-lane gun range connected to restaurant that serves booze! The commissioners say they were "leery" at first, because alcohol and guns don't mix, but then somehow changed their minds and came around to the idea! Well, all except Commissioner Ruth Trager who cast the lone no vote. She drilled the business partners with questions about how they'll know if someone is sober or a felon. But the other commissioners were reportedly swayed by the business' strict rules against shooting after drinking. Everyone who eats or drinks at the restaurant will have to submit to an ID scan, and if they've had alcohol, they won't be allowed to shoot at the range that day. In addition, guns won't be allowed in the restaurant, though commissioners pointed out that the policy won't stop people with concealed carry licenses from entering. Patrons who go to the gun range will also have to sign an affidavit promising they're not drunk. 

You Really Thought This Would Work? Really? In Real Life?
We've heard of some crazy get-out-of-work excuses, but this is amazing. In Panama City, Florida, 43-year-old Beverly F. Brooks is accused of making up a lie about being kidnapped so she wouldn't have to return to her job as a night shift nursing assistant. The Panama City Police Department said its officers and other agencies spent several hours looking for Ms. Brooks. It seems a concerned co-worker noticed Brooks didn't return from a break and called to see if she needed a ride back to work. Brooks told her she was being held against her will by her boyfriend. When police finally found her, she admitted she made up the story because she didn't want to go back to work. Now she doesn't have to go back to work because she's in police custody! 

What the What?
The seaside town of Roses, Spain celebrates something they call the "Duck Chase" every August. It seems ducks are first thrown into the Mediterranean, then caught and brought back to shore. Animal Rescue Espana has criticized the event for causing the ducks "stress, internal hemorrhaging, pain, fear and suffering" and has launched a petition calling for the end of the tradition. However, when one activist showed up at Sunday's festival to film it, he was beaten... with a duck! No kidding. In the video, a woman wearing a white swimsuit holds the duck by the legs and hits the man several times. As this is going on, the activist says, "Continue, continue. Continue to abuse, I am filming you." At least the protest seems to have had an effect. The town mayor is now thinking about putting an end to the century-long tradition, and has called a referendum that will be held next year.

Gotta Be a First
It may very well be the first time in history that a man announced to his wife that SHE is pregnant? The crafty plot involved a toilet, an early wake up, and a high tolerance for a loved-one's urine. The Texas couple is known only as Sam and Nia on their YouTube video. It seems Sam knows Nia gets up to urinate during the night, but doesn't flush for fear of waking up their kids. So Sam managed to sneak into the bathroom after she made a trip, and was able to dip a pregnancy test into the freshly used water. He films the entire thing and his own reaction when he learns he's going to be a daddy is actually pretty priceless. He then toys around with Nia for a few minutes before breaking the news-her reaction is equally priceless. Bonus -- this just happens to be the same couple who made internet viral status by filming themselves lip-synching to "Love Is an Open Door" from Frozen while in their mini-van and with their daughter looking bored in the back seat. 

Me Tarzan, You... Police?
In Santa Ana, California, a man who claimed to be Tarzan has been arrested after he allegedly climbed a tree and tried to get into the monkey exhibit at the Santa Ana Zoo. A zookeeper called 911 to report that a shirtless man plastered in mud had climbed about 20 feet into a tree at the exhibit. Police say Tarzan was apparently high on methamphetamine. He had left by the time police arrived, but was taken into custody a short time later.

Can't Make This Up!
A southeastern Michigan man who brought a backpack stuffed with dirty socks to a couple looking to buy a pound of marijuana is facing prison. The fraudulent marijuana sale in Raisin Township was described in Circuit Court when Michael Rafael Suarez of Ypsilanti pleaded guilty to false pretenses. The 33-year-old says he "didn't bring any weed" and instead had "a bag of dirty socks." He still faces up to 71/2 years in prison when sentenced Sept. 3. Police stopped the three and a man told officers that he and his girlfriend were robbed. Authorities say $2,800 in cash was taken during the would-be drug deal. 

World Record for Sandwich Artist!
Subway's "sandwich artists" cranked out a record number of their lunchmeat masterpieces in Las Vegas on Saturday. Franchisees and employees from around the world set a Guinness World Record for the "most people making sandwiches simultaneously" when 1,481 people built subs at the same time during the brand's annual convention in Las Vegas. All of the sandwiches were then donated to the Salvation Army. The previous record was set in February 2014, when 1,363 people sponsored by the dining discount company TangoTab made sandwiches at the same time in Dallas. 

This Must Be God's Way of Telling Me to Buy a New Car!
In Mahwah, New Jersey, police arrested 42-year-old Alton Harvey after he and an accomplice allegedly made off with a bag containing $150,000 in cash that was mistakenly left behind by ATM workers. What made Alton so easy to catch is that he immediately, and stupidly, went out and bought an SUV. He later told detectives that his Chevrolet Tahoe was purchased with cash from the stolen bag soon after it was grabbed. Detectives identified the accomplice as Jamar Bludson, 35, of Newark. Police issued a warrant for Bludson, who also is wanted for a probation violation.

Norwegian Golf Just Got a Lot More Interesting!
Golf in Norway just got a little more interesting... and disgusting. Someone has been serial defecating in the holes of Norway's Stavanger Golf Club. The culprit leaves behind toilet paper and has disabled spotlights installed to catch him at his nocturnal game. Greens keeper Kenneth Tennfjord says, "He has a couple of favorite holes. And we know it is a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman." Amazingly, the club has been denied a permit to install surveillance videos, so the poop-filled cups may continue to be par for the course. Club manager Steinar Floisvik said, "Our idea is that it could be someone who, for unknown reasons, hates the game of golf. Alternatively, the person may have a fetish or suffer from mental problems." 

What the What?
In Florence, Arizona, prison inmate Colin Corkhill has been hospitalized after authorities say he pulled one of his own eyeballs right out of its socket!! Sheriff's officials in Pinal County say Corkhill was booked into jail Wednesday on suspicion of attempted murder, auto theft, aggravated assault and resisting arrest. The 26-year-old was originally housed in a cell with other inmates, but detention officers saw him punch himself in the face, so he was placed in a cell by himself under a mental health watch. When officers making routine cell checks saw blood on the window of Corkhill's cell door they rushed in and found that he had pulled his right eyeball out of its socket with his fingers. Sadly, doctors were unable to save his eye.

The $153,000 Selfie!
Talk about your stupid selfies! In San Diego, Todd Fassler thought it'd just be wicked awesome to take a selfie with a live rattlesnake. That little idea cost him a whopping $153,161.25 in emergency services after he got bitten. By far the largest expense listed on the itemized bill is $83,341.25 for "pharmacy." That's because Fassler's treatment depleted the anti-venom supplies at two local hospitals. It seems there's currently only one commercially available antivenin for treating venomous snakebites in the United States -- CroFab, manufactured by U.K.-based BTG plc. And with a stable market of 7,000 to 8,000 snakebite victims per year and no competitors, business is pretty good. So here's another helpful pro tip to all those itching to take selfies with wild animals: Don't do it! 

Oh Crap!
Authorities in Boise, Idaho say a cyclist started a 73-acre wildfire in southwest Idaho by lighting his toilet paper on fire after taking an outdoor potty break! U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials say the cyclist stopped to do No. 2 in a ravine in the Boise foothills. He then lit his used toilet paper on fire but lost control of the embers in the dry grass while trying to extinguishing the waste. Firefighters contained the flames several hours later. Investigators say at least the guy confessed and contacted them the next morning. His story matched the evidence found at the scene. Police wouldn't release the name of the cyclist but said he would be fined for causing the fire. 

So We're Supposed to Want Disobedient Kids Now?
So you've got unruly and disobedient kids? Well there's a new upside. A new study says your brats will probably grow up to earn more than their well-behaving peers. Researchers in Luxembourg tracked data on more than 700 people from the ages of 12 to 52 and discovered that those who defied authority as kids tended to have higher incomes as grownups. In scientist-speak: "Rule breaking and defiance of parental authority was the best non-cognitive predictor of higher income after accounting for IQ, parental socio-economic status, and educational attainment." Researchers theorized that the defy-authority types might be more aggressive when negotiating salary or raises, and they might thrive on competition more than their peers. Also: They might be more willing to break the law or at least engage in iffy behavior to boost their income. 

What the What?
In Surrey, England, Hilde Krohn Huse tied herself to a tree by the foot and then accidentally got stuck. Oh- and she was naked at the time. It seems Miss Huse was filming herself for an art project in a remote wooded area near her home when the knot around her ankle tightened. After dangling upside down for 80 seconds for the shot she needed, she went to release her leg but the noose so tight she was completely stuck. Multiple attempts to free herself all failed and she was left hanging for 20 minutes until finally a friend heard her cries and came to the rescue. At least the footage made her art project rock and she's now been accepted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, a prestigious graduate art show that will tour British galleries including the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

The Queen Was a Kid Nazi?
Buckingham Palace was none too happy on Saturday when images of a very young Queen Elizabeth raising her hand in the Nazi salute were published in Rupert Murdoch's tabloid, The Sun. The tabloid apparently obtained a short film clip of the royal family horsing around in 1933 or 1934, when Elizabeth was about 7 years old. In the clip, Elizabeth makes the gesture along with her mother; her uncle, Prince Edward; and her younger sister, Margaret. The palace isn't disputing that the family is making the salute but said it is "disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from Her Majesty's personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner." The Sun defended its decision to publish the images -- under the headline "Their Royal Heilnesses" -- as a matter of "historical significance." It won't say how it got the film clip. Buckingham Palace also said, "This is a family playing and momentarily referencing a gesture many would have seen from contemporary news reels. No one at that time had any sense how it would evolve. To imply anything else is misleading and dishonest." 

Firstborns Are Smarter, But... 
A massive study of 377,000 high school students -- the biggest in history looking at birth order and personality, shows those born first tend to have higher IQs and different personality traits compared to their younger brethren. But, and it's a really big but, the study also says firstborns' IQ is just one point higher on average, which, for all intents and purposes is meaningless. The distinctions among character traits are also "infinitesimally small," though firstborns were found to be slightly more extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious, and less anxious than their siblings. Basically, "you're not going to be able to sit two people down next to each other and see the differences between them. It's not noticeable by anybody," says study author Brent Roberts. The lesson for parents: Birth order probably should not influence your parenting, because it's not meaningfully related to your kid's personality or IQ. 

Ten Things That Cost More Than Our Trip to Pluto
As cool as all the photographs and data coming back from Pluto are, there are those saying the money spent on the mission, about $720 million, was wasted. Well just to give a little perspective, here are ten things we spent money that cost more than the mission to Pluto:

  • The new Vikings football stadium: $1 billion.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean movies, $1.04 billion: We've spent a lot to get Captain Jack Sparrow on the screen: It cost $140 million to make The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), $225 million to make Dead Man's Chest (2006), $300 million to make At World's End (2007), and $378.5 million for On Stranger Tides (2011). A fifth is coming in 2017.
  • Cassini-Huygens mission, $3.68 billion: When it comes to space, New Horizons is a long way from the priciest. That honor goes to the Cassini-Huygens mission, per Forbes, which puts the cost of exploring the Saturn system at about five times that of the Pluto excursion. The European and Italian Space Agencies picked up some of the tab.
  • Spam emails, $21.58 billion: InformationWeek shared the toll that spam took on America in 2004. The National Technology Readiness Survey estimated that the roughly 170 million adults who were online that year spent three minutes a day deleting spam, for a lost productivity cost in the tens of billions.
  • Trump Taj Mahal, $1.1 billion: Upon the casino's April 1990 opening, the New York Times reported the Taj was the "most expensive casino ever built -- a roll of the financial dice on a grand scale." Indeed. Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and again in 2014, the Washington Post reported. Carl Ichan last month got the OK to acquire the Taj from bankruptcy court.
  • Hangovers, $160 billion-ish: The CDC in 2011 published a study (based on 2006 data) that put the cost of excessive alcohol consumption that year at $223.5 billion. Some 72% of that, or about $160 billion, "largely resulted from losses in workplace productivity." That Atlantic's take: that "suggests that the economic drag from hangovers is about $160 billion."
  • Prescription drug ads, $4.7 billion. A 2009 Congressional Budget Office report that found that during the year prior, drug manufacturers spent $20.5 billion on "promotional activities"; of that $4.7 billion was spent on direct-to-consumer ads.
  • Super Bowl Monday, $820 million: The Orlando Sentinel in 2012 cited two figures relating to the money-suck that is the day after the Super Bowl, reporting that about 1.5 million call in sick and about three times that many show up late to work. That adds up to an estimated $820 million to $850 million in lost productivity.
  • ATM fees, $8 billion: According to 2010 data, Americans completed about 2.1 billion fee-carrying ATM transactions that year, at an average cost of about $3.85, which totals just over $8 billion.
  • U2 tickets, $736 million: Not bad for two years' work. The band kicked off its 360 world tour on June 30, 2009, and finished 110 shows later on July 30, 2011. Billboard reports that some 7,268,430 people attended, and the recorded gross was $736,137,344.(Newser)

A Hand on the Leg
In China, a man identified only as Zhou, had to live with his hand sewn onto his leg for a month before it was recently reattached to his wrist. Zhou lost his left hand in a work accident and after being rushed to hospital the surgeons realized they could reattach his hand, however not immediately due to the damage the nerves and tendons in his arm. The hand needed to be kept alive (by having blood run through it) for a month to allow the damage to the arm to heal. So surgeons decided to attach it to Zhou's leg. After a month it was reattached to his arm during a ten hour operation. Not only was the operation a success, but Zhou already has some movement back in his formerly-severed hand. 

What the What?
A man in Cadillac, Michigan, had a shocking wake-up call early Wednesday when a knife-wielding intruder insisted they get high together. The victim was sleeping on his couch around 2:30 a.m. when another man woke him up and allegedly said, "You're going to smoke some weed with me right now." According to police, the victim managed the stall the forced pot-smoking until the attacker put the knife down. At that point, the victim grabbed the weapon and ran to the next home, where he banged on the door. The neighbor called 911 and police were then dispatched to the scene. Officers found the alleged intruder behind the victim's residence, where he had fallen down a steep hill. They arrested 36-year-old Seth Lewis who was taken to the Wexford County Jail and booked on charges of home invasion, resisting and obstructing police, as well as violating probation.


Pick Up Your Children on Time... Or We'll Give Them Away!
In Salem, Oregon, the Salem-Keizer School District is in hot water after they sent out a letter warning parents that elementary school children who were not picked up on time would be turned over to the state! The letter, about the upcoming school year, was sent only to Swegle Elementary School parents and district spokesman Jay Remy says it was sent in error because the school's principal had not reviewed it. Remy described the letter as neither accurate nor courteous and said an apology would follow. The third paragraph reads: "Children must be picked up on time. If they are not picked up on time we will call DHS and you will then have to pick them up at court the next day." 

Inspired by Forest Gump!
Michigan's Barclay Oudersluys has competed in triathlons and ultramarathons but now says he wants something bigger -- something inspired by his favorite movie -- Forrest Gump! Barclay said in an interview, "I decided if Forrest Gump could run across the country, I could do it too." So he's now more than halfway through his goal of running across the country in 100 days. Rising every morning around 6 a.m., the 23-year-old has kept a daily pace of 30 to 33 miles, a distance greater than a marathon. Like Gump, he is running from the Santa Monica Pier in California to the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine, a route already taken by an undocumented number of runners. His plan, dubbed Project Gump, will take him through 14 states and over about 3,150 miles (5,070 km), ending on Aug. 16, shortly before he starts law school at the University of California, Berkeley. He also hopes his epic run helps him raise $10,000 for the Hall Steps Foundation, a charity started in 2009 by two professional distance runners to fight global poverty. Unlike Forest Gump in the movie, Barclay hasn't had that many people join him -- except those of the four-legged variety. He says, "I've had a lot of dogs come run with me. Most stay for like five or 10 miles. I don't know how they end up getting home." 

Really, Really, Really Drunk!
Pro tip: When one is trying to avoid the police, it's best to not jump into a patrol car. In Abbotsford, Canada, a very intoxicated driver abandoned his car in an attempt to ditch officers in pursuit. He thought he was jumping in a taxi when he said, "Get me outta here buddy, cops are everywhere tonight." Unfortunately for him, the taxi turned out to be a police car. But the officer wasted no time in playing driver-taking him directly to the police station. 

A Cat is Running for President! Seriously! 
The presidential-hopeful field is already pretty crowded but... there's always room for one more right? Believe it or not, a cat named Limberbutt McCubbins is now officially running for president. He's even filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. The 5-year-old neutered rescue kitty is registered as a Democrat, but his campaign literature describes him as a "Demo-cat." His slogan -- what else? "Together, we cat!" Isaac Weiss, one of the cat's 17-year-old campaign managers says, "We are not taking donations at this time. If we later decided to take them, they will most likely be forwarded to the Humane Society or another organization for animals." Weiss says the campaign started out as a joke, but once the FEC papers were filed, things started getting more serious. He notes, "Me and my friends have begun to realize how easy it is to run for office, and have learned about the way the FEC and campaign finance work." Despite a patent lack of experience, as well as several other fatally disqualifying factors, Weiss believes McCubbins is the right cat for the job, because "he's ready to bring some fresh ideas to the table."


Don't Mess With Beavers!
Beavers are just cute, busy little creatures right? Well just ask the two guys who were hiking along Oregon's Deschutes River and came upon a beaver dam and decided it would be fun to explore. They're now both in the hospital after the head beaver came out to defend his territory. Clayton Mitchell, 23, told officers the beaver knocked him into the water, while his 31-year-old friend John Bailey became entangled in logs. Mitchell called for help, which arrived just as Bailey freed himself." Mitchell later said, "I'm a city boy from the East Coast, and every day in Deschutes County I learn something new. This time, I learned, don't mess with a beaver." Both men's injuries were considered non-life threatening. 

Trump! He's Just Trump!
Gotta love "The Donald." Remember back in the fall of 2012 when Donald Trump offered to donate $5 million to the charity of Obama's choice if the president released "his college records and applications" and "his passport applications and records." Apparently Trump's tune has changed when the focus is on him. The Guardian newspaper reports that it asked the GOP candidate's campaign to release his long-form birth certificate and passport records but were quickly denied. Meanwhile, the war of words between Trump and Univision is heating up. The network cut all ties with Trump and the Miss Universe Organization citing Trump's "recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants" as the reason. Trump's lawyer said his client plans to sue the network for "hundreds of millions" over its decision to drop the pageant. Now NBC News reports Trump yesterday sent a letter to network president Randy Falco stating the following: "Please be advised that under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miami - its golf courses or any of its facilities." 

Mud: Apparently Not Good For You
More than 1,000 people have fallen ill after taking part in a Mud Day race in southern France. Thousands of people turned up for the festivities in Nice on the Côte d'Azur, with around 8,000 taking part in an obstacle course that ended with many of them almost completely submerged in mud. The next day, at least 30 participants complained of diarrhea, vomiting and fever. That figure has now shot up to 1,000. Some participants say they remember smelling horse manure. Organizers have promised to 'make every effort' to find the cause of the stomach upsets, but we think it's safe to say fewer people will be running next year. 

Coolest Grandpa Ever!
In Mason, Ohio, 73-year-old Gary Coleman (yes -- that's his real name) man has taken his 12,000th ride on his favorite roller coaster at King's Island amusement park! The park says Coleman took the milestone ride in the front row of the Diamondback roller coaster. The retired minister has made 493 trips to the theme park outside of Cincinnati since 2009, when the 230-foot steel roller coaster opened. It's the tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island and reaches speeds of 80 mph. Coleman says he's loved coasters since childhood. He says he plans to continue increasing his ride count as long as he remains healthy enough to do so.


You Really Should Cut Back to an Easier 17-hour Day!
When Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old Bank of America intern in London, died two years ago after reportedly putting in 72 hours straight at work, the banking industry turned the spotlight on its notoriously insane hours. Bank of America, for instance, suggested its junior workers take at least four weekend days off each month, and Goldman Sachs put together a quality-of-life task force and told its own junior employees to use Saturdays for R&R only. Now Goldman Sachs is taking work-life balance a step further, recommending that interns go home AT MIDNIGHT and don't come in the next day until 7am! You know -- a much easier and more relaxing 17-hour workday! A company spokesperson said, "These guidelines were put out there to improve the overall work experience of our interns." Goldman Sachs hired 2,900 interns this summer. 

Crime Rate Doubles in One Day!
The crime rate on the tiny island of Canna, located in the Inner Scottish Hebrides, has a crime rate of zero. No kidding. The community store actually goes by the honor system on weekends, leaving its doors open all night so fishermen can use the WiFi and make purchases. They simply log what they've taken in a ledger and leave money in an "honesty box." But all that is coming to a sad ending as the store was actually burglarized over the weekend -- what many believe to be the first theft in nearly half a century. Stolen were candy, chocolate bars, coffee, batteries, toiletries, and tea-time biscuits, as well as six hand-knit wool caps made by manager Julie McCabe. She said, "We are all pretty gutted. I am absolutely floored that someone has been in and did that to our community." And the crime wave doesn't stop there. Someone also ripped off the island's beauty shop, apparently on the same night, lifting body butter, bath oils, and shower gels, and money from that store's honesty box. The island, which boasts a population of less than 30, by various counts, prides itself on its nonexistent crime rate and doesn't even have a police station. 

Coolest Kid You'll Hear About Today!
Now here's a cool kid! In Norton, Mass., 6-year-old Ryan McGuire raised $25,000 for cancer research by playing 100 holes of golf in one day in memory of a classmate who died of the disease. Ryan played the 100 holes in memory of his kindergarten buddy, Danny Nickerson, who died in April of a rare and inoperable form of pediatric brain cancer. He got the idea because his mother, Cheryl, is the program director of Golf Fights Cancer, a nonprofit organization that encourages golfers to play and raise money for cancer-related charities. Ryan told the local paper, "I just wanted to do it for Danny." 

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