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My days in radio started way back when we still played 45 records on the air, in 1981. I graduated from Park City High School in Montana back in 1981. FFA was a big part of my life and being a state public speaking winner led me to radio. I started my career in Laurel Montana and had stops in Livingston, Polson, Bozeman, Billings, Portland Oregon, Nebraska City Nebraska and finally landed in Gillette Wyoming. I called play by play for high school and college sports for 27 years before taking over the morning show on Fox Country. My wife Gina and daughter Jenikah and dog Gizmo make up our Gillette family and we also have two boys Rob in Sioux City Iowa and Jeremy in Livingston Montana. We love this community and area and hope to grow older here.

Dan Sherwood - Weekdays 2 - 6pm
After growing up in Wisconsin and graduating from college in Minnesota my journey in the world of radio has taken me to a few different places including Gillette......twice! I am glad to be back in Gillette, I've always heard "there is just something that grows on you" and I have to say that is very true! I live a pretty simple life, just like most guys I enjoy sports, my favorite teams pretty much all call Minnesota home (except the St. Louis Rams). A few random facts about me are, I am scared of public speaking (at least with radio I don't have people looking at me!) I am engaged to be married in late 2015 at that time my lovely better half will join me in Gillette and I cannot wait for her to enjoy the area as much as I have!! I have always enjoyed country music and I am so excited and proud to bring you the latest and best in country music to you afternoons from 2-6!

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Email From Beyond the Grave! Yahoo!
Yahoo Japan has come out with a bizarre new service aimed at the 25% of their population that is already over the age of 65! Called "Yahoo Ending," the service helps people prepare for their own afterlives, including planning their funerals, managing their posthumous online content, and creating a "memorial space" where loved ones leave messages for the dearly departed. Subscribers can also compose their own farewell thoughts, to be emailed to loved ones from beyond the grave and pre-arrange for accounts to be deactivated, subscriptions to be canceled, and certain online content to be deleted after their death. The only catch is you've got to get somebody you really, really trust to call the service after your death and provide a security code to set the pre-arranged plan into motion. All this for just $1.80 a month! 

Really Wish I Hadn't Made That Sale!
In what has to be the most tragic sale of the week, 18-year-old Elijah Williams of Glendale, California made the very bad call to illegally sell 24-year-old Tyrone Moore a gun. Moore had been prohibited from owning weapons because he is on parole. After Moore and Williams got into an argument, Moore pulled the very gun Williams had illegally sold him and shot him do death with it. Moore has been charged with misconduct involving weapons, and police say more charges are pending. 

Top Ebola Doctor Killed... by Ebola!
In ironically tragic news, the Ebola outbreak that has killed 129 people in Liberia has now claimed the life of a senior doctor who worked at the nation's top hospital. Dr. Samuel Brisbane died on Saturday shortly after top virologist Dr. Sheik Umar Khan became ill with the disease last week. Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die in the outbreak, which has also killed 319 in Guinea and 224 in Sierra Leone and is now the largest outbreak on record. An American doctor, Kent Brantly, who works in Liberia with aid organization Samaritan's Purse, has also been hospitalized with Ebola. His illness comes as Nigeria saw its first death from the disease, a man who had traveled from Liberia. 

Another State Makes Revenge Porn a Felony!
Arizona is the latest state to outlaw so-called "revenge porn," making it a felony to post sexually compromising images of your ex online without his or her consent. The practice has actually become widespread as a means of humiliating former partners. But many states have made the practice illegal and if you do it in Arizona now, you'll be looking at a minimum of six months to a year in prison and a fine of up to $150,000. Plus you'll always have a felony on your record-- and good luck getting a job with that. The law does distinguish between images which feature recognizable victims and those whose subjects are unrecognizable. Distributing the images -- online or off -- can also now be considered a form of domestic violence in the state. 

Go Ahead, Unlock Your Phone! It'll Soon Be Legal!
If you don't know it, the cellphone you bought through one carrier may not be useable if you decide to switch carriers. Just two years ago the US Copyright Office ruled that unlocking a cellphone so that it could be used with other carriers was illegal without permission from your carrier -- and good luck getting them to agree to that. However all that's changing now as Congress has passed a bipartisan bill allowing the unlocking of cell phones, and President Obama is poised to sign it. The President calls the bill "another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, so that they can find a cell phone carrier that meets their needs and their budget." The White House had received more than 114,000 petitions seeking legalized unlocking. But that doesn't mean cell phone users have complete freedom as carriers can still ban unlocking within a contract period, but that actually seems fair. 

That's One Hell of a Cop!
A police officer in Mumbai is being hailed as a true hero after taking a seriously injured man to the hospital the only way he could -- on piggyback! The victim suffered leg and head injuries after falling from a train and Police Officer Prashant Tanaji Golem first tried to drive the man to the hospital but the city's infamous traffic made that impossible. Golem said, "We had already lost some time and I was concerned that the victim's condition might worsen." So he put the man up on his shoulders and hoofed it to the nearest hospital. Despite the nontraditional transport, the patient is doing fine, and his father credits the officer with saving his son's life. 

Come On, Who Doesn't Want Human Skin Furniture?
You should always love the skin you're in-- and now you can apparently love the skin you're sitting in. A new line of furniture is being produced that is made to look, feel and smell like human skin. No kidding. It's the brainchild of UK artist Gigi Barker and her creations are even infused with human pheromones and aftershave. Barker says some of the line's most enthusiastic fans are youngsters noting, "Children have been one of the most interesting demographics in relation to the work. Without any of the hang ups we later develop, they are free to truly explore and interact with the work. Work regarding the human body is very personal and we all have a very immediate reaction to it so the reactions have reflected this." 

What the What?
A Chinese restaurant is getting flack for their latest marketing stunt to try and drum up business. Pirate King has apparently hired teenage girls to walk live crabs on leaches to outside the front of the restaurant to promote the eatery's seafood menu. But, despite the negative criticism that circulated with the pictures on Chinese social media sites, restaurant manager Peng Mai said the PR stunt had been an overwhelming success. He said, "It was a lot of fun, and now everybody knows our name, and I don't care about the few people that complained that the crabs were suffering. What I can say is they didn't suffer long, because after they were brought back to the restaurant they had a quick wash, and then went straight in the cooking pot."


Here's a Guy Who Should Really Buy a Lottery Ticket!
Maarten de Jonge may just be the luckiest man alive. He certainly is lucky to be alive after missing not one but both crashed Malaysian airline disasters. The Dutch cyclist had a ticket for not only last Thursday's doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but also the still-missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. In both cases, de Jonge changed his flight at the last minute. The 29-year-old confirmed, via a statement on his website, that he was originally scheduled on Thursday's flight, but notes, "my story is ultimately nothing compared to the misery in which so many people are paid. ... What has happened is terrible, so many victims." 

Guess Who Loves Instant Coffee?
As a general rule, Americans aren't too crazy about instant coffee. In fact, we drink so little of it one wonders why it's even made. Well that's because nearly half of the rest of the world prefers it! Australians and New Zealanders, for instance, are crazy for it: More than 75% of retail brewed coffee sipped there is instant. In Eastern Europe, it's more than 50%, according to Euromonitor data. And sales are booming in India, Russia, and especially in China, where legions of newbie coffee drinkers are using the instant version as an entry point. In China, convenience is paramount when 70% of workers say they feel overworked. And while the UK has traditionally been a tea-drinking nation, it's now seeing large numbers of people switch to coffee, with instant being a popular choice. Just 10% of retail brewed coffee in North America is instant; sales have been fairly stagnant for years and actually fell in 2013. In contrast, the market worldwide has been expanding at a rate of 7% to 10% a year. 

112-Year-Old Ham Still Edible!
Indeed, it looks like a piece of old leather, but curators at Smithfield, Virginia's Isle of Wight County Museum, say that a ham that just celebrated its 112th is still edible! It's the oldest cured ham in the world and one of three kept side-by-side in cases that block out bugs and mold while silica trays keep things dry. One microbiologist explains, "From a microbiological standpoint, it's got an indefinite shelf life once you remove enough of the water." But he also admits that doesn't mean it would taste good. Regardless, the ham has long been an attraction: As far back as the 1920s, it was appearing on Ripley's Believe It or Not. 

Casey Kasem Loses any Hope for Dignity Over the Weekend
Yet more crazy, undignified drama in the death of Casey Kasem. Kasem's daughter says his body is now missing. As with the dispute over his end-of-life care between his kids and Kasem's, wife, Jean, the story is a little convoluted. Daughter Kerri got a temporary restraining order this week to prevent Jean from having his remains cremated, but when her lawyer delivered the order to the funeral home in Tacoma that was supposed to have Kasem's body, the home informed the lawyer that the body was no longer there. It seems Jean had already filled out paperwork to have her husband's body shipped out of state, listing a funeral home in Montreal as the final destination. But that funeral home says it has no record of that happening. Kerri Kasem's lawyer calls the latest developments, "Pure insanity." In the meantime, Kasem's wife Jean told CNN that the body is not missing but won't say what happened to it. For the record, Kasem died more than a month ago. 

Any Desire to Get Your Hands on the World's Longest Dinosaur Poop?
If you're one of the zillions who have always secretly dreamed of getting your hands on the world's longest dinosaur poop, this coming Saturday is your day! Described by Beverly Hills auctioneers I.M. Chait as an "eye-watering 40 inches in length", the rare fossilized feces, is said to be between five and 34 million years old and goes up for auction on July 26. Unfortunately, no amount of prodding the poop has shed any light on the species that created the marvel. Spokesman Josh Chait says: "It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring and terrifically detailed texture across the whole of its immense length. But if you get outbid for the monster dino poop, also for sale are a delightful selection of five stool-shaped specimens thought to have come from a Miocene turtle. 

Nicest Garbage Men in the World!
A couple of kind-hearted garbage men emptied their garbage truck and spent two hours sorting through the mess after a 67-year-old man accidentally threw out his life savings. Kang Yao had put the money inside a trash bag which he left in his closet. But, while looking for a fresh pair of socks, he took the bag out and mistakenly left it on the floor, where his cleaning lady found it and threw it out with the rest of the trash. After figuring out what happened, he immediately called the city's garbage department who radioed to the truck that had picked up Yao's garbage just an hour before. Yao said, "They stopped immediately and emptied all of the rubbish out onto the street, and then spent close to two hours sorting through it all until they found the bag with the cash inside. In truth, it wasn't even that much money -- less than $1,000 but it was all the money the poor man had in the world. 

What the What?
Believe it or not, a lawyer in Kazakhstan is facing up to 10 years in prison after he pulled out a flyswatter and used it to slap a judge. Evgeniy Tankov, 35, was representing his client in an inheritance case and was not happy with the way the case was going. CCTV footage shows Tankov approach the judge and say, "Let's not hang about arguing the law here, let's decide this with flyswatters." He then whips out a flyswatter and uses it to slap the judge who at first sits there patiently ignoring it as he is hit once, twice and then a third time. That's when Artem Ibragilov, 39, the lawyer for the other side, suddenly stands up and punches Tankov. Seconds later the judge comes out from behind the bench and starts wrestling with Tankov as well. Now Tankov is in serious hot water. 


The Worst Time for a Selfie!
There are times when snapping a selfie is not only a bad idea, but actually illegal. That would now include while you're participating in the annual "Running With the Bulls" festival in Pamplona, Spain! Certainly we could argue that running in front of a herd of stampeding bulls is pretty dumb in itself, but trying to slow down for a selfie while doing so is unquestionably stupid! Pamplona police want to make sure it doesn't become a regular occurrence so one runner who tried to get a photo of himself while just inches ahead of the bulls at this year's festival could face a fine of $4,100 under a new law banning runners from using recording devices. The picture has been circulated with the hashtag #Eltonmóvil -- or "the idiot with the mobile" -- and commentators have sharply criticized him for putting other runners in danger. The selfie-snapping runner was also filmed by Spanish network TVE, which has been criticized itself for urging participants to send their best selfies in for a prize. The festival ended yesterday and this year four Spaniards were gored along with one American, Bill Hillmann, who is ironically the co-author of "How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona." 

Missing Mountain Climber Found 32 Years Later..Frozen Solid!
It's been 32 years since aspiring mountain guide Patrice Hyvert went missing. He was last seen on a glacier in the Mont Blanc range in the European Alps and was just 23 at the time. After over three decades Hyvert's body was finally discovered, frozen solid, and with his gear, skis and wallet and ID still intact. Ironically, his 82-year-old father said, "I'm a mountain man, and I would have preferred him to stay up there. He was better on a mountain than in a coffin." Patrice's body will be returned to the mountain as the family plans to scatter his ashes there. Tragically, a good number of climbers die every year on the range's dangerous and highly technical terrain, though usually their bodies are recovered the following year when ice thaws. 

Want to Guess Where 1% of the World's Wood Goes?
You might be surprised who now eats up a full 1% of the entire plant's commercial wood supply. It's IKEA, the Swedish furniture chain so massive it employs 150,000 people in hundreds of stores in almost 30 countries! And while the majority of that wood goes to furniture, a good chunk goes to the 212 million copies of the IKEA catalog that are printed each year. Believe it or not, the IKEA catalog is more than twice as widely distributed as the Bible. It has also been estimated that one in five babies in the UK was conceived in an IKEA bed. 

The Average Taliban Shopping List!
Ever wonder what the average Taliban member buys when they go shopping? Actually, neither did we. Nevertheless, the BBC recently interviewed a former shopkeeper from Pakistan who gave the scoop on the shopping habits of terrorists. Apparently they like spending big bucks on nice perfumes and brand-name soaps and shampoos. They're also fans of white underwear, either Y fronts or briefs. Ironically they don't like local-made Pakistani products and prefer imported goods. Their top shampoo of choice: Head and Shoulders, and their favorite soap is Dove. But in the end they ruined his business as the shopkeeper said he ultimately fled Taliban-controlled parts of Pakistan after an army offensive displaced 800,000 people and ruined his customer base. 

Heck With Keeping the Doctor Away: An Apple a Day Means Better Sex!
Apparently eating the proverbial forbidden fruit can be even better than we thought. A new study says women who eat one to two apples a day experience a better sexual quality of life than women classified as having "no regular apple consumption." The study is published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics and scientists followed 781 Italian women aged 18 to 43 with no history of sexual disorder and who were not taking prescription meds or suffering from depression. What they found was those who eat apples regularly had better "lubrication and overall sexual function." Just like chocolate and red wine, apples contain polyphenols and antioxidants, which can increase blood flow to the genitalia, as well as phloridzin, a type of estrogen similar to the female sex hormone estradiol. 

Guys, Don't Get Your Haircut in Kodiak, Alaska!
Here's a word of warning to the guys -- don't get your hair cut in Kodiak Island, Alaska, unless you don't mind paying. A new study finds the City of Kodiak has the priciest men's haircut in the nation, on average at $26.67 a cut. The national average is $13.95. But there is a silver lining. Kodiak does have the most inexpensive movie ticket in Alaska, at $6 on average. That's well below the average ticket price of $10.68 in Anchorage. Why you should care about any of this, we have no idea. 

Perfectly Sane Guy Held in Mental Hospital for 20 Years!
In Nebraska, 52-year-old John Montin is suing the doctors who kept him in a psychiatric ward for nearly 20 years! Montin insists he was never mentally ill and is seeking $33 million in damages and lost wages, saying doctors incorrectly diagnosed him as delusional and gave him needless treatments. He was finally released a year ago after a regional doctor reviewed his case and said Montin had been misdiagnosed the entire time. It all started in 1992, when police said Montin tried to take ownership of a house in rural Nebraska, claiming it belonged to his ancestors. Police said there was an 11-hour standoff and a shootout, but no injuries but the story told at trial was quite different: that residents had greeted Montin at the door with shotguns, that police may have heard just one shot, and that Montin hid in a ditch overnight. Regardless, prosecutors dropped most charges against him, jurors acquitted him of attempted murder and a weapons charge, and found him not responsible by reason of insanity for false imprisonment and use of a weapon. Montin was then committed, and doctors presumed him delusional based on police reports rather than the court record. But just last year, a regional doctor said Montin had been delusional only before being committed due to a back medication he was taking, one he went off of before entering Lincoln Regional Center. 

The Woman in Red -- Hate Her! 
Ladies -- want to make your girlfriends hate you? Just wear red! New research from University of Rochester psychologist Adam Pazda finds that women see others wearing red "as if these other women are actively advertising" sexual availability. For instance, Pazda says, "there is a huge reluctance to introduce or let a boyfriend spend time alone (with a woman wearing red)." His team referred to studies across two continents. In one, half of the women participating saw an image of a woman in red; the other half saw the same picture -- except the woman was wearing white. Their responses supported statements like "this person is interested in sex." Pazda did emphasize that his results refer to "tendencies" and aren't always applicable. 

What the What?
Most dads think of their daughters as little princesses, but Jeremiah Heaton, a father of three from Abingdon, Virginia, is serious about it! He has claimed a patch of land between Egypt and Sudan as his "kingdom" so that his 7-year-old daughter, Emily, can be a real princess! Several months ago, Heaton was playing with Emily and she asked him if she would ever be a real princess. He informed her she would and immediately started researching how he could accomplish the request. His investigation led him to Bir Tawil, an 800 square-mile area that, due to land disputes, is not claimed by either Egypt or Sudan. The area is reportedly one of the last unclaimed pieces of land on earth. So Heaton actually trekked through the desert in June and planted the "Heaton kingdom" flag -- designed by his kids -- in the soil of Bir Tawil. When he got home, he requested that everyone address his 7-year-old daughter as "Princess Emily." He and his wife, Kelly, also got her a princess crown. Heaton says he is pursuing "formal recognition" from African countries and is "confident" his claim will be taken seriously. But many experts feel that both Egypt and Sudan will have to recognize Heaton's stake as legitimate before he has any legal claim over the land. In the meantime, Princess Emily is taking her new duties quite seriously and told reporters that she is concerned about children in the region having enough food. Her father says he plans to use his newfound sovereignty to set up an "agricultural hub" for the area and says his "nation" will have "a clear purpose of helping other people."

Weird Weapons of Choice
This may be a first. In Palm Springs, Florida, 26-year-old Jonathon Gesell was arrested after allegedly hitting his brother with a GARDEN GNOME and a ladder. He now faces several charges including aggravated assault, criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated battery, Jonathon and his brother, James, reportedly began arguing before Johnathon hit James in the back with the gnome. John then allegedly punched his brother's girlfriend in the face and smashed part of the rear tail light and quarter panel on his brother's truck with a baseball bat. He also allegedly hit his brother in the side with a ladder. 


5-Year-Old Pins Rabid Fox!
We're guessing nobody will be messing with 5-year-old Rayshun McDowell of Kingstown, North Carolina, for the rest of his life. He gets our "Man of the Week" award after he grabbed a rabid fox by the neck and pinned it to the ground during a family cookout, protecting six other children before his stepfather could kill the animal. The fox came upon the family and bit Rayshun on the leg but the 61-pound kid held the animal down for more than a minute. He told reporters, "I wanted to protect my little brother." Unfortunately, animal control officials confirmed the fox had rabies, which is fatal unless treated before symptoms appear. Rayshun is undergoing treatment now. Rayshun's stepfather, Ryan Thompson, pulled the boy off the animal and kicked it. A neighbor then fired a handgun three times but the fox kept coming. So Thompson, wearing a cast because of a broken leg, said he used a stick and his crutch to beat the fox to death. Rayshun, meanwhile, asked only for a Band-Aid and didn't complain of any pain. A 6-year-old girl who was attacked by a fox the same day at her home nearby also is being treated. 


Happy Graduation! Go Get Some Boobs!
You'll never guess what's the most common graduation gifts for girls finishing high school in Italy -- breast enlargements! We're not kidding! Boob jobs have knocked cars and summer vacation trips down to second and third places respectively. 18-year-old Angelica Pesce, from Rome, said she and many of her girlfriends would be going under the knife in a few weeks having just finished school. She said, "It's a much more useful present than something like a car, which will break down after a few years, or a trip, which is over within a week. My new breasts will last a lifetime." 


The Trouble With Twins
Here's a story with double trouble. Apparently, on one fateful day in Sikeston, Missouri, Holly Adams claims she had sex at different times with Raymon and Richard Miller, who just happened to be identical twins but did not know about each other's encounter with Holly. Holly then became pregnant, but both Millers deny being the father despite, of course, an identical DNA match for each brother. Each claims it must have been the other. In the meantime, for some reason Holly has named Raymon the father, but a court must now decide paternity and child support the old school way-- just like courts did before DNA testing was developed. 


Men Just As Chatty As Women
Forget Chatty Kathy -- maybe it should be Chatty Carl. According to new research from the University of Arizona, men are just as chatty as women. The researchers found little difference in daily word counts between the sexes which conflicts with previous U.S. research suggesting women talk almost three times as much as men. In the study, women spoke a daily average of 16,215 words during their waking hours, and men 15,669 words. Lead researcher Matthias Mehl said, "What's a 500-word difference?" The most talkative man in the study used 47,000 words while the least used a barely over 500 over a few days. Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist, said the findings matched her experience and added, "The problem is not how much people talk or don't talk, the problem is how well people listen." 


11-Year-Old Drunk Driver!
Good Lord what is this world coming to? In Orange Beach, Alabama, an 11-year-old girl was arrested and charged with drunk driving after leading police on a high-speed chase that ended when the kid flipped the car! Officers said they were shocked when they approached the wrecked Chevrolet Monte Carlo and got a good look at the driver. A patrolman saw the car speeding and flashed his lights to signal the driver to stop. Instead, the car sped faster, traveling at up to 100 mph before sideswiping another vehicle and flipping over. The juvenile driver was treated at a hospital for scrapes and bruises and released to relatives. Police also charged her with speeding, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless endangerment. 


It's Raining Money!
A very strange thing happened in Worms, Germany -- it started raining -- MONEY! A 24-year-old woman was driving in the small western town and noticed money flying through the air in her rearview mirror. She pulled over and started grabbing what was described as a "substantial amount" of cash. She did turn it over to police who later went with her to the scene but didn't find any more money nor were they able to explain where it came from. 


One Heck of A Golf Hazzard
In Medford, Oregon, golfers at the Centennial Golf Course are usually subjected to the standard sand and water traps as they make their way through the greens. But they got a little more than they bargained for when a grass fire broke out between the sixth and seventh holes. Smoke was visible for miles as firefighters fought the blaze but it didn't stop golfers who still buzzed around in their carts or focused on their putts. The 1.5-acre fire burned a weedy area between the two holes of the course and moved 100 feet in 60 seconds. Fire crews extinguished the blaze within about 20 minutes. Investigators are still looking for a cause. One frustrated golfer, Jim Pawlak, said, "I was really playing well until this happened.


Really Sorry I Messed With Your Facebook Feed!
A co-author of a controversial study that involved secretly altering the News Feeds of some Facebook users back in 2012 has apologized, on Facebook, of course. Scientist Adam Kramer wanted to find out that if users who saw more negative posts in their Facebook feeds would they start logging in less. The study altered News Feeds so that some users saw more positive status updates while others saw more negative ones. In the end, there really was no impact other than that those who saw more positive posts tended to post more positively themselves. In his apology, Kramer explained that only about 0.04% of users saw their feeds impacted, that the experiment lasted only a week, and that no one had any posts actually "hidden." Nevertheless, it understandably irritated a lot of Facebook users when they found out. 


Investigate Me and I'll Just Kill You!
If you ever find yourself being investigated by the federal government, you probably shouldn't threaten to kill the people investigating you. Back in 2007, Blackwater USA's project manager for Iraq essentially threatened to kill two State Department investigators, according to an explosive new report. The incident took place not long before the private security contractor became infamous for allegedly murdering 17 civilians in Baghdad. Investigators Jean Richter and Donald Thomas found a host of contract violations even before that, including that Blackwater guards frequently drank heavily and partied with women. When the two investigators met with Blackwater manager Dan Carroll, Richter said Carroll, in "a low, even tone of voice" said "that he could kill me at that very moment and no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq." Thomas corroborated the incident, and added that others in Baghdad had warned them to be "very careful" in their inquiry. Amazingly, the embassy staff then sided with Carroll, and ordered the investigators to leave Iraq, saying they had become "disruptive." 


Better Hope We Don't Get in a Serious War
Better hope we don't ever get in a serious war. The Pentagon says that if all 34 million Americans aged 17 to 24 tried to join the military over two-thirds wouldn't make the cut due to being fat, uneducated, felonious, on drugs, or other assorted reasons. Major Gen. Allen Batschelet, commanding general of U.S. Army Recruiting Command said that, "The quality of people willing to serve has been declining rapidly." Current estimates are that 71% of today's young people would fail to qualify for service, not including those turned down because of neck tattoos, ear gauges, or other cosmetic issues. Around a quarter of high school graduates don't have the basic math and reading skills needed to pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test but the biggest reason for disqualification is obesity. 


Just Testing Your Security!
A judge has ordered 26-year-old Michael Adrian of Lakeville, Minnesota to get a check-up from the neck up. He was recently arrested for frightening officials at Lakeville North High School after he decided to skateboard in front of the school while in military dress with his face covered by a bandana, with an arrow strapped to his arm, and concealing knives, a box-cutter, a slingshot and pepper spray. He later told police officers he was simply "testing" the school's security system by "looking like an a**hole." 


Social Media Detox Island! 
Social media addicts are competing for s spot to go "cold turkey" in a special social media detox program on a remote Scottish island. Six techies will aim to prove the depth of their obsession and get selected for the three-day Tech Time-Out experiment, where they'll be denied access to smartphones, tablets or even a wi-fi connection. Instead they will be offered bizarre outdoor activities such as hiking, archery and sailing. The event takes place on the Isle of Arran in September and organizer Keith Legge thought of the idea after watching a YouTube video called Look Up, mocking people walking around with their eyes glued to their phones. He said, "By offering some Tech Time-Out, we think the participants will see the benefits of switching off once in a while and see what they're missing." Ironically, the main way the group will get others to know about their experiment is through... social media! 


Look Ma! No Hands!
A funny YouTube video of a man putting on his pants without using his hands has racked up nearly a million hits. The very flexible Chinese man bends and arcs his body into a variety of shapes and positions to ease his pants up his legs and over his behind. But what makes it really rock is it's all done to 80's one-hit-wonder Europe and their power ballad, "The Final Countdown." Sweet!


What the What?
A British family has been crowned World Worm Charming champions at the annual championships held in their native country. Hundreds of people descended on WiIllaston County Primary School for the 35th version of the event and each of the 144 entrants is given a 10-foot by 10-foot square plot of land and 30 minutes to collect as many earth worms as possible, using techniques such as vibrating a garden fork, singing and playing a musical instrument. It was the Bowden family that teased out an amazing 394 worms and were crowned this year's champions. The coveted Heaviest Worm trophy was won by Liam and Patrick Martin who coaxed out a 5.84-gram whopper.


Worst World Cup Screw Up Eva!
As World Cup Fever continues around the globe, at least one designer at a company making World Cup mugs may lose his job after putting the wrong face on coffee mugs that are supposed to pay homage to English defender Chris Smalling. The company was left with 2,000 unsellable mugs showing not Chris Smalling's smiling face emblazoned with a British flag and the Manchester United defender's name -- but rather the face of President Barack Obama! Karl Baxter explained, the Dorset company in question was given the seemingly easy job of sourcing royalty-free pictures of each England squad player to use on the England mugs - along with other accompanying items such as England coasters, England mouse mats etc. He added, "They passed this onto to their young, bright eyed and bushy tailed new apprentice." Bad move.


Lightening Blows Guy Right Out of His Boots!
In the Atlanta area, 30-year-old Sean O'Connor was left stunned, but miraculously alive, after a bolt of lightning literally blew him out of his boots. O'Conner was carrying a rake when he was thrown across his driveway and left with blood in his mouth by the lightning bolt. He said, "It sounded like a tree falling over. It threw me across the driveway and knocked me out of my boots. When I noticed my boots were on the other side of the driveway and I heard the thunder, I realized it was lightning that had just hit me. He also said that after standing up he could smell burned hair and felt like he had a bad sunburn on his leg. He ended up in the hospital where he was held for 24 hours due to an irregular heartbeat. He then returned home with lower back pain, a few scrapes but no permanent damage. 

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