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My days in radio started way back when we still played 45 records on the air, in 1981. I graduated from Park City High School in Montana back in 1981. FFA was a big part of my life and being a state public speaking winner led me to radio. I started my career in Laurel Montana and had stops in Livingston, Polson, Bozeman, Billings, Portland Oregon, Nebraska City Nebraska and finally landed in Gillette Wyoming. I called play by play for high school and college sports for 27 years before taking over the morning show on Fox Country. My wife Gina and daughter Jenikah and dog Gizmo make up our Gillette family and we also have two boys Rob in Sioux City Iowa and Jeremy in Livingston Montana. We love this community and area and hope to grow older here.

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After growing up in Wisconsin and graduating from college in Minnesota my journey in the world of radio has taken me to a few different places including Gillette......twice! I am glad to be back in Gillette, I've always heard "there is just something that grows on you" and I have to say that is very true! I live a pretty simple life, just like most guys I enjoy sports, my favorite teams pretty much all call Minnesota home (except the St. Louis Rams). A few random facts about me are, I am scared of public speaking (at least with radio I don't have people looking at me!) I am engaged to be married in late 2015 at that time my lovely better half will join me in Gillette and I cannot wait for her to enjoy the area as much as I have!! I have always enjoyed country music and I am so excited and proud to bring you the latest and best in country music to you afternoons from 2-6!

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Yes, I Attend Schoolie McSchoolface
Looks like the "Boaty McBoatface" fever is spreading. A racehorse was recently named Horsey McHorseface, and now Schoolie McSchoolface has been proposed as the new name of an elementary school in Austin, Texas. The school district voted last month to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary based on feedback from parents and the community about the Confederate general's somewhat controversial historical role, and asked for new name suggestions. While, Schoolie McSchoolface was among them, it actually didn't break the top 10. Believe it or not, the name with the most nominations, at 45, is Donald J. Trump Elementary. Coming in second, with 34 nominations, was the suggestion to just keep the name Robert E. Lee Elementary. Other weird nominations included: Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance, Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary, and Hypothetical Perfect Person Memorial Elementary School. Fortunately the voting is only a means of getting suggestions. The school district will make the final decision. 

Hey, I Was Hungry!
In Britain, the fate of a Staffordshire bull terrier named Buster hangs in the balance following a most grisly story. Earlier this month, a judge ordered the dog put down after police found that it had been eating its dead owner in Waterloo. However, an investigation turned up no evidence that the dog killed the man, only that it began eating the corpse at some point afterward. Now two animal rescue groups have filed an appeal and are trying to save the dog. Thus, the euthanasia procedure has been postponed until the court hearing. An attorney for the groups said, "There has been a great deal of public support for this animal, suggesting this animal should not be destroyed. Dogs are scavengers by nature, but when they can't get food, they will get anything that is available to them, as was in this case." 

What Do You Do When Your Entire Police Force Walks Out?
Really weird situation up in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. The entire police force, a marshal and three deputies suddenly resigned and walked off the job. There has been no official reason given for the sudden move although the resignations are rumored to be linked to a dispute with the town's new mayor, Jane Newberry, who was sworn in last Tuesday. Newberry told reporters, "In an election year there's always some people who choose to stay and some people who choose to go and I think that happens at every level of government." Longtime Marshal Tim Bradley is now said to be "pursuing other opportunities." The town has a population of around 700 year-round, and more than double that in summertime. Newberry also said that the day before she took office, the town awarded the departing chief $12,000, and she's not sure why. In the meantime, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, which already provided backup, will now play a greater role in the town, and other forces have offered to help out. 

Most Insane Felony You'll Hear All Day
So you're at McDonald's and asked for one of those free cups to get water with your meal. Sure, it's tempting to slide that cup over and fill it with soda instead but don't! Just ask 18-year-old Cody Morris of Springdale, Arkansas. Police say Morris and two others drove through the McDonald's drive-thru and ordered three large waters. They then parked, went into the restaurant, dumped out the water, and allegedly filled the cups with soda. Morris' accomplices returned their ill-gotten sodas when pressed by a manager, but Morris allegedly refused. That's when the manager decided to stand behind the group's car to prevent them from leaving. At this point we'd like to just mention that a large soda at McDonald's costs only $1.49 and comes with free refills. Police say the group's car reversed into the McDonald's manager, who was then hit by the car a second time when he reached through the window to try to pull the keys from the ignition. The car drove off, and the manager called police. Officers found the car and Morris at a bowling alley, and he was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery.

Never Camp in Australia
A family fishing and camping trip in Australia's Northern Territory turned into terrifying nightmare horror from hell when a large crocodile snuck up out of a creek about 50 feet from their campsite and dragged 19-year-old Peter Roswell from his tent! This all went down around 4:30 in the morning while Peter was sleeping. He said, "I woke up and there was something shaking my foot! It was 10 to 13 feet long! The "very lucky" young man "managed to kick it away with his other foot," according to a health department spokeswoman. Roswell was described as "shaken" but in stable condition at a local hospital with puncture wounds on his lower right leg. Meanwhile, a Charles Darwin University researcher and crocodile specialist says Rowsell was way too close to the water's edge. "The official recommendation, croc-wise, is 165 feet minimum.

Delusional Thinking Level: Expert

Maybe you remember the name Todd Courser. He's that Michigan lawmaker who thought if he just started a smear campaign against himself, he'd effectively cover up his extra-marital affair with fellow lawmaker Cindy Gamrat. As you can imagine, that plan didn't work out so well. However, now "Mr. Delusional" apparently thinks he has grounds to sue the state for forcing him out of office. Courser and Gamrat have filed an "intent to sue" notice, claiming that the Michigan House of Representatives, Speaker Kevin Cotter, and their former aides conspired to end their political careers. Courser actually resigned and Gamrat was expelled after a marathon 16-hour hearing last September. They now allege that hearing was in effect, "false arrest" and "false imprisonment." The two Republicans filed the notice just before the deadline to preserve their ability to sue. The notice states that they could seek $500,000 for "psychological and emotional distress" caused by their removal from office, which they allege was more to do with their opposition to a road funding package than the affair and cover-up. They claim to be victims of "undercover surveillance operations, illegal wiretapping and eavesdropping, extortion, secret meetings, threats and intimidation, identity theft, invasion of privacy, and hacking. 

Fitbit Saves Life!
It's not that uncommon -- someone going about their day has a seizure, gets looked over by a doctor, and hopefully lives to tell about it. Only in the case of a 42-year-old man who went to the emergency room at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in New Jersey immediately following a seizure, the data tracked on his Fitbit helped inform doctors of the appropriate course of action to save his life! Reportedly it's the first time a fitness tracker has been used like this. The key question in this case was whether the irregularly high and erratic heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) he suffered three hours prior to the seizure -- which they wouldn't have known about had it not been for the man's tracker -- was chronic or episodic. If chronic, resetting his heart rate via rhythm conversion, essentially shocking it back to normal, could dislodge a clot, cause a stroke, and possibly kill the man. But the Fitbit revealed exactly when he had a spike in heart rate and that it was abnormal. As a result, the docs were able to make the proper diagnosis and save his life! 

Guy Films Tornado That Kills His Wife & Neighbor
The tornado footage out of Fairdale, Illinois is chilling. Despite the danger, 85-year-old Clarence "Clem" Schultz kept his camera running as the huge twister bears down on him. He's seen wrestling with a sheet and clutching onto debris from the chimney as it collapses. The worst part is the tornado he was filming killed his wife and his neighbor, while he suffered a compressed broken vertebra. Now a year later, in spite of the horror, Mr. Schultz says he's proud of the footage, which he just posted to Vimeo, because it's being shared, studied by meteorologists, and "saving lives." Schultz likely stayed on the second floor during the twister because he didn't have time to get to his wife downstairs, and their cellar isn't big enough to hold more than a furnace. Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese concedes after watching the footage that it would be tricky to determine where the funnel was heading. Schultz assumed it would go south of his house. The Weather Channel calls it the "closest view" inside an EF4 tornado they've ever seen and describes the footage as "terrifying." 

When Spectacular Proposals Go Bad
Michael Banks' engagement couldn't have gotten off to a rockier start. Police say the 27-year-old Fresno man illegally scaled the 600-foot Morro Rock off California's Central Coast after sunrise so he could propose to his girlfriend over his Facetime app. She said yes, but was upset that he'd climbed the rock at all. She was right. Rather than return down the south side of the rock, Banks chose a steeper path down the eastern face and got stuck on a small chunk of rock. A fire chief said, "He couldn't go any direction, on a sheer ledge, with his feet dangling 80 feet off the ground." Very fortunately for him, locals heard him calling for help around 8:45am, and a helicopter soon arrived to rescue him. It was quite a spectacular and dangerous rescue as the helicopter's blades had to get close to the rock face to deliver a harness to Banks, who was back on the ground unscathed by 9:30am. He was issued a misdemeanor citation for trespassing. The fire chief says it's illegal to climb the rock "because it kills people." Banks will also have to pay for the rescue which will most likely be far more than even a good quality engagement ring. Wait- it gets worse. Our boy was then "found to be under the influence and in possession of methamphetamine" so he ended his happy day in San Luis Obispo County Jail. 

Well, You Wanted Less Government! Have a Nice Flight.
Two things are proven facts: airline seats are getting smaller, and Americans are getting bigger. Good news for those who scream for less government: the Senate has decided the issue is none of its business. A proposal from Sen. Charles Schumer to do something about ever-shrinking airline seats and legroom was rejected Thursday by a 54-to-42 vote, with almost every Republican in the chamber voting against it. The amendment from Schumer -- who complains that "it costs you an arm and a leg just to have room for your arms and legs" -- was attached to a broader aviation bill. It would have banned airlines from reducing seat size and the distance between rows for 30 days while the FAA worked on setting seat size and row spacing requirements. It would also have required airlines to post seat sizes on their websites. Schumer blamed airline lobbyists for the defeat. The Washington Post notes that the width of the average economy seat has shrunk to 17 inches from 18.5 inches since the '70s, rows are now more than 4 inches closer together, and the proportion of Americans considered obese has soared to 35% over the same period. A similar amendment introduced in the House earlier this year was also shot down. 

That Time Your 2-Year-Old Got an Octopus Stuck in His Throat
Doctors in Wichita, Kansas, must have been shocked when they pulled a small octopus from the throat of a 2-year-old boy who arrived at the hospital not breathing. The boy's 21-year-old mother arrived home from work to find her 36-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Gallagher, giving CPR to her son. The boy was rushed to the hospital where doctors removed the octopus from his throat. The AP reports the octopus's head was about 2 inches across. It was likely meant to be used in sushi. The good news is the boy is showing no signs of permanent damage from oxygen deprivation. However, Gallagher was arrested on suspicion of child abuse when his explanation for the octopus and facial injuries found on the boy didn't match up with what doctors observed. An expert will interview the boy when he's ready, and an investigation into the incident is continuing. Police say it's a "very delicate situation." 

What the What?
A funny video has gone viral in Russia where a very drunk man walks into a liquor store and takes a bottle of vodka to the counter. But, rather than pay for his purchase he simply shouts, "This is Sparta," and then tries to run through the door. The reference, in case you missed it, is to 300-the Gerard Butler film about Spartan Greek warriors who fight the Persian army of Xerxes. Sadly, our friend's plan didn't work out too well as four security guards caught up with him pretty quickly. As they tackled him to the ground, he again shouted, "This is Sparta!"

How Teenage Football Stars Deal with Shoplifters
Police pursuing a shoplifter through a mall in Bellevue, Wash., got a little help from a high school football player. Kevin Merz, 14, was at Old Navy at the Factoria Mall with his parents and two brothers when he saw the suspect trying to give officers the slip. Kevin said, "I decided that I have to protect my family. So I straight-on football tackled him." Don't let his age fool you. He may be 14 but he's 6-foot-1 and 206-pounds. Right after the takedown, Kevin's dad quickly pulled his son off of the suspect, worried that he might have a weapon. The incident began in a Target store, where police say the suspect was seen taking the tags off of some $900 worth of merchandise. An officer was waiting for him at the door. When ordered to stop, the suspect dropped the goods and took off through a cosmetics store and ended up in the Old Navy where he quite literally ran into Kevin. A police spokesman advises citizens against intervening in a police chase, but adds, "I think in seven years he needs to apply to be a police officer, because he'd make a great officer." 

Don't Stress Out Your Kids
If your kids are happy and stress-free, they'll have a much better chance of avoiding a heart attack later in life. So report Finnish researchers in a longitudinal study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. In the study, 311 children were followed from 1980 to 2008. While the data is based largely on subjective parental reports, it turns out that even after accounting for a wide range of variables, including socioeconomic status, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol, the higher a child's stress score, the greater his or her risk for hardened arteries down the road. While the precise mechanism at play remains unclear, the authors say that stress during childhood just might trigger changes in "metabolic functioning and inflammation" and these in turn might lead to calcium deposits in the arteries. Of course, it's also possible that happier kids simply develop healthier habits from a young age, such as balanced diets and exercise, which are already known to lower one's heart attack risk. 

When Lemonade Stands Go National!
A sixth-grader in Austin, Texas, has turned a lemonade stand into a booming business thanks to a multi-state deal with Whole Foods! Mikaila Ulmer's secret recipe for BeeSweet Lemonade comes from her great-grandmother, and contains flax seed and honey as the sweetener. Things really got going last year when she was just 9 and took the locally popular lemonade to ABC's Shark Tank and earned a $60,000 investment. The Whole Foods deal gets her lemonade on the shelves at 55 Whole Foods in states including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida. Her success even earned her a spot at the White House Kids' State Dinner last summer. She says she works on her business after she finishes her homework and on weekends and holidays. 

Worst Judge Ever Gets Her Judgment Day
You were probably as outraged as everybody else over that central Florida judge who threw a domestic violence victim in jail because she was too scared show up to testify against her alleged abuser last summer. Well now Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins is getting her own judgment day. She's agreed she acted in poor judgment and will accept punishment after reaching a plea agreement of a public reprimand for her actions. During a hearing last July, Collins sentenced the crying Lake Mary woman to three days in jail for contempt. In its decision to recommend a public reprimand, the commission said Collins "admits that her discourteous conduct was inappropriate and should not have occurred." The commission also noted that the court system failed the abuse victim, who did not have a lawyer during her contempt hearing, by not informing her she had a right to present evidence or testify on her own behalf. If the Supreme Court accepts the recommendation, Collins will have to appear before the state's top court in Tallahassee to be formally reprimanded. 

What the What?
Pretty sad that it's come to this. The Glasgow, Scotland, company Osdin Shield announced recently that it has designed for potential sale a fashionable yet bullet-proof sofa and upholstered chairs sturdy enough to protect against 9mm handguns, shotguns and AK47s. You know, because you don't want a drive-by messing up a perfectly good snooze on the couch. The company plans to market the furniture specifically to hotels, embassies and government buildings.

I'm Looking for a Man...
Calling all Jasons from Syracuse who attended the "K-Rockathon" concert in Vernon, NY, in July 1996: Your biological son, Jette Collins, is now 18 and looking for you. But, he assures you, he only wants to meet and say, "Hi!" It seems Mr. Collins posted a photo with his story to Facebook. He writes that a man named Jason met a girl named Diana Collins one fateful night in 1996 and that he is "the product of that night." The concert featured acts like Butthole Surfers, Poe, The Refreshments, and The Verve Pipe! The post has already been shared more than 12,000 times and commented on 3,000 times, including negative comments directed at his mother. Jette says he says he's gotten tons of messages already -- even K-Rock radio host Rainman wants to help, having not met his own biological dad until he was 21, he tweeted -- but so far none have panned out. 

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?
It's a mystery that has put the fear of God into sailors, and left scientists scratching their heads for years: What causes the Bermuda Triangle to claim so many ships and aircraft. Scientists believe they may be closer to solving the mystery after the discovery of a series of craters. But the craters are actually nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle-they're off the coast of Norway-so it's currently just a theory. Basically, the half mile-wide craters are 150-feet deep and are believed to have been created by methane building up and popping under the seabed. Researchers from the Arctic University of Norway are now looking at whether the bursting of these bubbles is sufficient to sink ships and will present their findings next month. If the theory pans out, it happens in an avalanche-like way, like a nuclear reaction, producing huge amounts of gas. That makes the ocean heat up and ships sink in its waters mixed with a huge proportion of gas. 

Now Hold On-- I Was Just Trying to Save My Wife, Taylor Swift!
Police in Nashville say 26-year-old Paul Herrin broke into a residence and told the homeowner he was there to save Taylor Swift, whom he claimed was his wife. The homeowner didn't exactly buy the story and called police who later arrested Herrin. The homeowner originally thought that the burglar was a tenant stopping by to pay rent. When the homeowner opened the door, the suspect wedged his foot inside and pushed his way through. The robber insisted that he was there to "save Taylor Swift, his wife, and that he had every right to search the residence." Police charged Herrin with aggravated burglary. 

Try Not to Die in L.A.
With dead bodies piled high and a budget that apparently falls way short, L.A. County coroner Mark Fajardo has had enough and has quit his job. Fajardo's abrupt resignation comes only two years into his term. He says, "Ultimately, I wasn't supplied the resources I need to perform my job duties." Meanwhile hundreds of autopsies and toxicology tests have backed up at the coroner's office, which ties up funerals, life insurance payouts, and civil and criminal cases. "It's nuts," says Fajardo. Now the office could lose accreditation from the National Assn. of Medical Examiners, meaning autopsies and other work there would lose credibility. As for Fajardo, he's going back to his old job as top forensic pathologist in Riverside County. 

Excuse Me Mr. Pilot, Aren't You Forgetting Something?
At the airport, passengers are warned, never leave your personal belongings unattended. A Republic Airlines pilot evidently didn't heed that advice and left his gun in an unattended bag in a men's restroom at Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday morning! Five minutes after he left the restroom about 9 a.m., he realized he had left his satchel but when the pilot returned to the restroom, his bag wasn't there. He immediately reported it missing to a Philadelphia police airport officer. The pilot had kept the gun in a locked box in his satchel and the bag - with all its belongings - was found about two hours later in a janitor's closet in the restroom. A police spokesman, Sgt. Eric Gripp, said a janitor had been in the restroom at the time the bag was left unattended. An officer later had the janitor open the closet after a custodial supervisor unlocked it. At the back of the closet, the officer found the missing satchel in a black trash bag. The firearm was still there, inside its locked box. So they arrested the janitor but didn't release his name. 

Oh-- So That's Who Peed in Your Corn Flakes
A criminal and internal investigation is underway at Kellogg's after a video surfaced online that appears to show a man filming himself urinating on products on an assembly line. An internal investigation found it was recorded in 2014 at a facility in Memphis, Tennessee. It potentially affected Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies Treats cereal and puffed rice cake products -- though all would be past their expiration date at this point. The video was uploaded Friday to the site World Star Hip Hop. Kris Charles, a Kellogg's spokesman, said the company is "outraged by this completely unacceptable situation. We immediately alerted law enforcement authorities and regulators." The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has started a criminal investigation. Some have speculated that the video may have been shot during a labor dispute between Kellogg's and employees who were locked out.

What the What?
Believe it or not, a federal judge is allowing a Key Colony Beach woman awaiting trial on federal human-smuggling charges to go on a "once in a lifetime" ski trip to Switzerland planned for May. Judge William C. Turnoff this month granted Janet Meadows' request to be permitted to travel to Zurich and Grindelwald from May 16 to 26 with the 17-year-old granddaughter of her co-defendant and boyfriend, Lawrence Blessinger. Meadows paid $2,000 for airline tickets and a non-refundable $6,000 for the ski trip in September, according to court documents -- two months before federal agents arrested her and Blessinger. The couple was picked up by U.S. Department of Homeland Security agents in November and they are accused of sailing their boat to the Bahamas and importing their own domestic servants for their Keys and New York homes.

A British TV host tried to run 20 miles across the Irish Sea. Yes- run...and she nearly made it. Inside a 10-foot-wide inflatable ball attached to paddles, 25-year-old Lindsey Russell set off from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland in an attempt to raise money for Sport Relief, which helps fund children's education, vaccines, mental health initiatives, and more. The journey to Scotland's Portpatrick Harbor -- which would see Russell roll the ball or "zorb" from the inside with her hands and feet -- was expected to take about 14 hours, or the same time it would take to swim the distance. Sadly, 10 hours and 17 nautical miles into the trek, Russell was forced to give up due to bad weather. She had completed the London Marathon and the Swiss Army's mountain race for practice and was soon running up to seven hours per day. She also practiced fighting huge waves, though it wasn't enough to beat the harsh weather on the open water. 

Getting Humans to Mars in Less Than a Month! What?
A century ago, the first transatlantic took about 23 days. Soon, we could reach Mars in about that long. According to NASA scientist Philip Lubin, the key is swapping out the current fuel-based rocket propulsion system with one relying on photons which would significantly boost our space travel speeds. Basically, in theory, particles of light from lasers in Earth's orbit would reflect off a "large, reflective sail" on a spacecraft and produce a thrust capable of sending it toward a destination at insane speeds. Lubin estimates a 220-pound probe could reach Mars in as little as 72 hours. A bigger, manned spacecraft would take about a month; experts believe the Space Launch System currently in development could take humans to Mars in about five months. In his study Lubin writes: "There are recent advances that take this from science fiction to science reality. There is no known reason why we cannot do this." 

Batman Arrested
Can't believe this is an actual headline but Batman was arrested-- in Times Square-- for stealing money from tourists! Don't worry caped crusader fans-- it wasn't the real Batman. Jose Escalona-Martinez, 42, was dressed up like Batman and posing with two Irish tourists when he allegedly pick pocketed one of them and dashed off. Because he was just a regular guy and not an actual superhero, police quickly outran him and made the arrest. He was charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property. 

Unicorn on the Loose!
It must have turned at least a few heads. A pony dressed up as the mythical spiral-horned beast escaped from a photo shoot and evaded capture for four hours near Fresno, California. The pony, named Juliet, bolted from a home in the Fresno suburb of Madera Ranchos just as owner Sandra Boos was taking pictures of her with a child. Multiple drivers reported seeing the 400-pound animal, wearing a pink halter and horn, trotting into traffic on different highways. California Highway Patrol officers scrambled a helicopter and an infrared camera, and located Juliet in an orchard. A professional photographer, Boos regularly dresses Juliet as a unicorn for photo shoots with children. Fortunately no injuries were reported but there were several near misses by cars. 


What the What?
We've found the world's worst parents-- in West Yorkshire, England. They are 34-year-old Kim Ager and 37-year-old Matthew Ingham who have been arrested for stealing laptops from a children's cancer ward-- and then blaming their own terminally-ill son! The stolen laptops had been provided by the charity Candlelighters so sick children could better keep in touch with their families. A member of staff at the hospital contacted the police after seeing the laptops on Ager's Facebook page. Judge Sally Cahill condemned the now-separated pair, saying, "It is difficult to find a word how despicable this offending was."


One Family Very Grateful for Bulletproof Vests!
In New York City, the Yurkiw family is very grateful for bulletproof vests. Andrew Yurkiw was one of two officers shot early Saturday morning and saved by his bulletproof vest. What makes this especially amazing is that 27 years earlier, his father, also a member of the NYPD, was saved by a bulletproof vest. Officers Yurkiw and William Reddin exchanged fire with Jamal Funes, who the New York Post describes as a "career criminal," around 3:30am in Brooklyn. Reddin was struck in the hip, but Yurkiw was hit directly in the chest. Both are in stable condition. Paul Yurkiw was working as an NYPD detective 27 years ago when he stopped to help a motorist who appeared to be stranded. The driver shot Yurkiw three times. He says, "Without the vest, me or [my son] and a lot of other police officers wouldn't be walking on this planet right now." New York Mayor Bill de Blasio credited the bulletproof vest for saving Andrew Yurkiw's life on Saturday. However, it could be the bullets that hit both Yurkiw and Reddin came not from Funes but from their fellow officers. A police official said, "It's quite possible both officers may have been struck by bullets from other officers and possibly deflected bullets." Meanwhile, Funes is in critical condition. 


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