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Pepsi Beer?
Customs officials in Saudi Arabia say they've cracked a case -- and then some -- of smugglers trying to bring illegal cans of beer through the kingdom by disguising them as Pepsi. Seriously. In a statement, customs officials say they intercepted 48,000 cans of beer moving through the al-Batha border crossing with the United Arab Emirates. Customs officials used a box cutter to open a wrapped 24-pack of the fake Pepsi only to find green-and-white Heineken cans beneath it. Drinking or possessing alcohol is a criminal offense in the ultra-conservative Sunni kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Is There a Problem Officer?
In Mountain View, California, a police officer made a traffic stop, but wrote no ticket. That's because there was no driver to give it to! It seems the car he pulled over was a Google self-driving car that was being tested on local roads. The officer noticed the car going a road-clogging 24 mph in a 35 mph zone and realized it was a Google Autonomous Vehicle. He stopped the car and contacted its operators to let them know it was impeding traffic, but no citation was given. A person is required to sit behind the wheel of self-driving cars. The Google project responded in a blog post, saying it's never received a ticket and adding, "Driving too slowly? Bet humans don't get pulled over for that too often."

Sometimes a Brutal Stabbing Has an Up Side
An Israeli father of five claims a Palestinian attacker stabbed and tried to behead him last week at an Israeli bus station. But the Daniel Cohen now says he is actually glad he got assaulted. As it turns out, his attacker inadvertently saved his life. While the attack cost him his spleen and part of his liver, surgeons treating him for his multiple wounds found a tumor in his intestines that could have cost him his life. Cohen says, "lately I had felt some pains in that area, but I didn't have time to deal with it." The doctors cut out the tumor while they were operating on Cohen and stitched him back up. Cohen says, "Thank God, I am now in good condition a week later." 

And There It Is...
In South Lanarkshire, Scotland, elected official Jackie Burns was very much in favor or funding cuts for public bathrooms but now might be rethinking the issue after he was ticketed for urinating in the street. The council deputy leader was fined $60 bucks for the embarrassing lack of judgment after police spotted him in publicly marking his territory. Burns said he was at a taxi stand in the town of Hamilton when nature called. "I went down a lane to relieve myself and was approached by police, who gave me a fine which I have duly paid. I am embarrassed by the incident and have apologized." Earlier this year, Burns announced the need to close public toilets throughout the area, a move many residents vehemently opposed. 

What the WHAT?
In Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Cindy Davis is fighting possible $500 daily fines for posting a handmade crime watch sign in her window warning drug dealers to stay away. Canonsburg Mayor Bob Kipp says Davis received the notice of having a "non-confirming sign in a residential area" after at least one person complained the sign may be making it harder for neighbors to sell their property. The sign reads: "Thank you CBG police. Neighbors watch for drug dealers. You will be turned in." A district judge continued last week's hearing on the citation indefinitely. The mayor says Davis could resolve things amicably if she'd just take down the sign until January, when borough council is expected to update and improve the sign ordinance.

Seriously Serious Family Issues! Seriously!
It seems that one elderly Austrian woman truly hated her family! The 85-year-old woman died in a retirement home and authorities found over $1 million in cash cut up and destroyed on her bed. Apparently she decided nobody would get the money and wanted to make a powerful statement about her feelings. She died surrounded by thousands of destroyed euros -- in 100 and 500 notes-- and a shredded savings accounts books. Unfortunately, if she was trying to teach her relatives a lesson, she failed. If they can only find shreds of money and if the origin of the money is assured, then of course it can all be replaced according to an official at Austria's central bank. 

Police Are Looking for a Priest, a Pope and a Good Samaritan
In Durango, Colorado, police are investigating an assault that involved a priest, a pope and a Good Samaritan. Sgt. Deck Shaline says the suspect, dressed as a priest for Halloween, punched the victim and knocked him unconscious, then kicked him in the head several times. The suspect was seen after the assault entering a bar accompanied by another man who was dressed as the pope. Shaline says a Good Samaritan who intervened in the attack prevented the injuries from being much worse. The victim, whose name is being withheld, was hospitalized but has since been released. The assault happened while officers were responding to several other 911 calls around town following the zombie march on Halloween.

You Know You've Screwed Up When the Sea Turtles Sue You!
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there's a most unusual lawsuit going on. The plaintiffs are a Green Sea Turtle, a Loggerhead Sea Turtle and a Leatherback Sea Turtle, and they're suing over what a lawyer calls disruptive beach practices in Broward County. Attorney Kenneth Trent says the turtles themselves have standing to sue in federal court because they are protected under the Endangered Species Act. The lawsuit contends lighting, overnight placement of beach cabanas and raking of beach sand all disrupt the turtles' nesting habits and blocks the journey of turtle hatchlings to the ocean. The turtles are asking a judge to halt those practices and also block some aspects of a major beach renourishment project. The defendants include the federal, state and local government entities, as well as two large beachfront condominium associations. 

What the What?
Maybe you heard about the recent report from genetic analysis firm Clear Lab which claimed that traces of human DNA was found in 2 percent of the hotdogs they sampled. While the report generated massive media attention, the issue likely has more to do with hygiene in food production as opposed to unwitting acts of cannibalism. Rest assured, there's no evidence that hot-dog lovers are unwitting cannibals. It's more a matter of the tiniest particles of hair, nails and skin that could show up in these tests. Furthermore, Snopes, a fact-checking website, pointed out the Clear Labs report wasn't a scientific study. The report didn't specify the terms used in their work, such as "genomic analysis technology" or "proprietary next-generation genomic sequencing workflow." Missing from the bevy of articles about human DNA in hot dogs (and meat in veggie dogs) was any explanation about how Clear Food determined those percentages, under which conditions testing occurred, whether any independent entities confirmed the claims.

A skydiver in Peru is lucky to be alive after he got caught on the plane while trying to jump out. Fernando Gava's jumpsuit got stuck to the plane's step. The entire thing was caught on video by a friend on the ground. Gava dangled precariously for about 30 minutes while the plane circled at an altitude of about 10,000 feet. He finally used a knife to cut himself free. Once he was free of the plane, he released his parachute without incident. Ironically, his only injury was a cut to his hand from the knife. 

What the What?
A worker at a Canadian pharmacy accidentally gave out bipolar medication to trick-or-treaters instead of candy! If you're wondering how that could possibly happen, well it seems a woman unknowingly dropped her 17-year-old son's prescription drugs while on her way out of a Beauport pharmacy. Another customer picked up the medication -- Quetiapine and Divalproex sodium, both of which are used to treat schizophrenia as well as other psychological disorders -- and placed it dangerously close to the candy basket on the counter. So, seven individually wrapped pills were accidentally dropped into candy baskets throughout the night. Police assured parents that the medications were not dangerous -- despite side effects that include suicidal thoughts, tremors and nausea. 

Go Ahead, Eat Your Favorite Every Day!
Have a favorite food you find yourself eating day in and day out? If it's healthy, new research suggests you should stop feeling guilty about it, because eating "everything in moderation" may not be as healthy as we think. Researchers say that based on a survey of the number of foods that 6,814 white, black, Hispanic, and Chinese Americans eat in a week, people who ate the greatest variety of food actually had the worst metabolic health and diets. Those achieving greater diversity "were eating less healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and more unhealthy foods, such as processed meats, desserts and soda." Not surprisingly, these were the people with thicker waistlines and higher risks of developing type 2 diabetes 10 years later. As it turns out, Americans with the healthiest diets actually eat a relatively small range of healthy foods. In other words, eating everything in moderation is actually worse than eating a smaller number of healthy foods.

Alabama Teacher of the Year Apparently Unqualified to Teach
A longtime Alabama educator who has won Teacher of the Year honors resigned last week when her "frustration boiled over" with bureaucracy. Ann Marie Corgill was Informed that she lacked the state qualifications to teach 5th grade so she resigned from Birmingham City Schools. In her resignation letter she wrote: "After 21 years of teaching in grades 1-6, I have no answers as to why this is a problem now, so instead of paying more fees, taking more tests, and proving once again that I am qualified to teach, I am resigning." Corgill, who was 2014-2015 Alabama Teacher of the Year and a 2015 National Teacher of the Year finalist, this year joined the staff at Oliver Elementary as a 2nd-grade teacher; she was then shifted to teach 5th grade. But roughly a month into her new role, a state education administrator called and said she lacked the certification to continue. This despite Corgill's National Board Certification to teach students between ages 7 and 12, which usually covers fifth grade. As a Title I school, Oliver Elementary receives federal dollars because many of its students are from low-income families; so it requires that all teachers be "highly qualified," a standard Corgill apparently didn't meet. 

Aw, We Rode the Rollercoaster Naked for Nuthin'!
In another spectacular failed world record attempt, a daring group of nudists braved the English cold at Southend's Adventure Island as they rode the Green Scream rollercoaster completely naked, all in the name of charity. The seaside amusement park set the Guinness World Record in 2010, when 102 people rode the same rollercoaster in the buff. This time around, only 57 people took part. But they did raise close to $20,000 for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation's Keyhole Cancer Appeal. Lucy Thomas-Clayton from Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation, said, "It takes a lot of nerve to take off your clothes in front of complete strangers plus the world's media-so we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was brave enough to bare all and raise such a huge amount of cash for our vitally important cause." 

Back in the Day, We Just Had Blue Light Specials!
Shoppers at a San Jose Target store say they had to cover their children's ears when an X-rated soundtrack suddenly starting blasting out of the store's audio system! Many said it sounded like the audio track to a porn film starring two women. One angry mom told reporters, "I thought it was just a prank at first, but it didn't stop; it just kept going. My son asked me, 'Why are they hurting the ladies?' And I said, 'Don't worry, it's OK.'" She says the recording lasted at least 15 minutes and employees just stood around laughing. Another shopper said, "Employees were running around everywhere, picking and hanging up phones, which worked for about two minutes, before it started up again. People were screaming at employees, videotaping, some laughing, some disgusted. It was terribly awkward." Target says it is "actively reviewing" the situation to make sure it doesn't happen again. Incidentally, the exact same thing happened in July at a Target nearly 200 miles away in San Luis Obispo. 

Hunters! Grrrrrr!
Sadly, a disturbing number of elephants have been killed in Zimbabwe in recent weeks, including the biggest one seen in decades. An enormous bull elephant was killed on Oct. 8 just outside a national park by a German hunter who had paid $60,000 for a permit. Conservationists said with tusks that weighed around 120 pounds each, the elephant was one of the biggest to be seen in the region for 50 years -- and if it hadn't been shot, it could have become a tourist attraction worth a lot more than $60,000. The hunter, who has not been identified, was on a 21-day hunt that also included leopards, lions, buffalo, and rhinoceros. The chairman of Zimbabwe's hunters and guides association tells the Telegraph that the elephant had not been seen in the country before and it was bigger than any of the other five or six "giant tuskers" shot over the last year. He says the client didn't realize just how big the elephant was until it was shot, and he suggests that authorities start collaring unique elephants if they don't want hunters to shoot them. Elsewhere in Zimbabwe, the bodies of 26 elephants that poachers had poisoned with cyanide were found last week.

Once Again, Size Doesn't Matter!
Once again size doesn't matter and bigger does not mean better. We're talking brain size folks and a new report from scientists from Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany have combed through 88 studies with more than 8,000 participants to confirm that when it comes to intelligence, brain size simply doesn't matter. Jakob Pietschnig from the Institute of Applied Psychology at the University of Vienna said, "Although a certain association is observable, brain volume appears to be of only little practical relevance." The researchers report that positive associations between human intelligence and brain size have been suspected for more than 150 years but there is no concrete evidence to back up those claims. So remember, if someone calls you small-minded, they only mean it in a metaphorical sense. 

Is There a Doctor Onboard?
You can bet Dr. Angelica Zen will never forget her honeymoon. Especially the flight home. Dr. Zen was returning from a romantic Bali honeymoon vacation and heading back to Los Angeles. Suddenly the UCLA physician found herself making her very first unassisted delivery of a newborn baby on a plane when a passenger went into labor over the Pacific Ocean. The China Air flight, which had departed from Taiwan, was diverted to Alaska. Mother and newborn daughter left for a hospital, and the flight continued on to Los Angeles. Dr. Zen later said, "When the baby came out healthy, I was just very relieved." The fourth-year resident had previously delivered two infants, both under the supervision of more experienced doctors. She added, "Usually I see adult patients, older patients and pediatric kids. This was definitely outside of my job description." 

Still Pretty Uptight About That Whole Naked Thing
Rider University in Lawrence, New Jersey, has actually suspended its entire men's cross-country team after saying the team's plan to run naked around the school's track constituted hazing. School police responded to a report of students at the track on the evening of Sept. 5 and found team members preparing to run in their birthday suits! The school officially responded by launching a big investigation into all 28 members of the men's team. University spokeswoman Kristine Brown said the investigation found no intent to coerce any of the team members to participate. It was 100 percent voluntary. Yet, somehow they still concluded that this was considered hazing and deemed unacceptable behavior. The team's coach canceled practice and the team was suspended from competing in a Rider-hosted meet on Sept. 19.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness...But Not Always!
They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well, unless you're breaking into a strangers house and doing your laundry in their bathtub! It happened in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, where police arrested 44-year-old Kelly Bancroft and charged her with burglary and criminal tresspass. A woman who lives down the street from Bancroft told police she went to use her bathroom about 4:30 p.m. and found Bancroft next to the tub, which was full of water, clothes and suds. When the woman asked Bancroft how she got in the apartment, Bancroft locked the bathroom door so the homeowner summoned a neighbor to help. When that person arrived, Bancroft had run away, leaving wet clothes everywhere. 

What the What?
Ted Richards lives in Bristol, England...and he's a little different. He wants to look like a parrot so much he just had his ears surgically removed! No kidding. He already had his face and eyeballs tattooed to resemble his pet birds. On his latest "improvement" Ted says, "I think it looks really great. I love it. It's the best thing that has happened to me. I am so happy it's unreal, I can't stop looking in the mirror." But it's not over yet. The 56-year-old parrot lover, who calls himself "Parrot Man" is planning to turn his nose into a beak as soon as he gets over the excitement of his new ears. Meanwhile, Marc Pacifico, a consultant plastic surgeon and member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, slammed the surgery saying, "I am absolutely horrified to learn that someone has voluntarily put themselves forward for this to be done and possibly more so that he found somebody to actually carry it out." Ted also has 110 tattoos, 50 piercings and a split tongue, and said he gave his severed ears to a friend who "will appreciate them." He shares his home with his four parrots as well as South American Green Iguana and pit bull named Candy.

I'm Gonna Get Midevil On Your Butt...Literally! 
In Indianapolis, 43-year-old Karen Dolley is crediting her training in medieval combat for helping her stop a home intruder! She threw punches until she had the man cornered during the break-in, then kept him subdued with a Japanese sword she keeps near her bed. Dolley says she learned to fight as a teenager in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that recreates skills of the Middle Ages. She also skates with roller derby team Naptown Roller Girls. In other words, this boy picked the wrong lady to mess with. Police responding to Dolley's 911 call arrested 30-year-old Jacob Wessel and charged him with residential entry. Wessel allegedly forced open the home's back door and police reports say he was high on an unknown substance. 

Halloween Strikes Again!
It was actually nothing more than a dummy placed face down in a Detroit woman's front yard as a Halloween prank. But it was so realistic to some that police were called and they paid a visit to the home of Larethia Haddon the very first day she put the dummy out. Haddon says she puts the dummy face down in a different location in her yard every morning and watches the reactions from passers-by as she sips coffee. She says some have attempted CPR and "once they find out it's a dummy, it's so hilarious." 

Facebook Blamed For Death of Toddler
In Britain, 31-year-old Claire Barnett will spend the next five years in jail after her 2-year-old son drowned in a pond. She didn't notice him drowning...because she was too busy checking Facebook. Barnett pleaded guilty to child cruelty in connection with the death of her son Joshua in 2014, which the judge said was caused by "consistently bad parenting." According to reports, Joshua was playing with one of his three siblings near the fish pond outside their home when he fell in. Prosecutors say Barnett wasn't paying attention to him because she was busy uploading photos to Facebook and taking a call from her boyfriend. Joshua was unconscious when Barnett pulled him from the pond, and he died later at the hospital. Relatives had warned Barnett to fence off or cover the pond and just months earlier, neighbors called social services on Barnett after her children were nearly hit by a car while playing unsupervised in a busy street outside their home. During sentencing, the judge said, "I trust that you will never be allowed to have further unsupervised contact to any child. You pose very serious risks to any child for whom you might have responsibility." 

Still Trying to Make Moon "Truthers" Shut Up!
Ever since Neil Armstrong and his buddies landed on the moon in 1969 there have been those who have insisted the mission was nothing but a hoax perpetrated on the American people by NASA and the government. Believe it or not, a group of Russian scientists have set out to resolve the argument once and for all. Apparently it's been a hot topic over there for decades. So much so that a team of scientists have built a satellite capable of taking high resolution images which they plan to launch into orbit around the moon. If the U.S. really put a man on the moon, there will be some evidence of it... right? There's not much atmosphere on the moon so the lunar footprints, rocket imprint and of course the Stars and Stripes will still be there. Vitaly Egorov, leading the mission, said his aim is to capture footage of the remains of the American landing. 

Anti-Isis Halloween Decor Brings Outrage
When it comes to Halloween, there will always be tasteless and questionable decorations and costumes. But few have proved to be as controversial as the decorations outside one Butler, New Jersey home that has adopted a very graphic anti ISIS theme. Here you'll find a mannequin of President Obama holding a bloodied machete and a graphic depiction of the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive in a cage after being captured by Islamic State. While the display has been slammed by neighbors, the property owners claimed that the display is an act of defiance against the terrorist group. The home owner, known only as Matt, said, "We in this house do not like ISIS. What greater scary man is there than the real threat among us?" AlexJo Natale, who lives across the street from the property, said, ''I think it's tasteless and un-American. Meanwhile, Matt says he plans to add more to the display as we get closer to Halloween.

Everyone Will Know, Not on Facebook!
What's up with this Facebook? Apparently the social media giant will not let you post the phrase "everyone will know." A Reddit thread is filled with people claiming they are unable to post the seemingly innocuous phrase as a status or comment. Those who tried get a message that reads: Our security systems have detected that a lot of people are posting the same content, which could mean that it's spam. Please try a different post." Some have reported trouble sending the phrase even in a private message. No word from Facebook yet. 

I Take Full Responsibility for My Wife Trying to Kill Me
In Bartow, Florida, James Olds is wheelchair-bound and battling multiple sclerosis, but he says it wasn't the health problems that almost killed him, it was his own wife Cherry. James has been married to Cherry for 25 years but believes the stress from his condition drove her to try to smother him with a pillow. He told reporters, "Somehow my baby snapped and I can't help but think that I was responsible for her snapping." The incident landed Cherry behind bars, facing attempted murder charges. Sheriff Grady Judd wasn't as forgiving saying, "What even makes it more horrific is when we learned she's a professor at Polk State College teaching students. but at the end of the day we're got her locked up in jail where she's facing second-degree murder." Mr. Olds says he has filed for divorce and has a protective order to keep his wife away from him. He also said he knew about his wife's affair and he's hoping she gets the help she needs

And You Thought Your Honeymoon Was Bad
Thought your honeymoon was less than spectacular? Well no matter what happened, 47-year-old Greg Howard has got you beat. Howard was in Westmoreland County Court in Pennsylvania for robbing and assaulting an elderly woman during a home invasion. Witnesses say they took $13,000 and jewelry and left the poor woman on her bed with her ankles and wrists bound. So the judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison. But immediately after sentencing Howard walked down the hall into another courtroom- where he married his girlfriend. He was allowed to wear civilian clothes instead of a prison jumpsuit but remained shackled during the brief wedding that was attended by five deputies and the bride's baby. 

Santa Claus is Running for Office in the North Pole
This is just too funny. A man whose legal name is Santa Claus is running for a City Council seat in the tiny Alaskan town of North Pole. We're not kidding. It seems Mr. Claus has launched a write-in campaign for the office. His driver's license bears his legal name of Santa Claus, and he actually is the former president of the North Pole Chamber of Commerce. Two seats on the City Council are up for election. No one filed for office, however, during the regular filing period.

Fired For Farting?
In Trenton, New Jersey, Case Pork Roll Co., one of the state's top pork roll makers, is being sued by the wife of an employee who says her husband was fired for passing too much gas in the office. Louann Clem says in the lawsuit that her husband suffered serious consequences from gastric bypass surgery which included extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea. The lawsuit alleges that Case Pork Roll Co. President Thomas Dolan complained about the smell and told Rich Clem to work from home. Louann also worked there but owner Tom Grieb insists neither was fired. He says business was off and the Clem's refused to take a pay cut so walked out. The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive and compensatory damages. 

So Much for Tolerance. Vatican Fires Gay Priest
Meanwhile, back at the Vatican, Father Krzysztof Charamsa told a Polish newspaper, "I have to say who I am. I am a happy and proud gay priest." Well not anymore he's not. That little admission cost the 43-year-old monsignor his job and he was fired from the Vatican's Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, where he had worked since 2003. Charamsa says he was motivated to come out after getting hate mail for publicly criticizing an anti-gay Polish priest. He also said, "This is a very personal, difficult, and tough decision in the Catholic church's homophobic world." The Vatican's spin is that it didn't fire Charamsa for being gay -- which in itself isn't a sin -- but for making his announcement immediately before international bishops were set to meet as part of a synod to discuss outreach to gay Catholics. A Vatican spokesperson said, "The decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure." 

I'm a Hero...Wait, No...I'm an Idiot!
Over in Russia, a man-thought to be a Russian soldier-intercepted what he thought was a serious hostage situation and tried to save a woman's life. Our hero even risked the wrath of an armed gunman in his haste to free the hostage. Too bad the whole thing was happening on a movie set. Apparently oblivious to the cameramen and crew, the soldier pinned the attacker to the floor in a bid to help the kidnapped woman. Crew members then rush to assist the bewildered actor. The video was being shot by Russian students as part of their dissertation project. 

I Met My Soulmate When I Was Five!
Seventeen years ago in North Carolina, Adrian and Brooke Franklin walked down the aisle of the South Gastonia Church of God together. No they weren't getting married-- heck they were just 5-years-old. He was the ring bearer and she was the flower girl for another couple's wedding. However, on September 19, they walked down the same aisle of that same church-- this time as newly wedded husband and wife. Adrian's mom posted pictures on Facebook of the couple from the first wedding and from their recent wedding which quickly went seriously viral. Adrian said, "We are all in shock as to all the attention that this is getting." He added, "Every time our paths would go separate ways, we'd reconnect." They eventually decided it was true love and tied the knot! 

What the What?
In Charleston, West Virginia, Brad Sims spent the night behind bars after being arrested for walking his dog. Sims, who lives in an apartment in a hotel along Kanawha Boulevard, went out to let his dog use the bathroom -- just as he normally does. However a police officer told him he allowed to have his dog there while the cars were setting up for an upcoming car show. According to the criminal complaint, Sims said to the officer, "If letting my dog use the restroom gets me arrested, then so be it." So the officer arrested him for trespassing and took him to jail. This of course was about the worst PR move the city could make and Mayor Danny Jones himself held a press conference and personally apologized to Sims saying, "It's hard to trespass in a public place." The mayor says the charge will be dropped but the officer who made the arrest will not be reprimanded. 

Pope Beer!
It started out as a lark inspired by the mayhem over Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia: a limited-run beer for the local bars with a playful name and a label showing the pontiff raising a gold-hued goblet of the stuff. The beer is called Holy Wooder, a powerful Belgian-style tripel, and believe it or not, the seminary hosting Pope Francis this past weekend called to say it wanted some, too. The Philadelphia Brewing Company gladly obliged, delivering a half-keg to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, just outside the city limits. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia confirmed the order. Brewere co-owner Bill Barton said, "We don't usually do home deliveries, but we made an exception." Francis slept at the seminary, located on a pastoral 75 acres, and returned there to rest between events. Archdiocese spokesman Ken Gavin said Thursday that having the beer on tap at St. Charles is a fun way for seminarians to celebrate the pope's visit. 

Why Eat 25 Big Macs in One Sitting? Because I Can!
Sometimes the answer is as simple as "because it's there!" Case in point- Matt Stonie-who attempted to eat a world-record breaking 25 Big Macs in a single setting. That's 13, 500 calories by the way. In a gut-busting video clip, Matt is seen purchasing the huge boxed order from a McDonalds drive through, before taking it home to chow down on the mother of all meals. While it begins to looks like that he might be on the verge of admitting defeat to the iconic burger, he eventually triumphs after 22 minutes. The video's title claims that the achievement is a new world record, although it is yet to be verified by Guinness World Records. 

Grand Theft: Citrus
In Winter Haven, Florida, Bradley Reiter is accused of stealing more than 4 million pounds of citrus, valued at approximately $540,000. So how does he do it? Officials say he agreed to three contracts to harvest local citrus groves in March 2014. Reiter, 61, who is not a licensed citrus dealer, harvested oranges and grapefruits from the groves, but never paid the grove owners, according to authorities. Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam said that Reiter raked in nearly 50,000 boxes of fruit from five different growers. He was booked in the Polk County Jail on charges of scheme to defraud, grand theft and dealing citrus without a license. 

Oh Hi Petra. Wait, Weren't You Murdered in 1984?
A German woman assumed to have been murdered more than 30 years ago was found very much alive by police! But far from solving the mystery of her disappearance, her unexpected return is only deepening it. It seems 24-year-old Petra Pazsitka left her dentist to take a bus to her family's house in 1984 and was never seen again. Police searched for her to no avail, and it was assumed she had been murdered. In fact, a man suspected of raping and killing a 14-year-old girl in the same area where Pazsitka was last seen confessed to her murder in 1987. But her body was never found. Two weeks ago, a woman calling herself "Mrs. Schneider" called Dusseldorf police to report a burglary to her home. When officers asked for identification, she reportedly confessed to being the now-55-year-old Pazsitka. Police say she's been living in various cities around Germany under a fake name and without any official documents. With no bank account, she's allegedly been making money through "illicit work" and paying all bills in cash. "Her brother and mother were in shock and tears when they heard the news." Pazsitka won't say what prompted her disappearance three decades ago, only telling police she wants nothing to do with her family. 

Why Babies Smile!
Do you ever wonder what's going through your baby's mind when she smiles at you? Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, think they know. Their study, published in PLOS ONE, suggests that babies who are smiling are attempting to make whomever they're interacting with smile back -- all while the infants exert as little effort as possible. As the study explains, "By the time infants reach 4 months of age both mothers and infants time their smiles in a purposeful, goal-oriented manner. In our study, mothers consistently attempted to maximize the time spent in mutual smiling, while infants tried to maximize mother-only smile time." In fact, a press release notes, researchers found that babies use sophisticated timing in order to get what they want. Researchers first looked at a previous study that observed face-to-face interactions of 13 moms and their babies when the infants were aged 4 to 17 weeks. By using an algorithm to "reverse engineer," they were able to determine the babies' goals based on their behavior. 

American Justice!
Last month officials in Carroll County, Maryland, finally released a woman they had been keeping behind bars for 67 days-- for no other reason than she refused to give her name to a traffic patrolman who had stopped her for a broken taillight. That's because, in her idiosyncratic understanding of the U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment, she could "not be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against herself" which she thought meant keeping her identity hidden from police. Eventually, sheriff's deputies captured her fingerprints, and since they matched no outstanding warrants, she was released. 

What the What?
In Center Line, Michigan, a man with an apparent case of arachnophobia caused a fire at a suburban Detroit gas pump by putting a lighter to what he says was a spider near his fuel door. The guy escaped injury and his vehicle suffered little damage, but the gas pump was destroyed. A clerk shut off the pump from indoors and called the fire department. The motorist can be heard on the surveillance video at the Center Line station asking: "Is that a spider in there?" The video then shows flames erupting along the car's side, the pump and the pavement. The man darts to safety and later uses a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. A spider is not seen. The clerk says he apologized the next day.

New Winner: Worst Mom Ever!
In Kansas City, Missouri, 24-year-old Brittany Mugrauer was arrested after police found her two young children barefoot, dirty, and living in a wooden shipping crate in an underground cave! Mugrauer was charged with two counts of felony child endangerment. Jackson County detectives discovered the 4- and 6-year-old children in the 8-by-10-foot crate furnished with vehicle bench seats and two small blankets. The investigators noted the children did not appear frightened by them or the fact that they were alone. The 4-year-old child was using hands to eat a dirty, dry cup of ramen noodles. When asked why they weren't wearing any shoes, the children responded that they didn't have any. The older child told officers he should be in first grade but did not go to school. The children were taken to Children's Mercy Hospital where they were evaluated, bathed, and given clean clothes. Mugrauer told investigators her children had been living in the cave for several days and acknowledged leaving them there alone. 

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