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My days in radio started way back when we still played 45 records on the air, in 1981. I graduated from Park City High School in Montana back in 1981. FFA was a big part of my life and being a state public speaking winner led me to radio. I started my career in Laurel Montana and had stops in Livingston, Polson, Bozeman, Billings, Portland Oregon, Nebraska City Nebraska and finally landed in Gillette Wyoming. I called play by play for high school and college sports for 27 years before taking over the morning show on Fox Country. My wife Gina and daughter Jenikah and dog Gizmo make up our Gillette family and we also have two boys Rob in Sioux City Iowa and Jeremy in Livingston Montana. We love this community and area and hope to grow older here.

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After growing up in Wisconsin and graduating from college in Minnesota my journey in the world of radio has taken me to a few different places including Gillette......twice! I am glad to be back in Gillette, I've always heard "there is just something that grows on you" and I have to say that is very true! I live a pretty simple life, just like most guys I enjoy sports, my favorite teams pretty much all call Minnesota home (except the St. Louis Rams). A few random facts about me are, I am scared of public speaking (at least with radio I don't have people looking at me!) I am engaged to be married in late 2015 at that time my lovely better half will join me in Gillette and I cannot wait for her to enjoy the area as much as I have!! I have always enjoyed country music and I am so excited and proud to bring you the latest and best in country music to you afternoons from 2-6!

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From South Charleston, West Virginia, comes the story of another bozo who got himself into trouble while seeking relief from the heat. Bozo Karl Stevenson broke into a car and stole 11 cans of cold beer out of an ice chest. Police arrived on the scene quickly and wasted no time in placing our bozo under arrest. All they had to do was follow the trail of water droplets to a home nearby where they found our bozo enjoying his beer.

Bozo Victor Mayes had a problem. He had broken into an apartment, getting away with a little cash, but had left his wallet and sunglasses behind. Wanting to retrieve his stuff, he returned to the apartment only to find the tenant had returned home. He knocked on the kitchen window and flashed a wad of bills, telling the homeowner he’d give him his money back in exchange for his wallet. The homeowner told him to wait a minute while he went to look for the wallet, stalling our bozo long enough to call the cops. He then told him he’d return the wallet, but first our bozo would have to slide the bills under the front door. And that’s exactly what he was doing when the police arrived. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Hartford, Wisconsin, where bozo Warren Franks robbed a convenience store, getting away with $412 and a pack of cigarettes. In an effort to avoid detection, he took off his overalls and shirt before pedaling away on his bicycle with the cash and cigarettes stuffed in his undershorts. Didn’t work. The cops quickly caught up with him and that’s when he offered up the Bozo Excuse of the Week. In an effort to explain his attire, he said he had been robbed by a thief who only wanted his clothes and let him keep the money. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Winnsboro, Texas, where bozo John Barnes violated Bozo Rule Number 32334: When you’re in the process of pulling off a robbery, it’s no time to be neighborly. Our bozo was burglarizing a residence when the homeowner came home and caught him in the act. As Winnsboro is a small town, it was no surprise that the homeowner knew our bozo and the two men started chatting. They were still chewing the fat when the cops arrived and placed him under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today violated Bozo Rule Number 09879: After committing a robbery, it’s not usually a good idea to ask a total stranger to be your getaway driver. From Kissimmee, Florida, comes the story of bozo John Graham who held up a 7-Eleven, getting away with a small amount of cash. Realizing he needed to get out of there as quickly as possible, he tried to get a ride with some men he didn’t know. Bad idea. They robbed him of the money he had just stolen and left him on the side of the road. Our bozo was arrested when he called the cops to complain that he had just been robbed.

Bozo criminal for today from Huntsville, Alabama provides us with another example of how bozos and modern technology just don’t mix. Bozo Harvey Pierce came up with what he thought was a great scam. He set up an auto phone dialer to call residents with a recorded message urging them to got to a website where they could update their bank account records. The idea, of course, being that this would be an easy way to gather personal account information from lots of people. And his plan might have worked except for one big glitch. For reasons known only to the bozo mind, he set the dialer up so that the words "This is a scam" appeared on the recipients caller ID. Busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Duluth, Minnesota, where bozo Chad Tarver approached a woman at a pool hall and asked for a cigarette. He then snatched her purse as she opened it and ran off. A little over an hour later, the police received a call from our bozo, using the cell phone he found in the stolen purse. No, he didn’t want to confess to the crime. He was calling to complain to the cops that someone had assaulted him. Investigating officers could find no evidence of the assault, but they found enough evidence of his crime to arrest him for theft.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Appleton, Wisconsin, where bozo John Warren broke into a house and began rummaging around. His whistling awakened the homeowner who grabbed a shotgun and went downstairs to investigate. He found our bozo in the basement, wearing the homeowner’s hat, his wife’s jacket, and, inexplicably, covered in barbeque sauce. He quickly surrendered to the homeowner and then came up with our Bozo Excuse of the Month. He told him that he was a special ops Army officer and that someone had tipped him off that the homeowner was harboring terrorists. And the barbeque sauce? That was an "urban disguise". The Army says they’ve never heard of him. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Ocala, Florida, where bozo Tommy Allen burglarized a home, getting away with several items, including some bedroom furniture. The homeowner called the cops and reported the incident but really wasn’t ever expecting to see his stuff again. And when he did see it, he couldn’t believe where it was. In front of an apartment house in the neighborhood, where a yard sale was going on. Yep, our bozo had put the stuff out in plain view at a big garage sale. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from New York City, where bozo Irene Hess was on the run from the law on charges that she had destroyed property at her employer’s home while she was serving as a nanny. When an article appeared in the New York Post detailing what she had allegedly done our bozo was very upset. So upset that she stopped a New York Police officer on the street, showed him the article and asked if he thought she could sue for slander over the article. The officer didn’t know about the slander part, but he did know that she was a wanted woman, so he arrested her.

From Bridgeport, Connecticut, where bozo Michael Ingram was wanted by the cops for questioning in a series of motor vehicle accidents. Guess he was still having some problems with his driving when he crashed into the open bay door of the police department garage. He’s under arrest and won’t be driving for a while.

From Salem, New Hampshire, comes the story of bozo Steven Cook who tried to rob a convenience store by threatening the clerk with a weapon and demanding she place the cash into a plastic bag. Not frightened by his weapon, the clerk refused. Our bozo headed down the street to another store, this time placing a bag over his head for a disguise. Again, things didn’t go as he planned when one of the clerks threatened him with a knife. As he turned to run, he discovered that the bag severely limited his vision, causing him to run into the door and drop his weapon as he made his getaway. And did we mention that weapon that failed to scare anyone? He claimed it was a bazooka. It was actually a rolled up cargo cover from an SUV. He’s under arrest.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV. From Alton, Texas comes the story of bozos Jesus Torrez and Roman Rivera who were jailed on burglary charges. Looking for a way to escape, they decided to try a trick that always seems to work on TV. They tried to crawl through the air conditioning ductwork. Didn’t make it very far before the ductwork came crashing through the ceiling…right into the office of the chief of police. Oops. They’ve been moved to a more secure facility.

From Manchester, New Hampshire, comes the story of bozo Stephen Marsh who approached the pharmacist at the local Rite Aid at 4:30 in the morning, demanding drugs. Guess he didn’t notice the pharmacist was wearing a wireless headset phone. And that he was talking to someone when he approached. The person on the other end of the line was a pharmacist at another store who called the cops. They showed up in time to arrest our bozo before he left the store.

Fort Worth, Texas, where bozo Larry Don Ellis took a taxi to a local bank, walked in and demanded cash. He got his money but apparently forgot to tell the cabbie to wait. Since he now had no transportation, he told the teller to drive him away from the bank. When she refused, he demanded her car keys. She gave him a set of keys she had in her purse, saying they went to a car in the parking lot. They didn’t. Our bozo spent several minutes going from car to car, trying to find the one that the keys fit before a couple of bystanders grabbed him and held him for the cops.

A Florida woman went home with her tail between her legs after making a boozy 911 call to report that her dog had run away – from a bar where the bartender had also called 911 ... to come and throw her out.
Rebekah Altieri had been knocking back cocktails for a couple of hours when she noticed that her pooch had gone missing, so she dialed the emergency number for help in finding him. She didn't know that officers were already at the scene, since one of the tavern's employees summoned cops to give her the boot for causing a drunken ruckus.
Police tried to get Altieri to call a cab or a friend for a ride home, but she re-dialed 911 instead, despite a warning not to. The police report shows she was too drunk to give a description of her canine companion.

A Florida woman was arrested for hanging up on cops looking for her missing daughter and telling them she had to get to work ... as a stripper.
Bobbey Jo Boucher reportedly dropped her daughter off at a neighbor's barbecue party before going to work at the Calendar Girls club, but when the girl didn't return home at the appointed time, her worried grandmother called 911 to report her missing. An officer called Boucher on her cell phone, but the woman told him she didn't have time to talk because she "had to get on stage."
The girl returned home safely around 9 p.m., but Boucher was still arrested for resisting an officer and obstruction of justice. She insisted that she did not hang up on the deputy, but just transferred to another call.

Things are no picnic for a California park ranger who has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after he was allegedly found passed out in his patrol car with a beer between his legs
Apparently a passerby spotted the ranger, Tyson Young, in Humboldt Redwoods State Park and tried to wake him. “I shook him, really shook him,” said the man. That's when he spotted the beer can and called 911 – but not before snapping a photo, of course.
According to reports, Young eventually woke up from his nap and left the scene – but was later pulled over by the California Highway Patrol and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Bozo Stephon Baker robbed a man outside a restaurant, getting away with some cash, a gold chain, and his cell phone. A few days later, the victim purchased a new cell phone and, when he turned it on, he noticed some pictures had been downloaded to it. Yep, through the magic of modern technology, our bozo had taken a couple of self-portraits of himself with the stolen phone and when he tried to send them to himself, they went to the new phone. To make matters worse, he was wearing the gold chain he had taken in the robbery. And to make things even worse, the cops recognized him from an old mug shot on file. He’s under arrest.

From Jacksonville, Florida, where bozo Joseph White was a little short of cash, so he decided to pull off a little heist at the local Hungry Howie’s Pizza. One night after closing time he broke into the rear door and grabbed cash and credit card receipts. Unfortunately, he forgot a couple of minor details. Number one, the security cameras caught a nice picture of him. And second, he didn’t bother to change clothes after getting off work. He was employed by Hungry Howie’s and he still had his uniform on when he broke in. He’s under arrest.

From Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Pennsylvania. Fully aware of the growing price of copper, bozos Kevin Lang and Daniel Bates made big plans to steal some copper wire. Unfortunately, their plan had one big flaw. The wires they tried to steal were still attached to a live power line. Both of them have been charged with theft, but only one was well enough to attend the arraignment.

From Twin Falls, Idaho, comes the story of bozo Samuel West who moved out of his apartment and got arrested. Because he didn’t pay his rent? Nope. Maybe he trashed the place? No. Because he forgot and left behind 21 pounds of marijuana when he moved? Yep. An apartment employee discovered the dope and our bozo was charged with drug trafficking.

From Bismarck, North Dakota, where bozo Anthony Halsted attended a big auction. And, while he was there, he helped himself to a tool kit and a bracelet from a couple of the displays, without bothering to pay for either one of them. Didn’t get away with it, however. He was spotted and placed under arrest. Maybe it was his choice of auction that caused him problems. He tried to shoplift from the annual Bismarck Police Department auction, which was held on the police impound lot.

From Athens, Georgia, comes the story of bozo Demetrius Russell who wanted to hold up a convenience store, but when he got there it was very busy with customers. So, to kill time while the store emptied, he asked for a job application, which he filled out with his real name and turned in to the clerk. He then threatened the clerk with a knife, getting away with a small amount of cash. He may need to update his resume now, as he’s currently residing in jail.

From Viera, Florida, comes the story of bozo Heather Anders who was involved in a two-car accident that injured four other people but left her unhurt. When the police arrived on the scene, she jumped from her car, leaving her six year old behind, and tried to climb over a nearby fence. The cops quickly corralled her and, when asked why she tried to flee, she gave an answer that confirmed her status as a bozo. She told the officers she ran because, "That’s what they do on ‘Cops’". If she’s such a big fan of the show, she should also know that someone usually goes to jail. Which she did.

From Kalispell, Montana, where bozo Shane Rucker flashed a gun and demanded free food from a local taco restaurant. Noting his weapon looked a lot like a BB gun, the clerk refused. Our bozo told him he was serious and this time demanded cash. Again, the clerk refused his demands. Knowing when it was time to quit, our bozo put the gun back into his pocket and ordered a meal for himself, which he paid for. He had just sat down to eat it when the police arrived. Busted!

From Waterloo, Iowa, where bozo Cash Brown broke into a Ford Explorer, with plans to steal it. Only one problem, he couldn’t get it to start. Not one to give up easily, he kept trying and trying until finally he ran the battery down. And that’s when his problems really began. The Explorer has a feature that automatically locks the doors whenever the battery goes dead. It worked perfectly, locking our bozo inside. At about this same time, the owner of the Explorer returned, saw our trapped bozo and called the cops. He was still struggling to get out when the police arrived.

Bozo criminal for today from Woodbridge, New Jersey forgot Bozo Rule Number 101096: The old “if at first you don’t succeed” adage doesn’t apply to bozos. James Perdue entered the Forge Inn armed with a knife and attempted to rob the clerk. He ran off without getting any money. Undaunted, he went to the La Bonbonniere bakery, and, again failing in his robbery attempt, stole $2 from the tip jar. He regrouped the next day and went to the Hess gas station, again armed with a knife. Again, he left empty handed. He then headed over to a 7-11 store. Same result. Left empty handed. But this time, the cops were in the vicinity and were able to apprehend our hopeless bozo. The final score: Take: $2; Bail: $50,000.

Bozo Criminal for today comes from the International File in Warsaw, Poland. Our unidentified bozo was without a watch and the clock in his car wasn’t working, and he really needed to know the time. So, he did what seemed to be the logical thing. He stopped and asked a police officer what time it was. One big problem. He was obviously intoxicated and the officer immediately told him he was under arrest for drunk driving. Our bozo tried to speed off but unfortunately the first turn he made was directly into the police impound lot, where the automatic gate closed behind him, locking him inside. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Pretoria, South Africa, where bozo John Rafferty walked into the police station and filed a complaint that a gang that had accosted him at gunpoint had stolen his cell phone. The detective took down all the pertinent information and, when our bozo had finished giving his statement, he decided to dial the phone number. The phone began ringing inside our bozo’s pocket. Oops. He’s been charged with making a false statement.

Bozo criminals for today from New York City must be big fans of the movie "Weekend at Bernie’s." When our two bozos discovered that a neighbor of theirs had died alone in his apartment, they hatched the Bozo Scheme of the Month. They placed the dead body into an office chair and wheeled it down the sidewalk, with both of them trying to keep the corpse propped up so it wouldn’t flop from side to side. When they arrived at a check-cashing store, they left the body outside and told the clerk inside they wanted to cash his $355 Social Security check. The clerk, who knew the deceased, asked them where the man was and told them they would have to bring him inside to cash the check. While this was going on, a crowd had gathered around the obviously dead body sitting in an office chair on the sidewalk. And in that group, a police detective who was having lunch next door. They’re under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Wigan, England, where bozo Stephan Wall was scheduled to appear in court and, as he was passing through security, pulled a lump of cannabis resin out of his pocket. He told the guard what it was and asked him what he should do with it. The guard told him that, since it was an illegal substance, he would have to leave it outside the court. And, to make it easier to identify later, the guard asked our bozo to please sign a receipt confirming the cannabis was his, which he gladly did. He’s busted.

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Bexhill, England, where bozo Amber McIntyre paid a visit to her hotel’s breakfast bar before heading over to a nearby florist shop. Once there, she stole some cash from the store’s till and grabbed some flowers before heading back to her room at the hotel. Police had no problem tracking her down. Remember that visit she made to the breakfast bar? Apparently, she filled her pockets with corn flakes, which gradually fell out, leaving the officers a nice corn flake trail from the florist back to the hotel. She’s been charged with theft.


Bozo criminals for today come from Vermilion, Ohio where two teenage boys broke into a house with the intention of robbing it. Apparently a barking dog inside the house panicked the teens and they ran away. To try to throw the cops off their trail, they contacted the police to report the break-in. When the officer asked them for a description of the alleged robbers, the two teens gave a perfect description…of themselves. And then one of the cops noticed the teens’ shoes matched muddy footprints outside the house. Busted!

Bozo Criminal for today comes from Chicago, Illinois, where Bozo Antonio Lara walked into a muffler shop, waved a gun around and announced a robbery. When he was told the money was locked in a safe and the manager who knew the combination was not there, he came up with the ultimate bozo solution. He gave the store employees his cell phone number and told them to give him a call when the manager arrived. The employees did just that, but before they called him back, they called the cops who arrested him when he arrived.

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where bozo Robert Hayes was just trying to simplify things. He called a convenience store at 2 o’clock in the morning and asked the clerk how much money was in the register. When the clerk told him, he said he had a gun and the clerk should put the money in bag, place it outside the front door and he would be by to pick it up. True to his word, he stopped by a few minutes later and grabbed the sack. Unfortunately for him, the clerk had also called the cops who were nearby waiting for him.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Salisbury, Connecticut where bozo Justin Vess was pulled over for speeding and driving erratically by the local cop. This ordinarily would not qualify him as a bozo; it was the excuse he gave the cops that secured his place in the Bozo Hall of Fame. He told the officer the reason he was speeding was that the Oreo cookie he was dunking in his cup of milk had slipped from his fingers and he was trying to fish it out when he lost control of the car. He’s been charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, where bozo Rodney McCullough broke into a residence wearing only a pair of skimpy thong underwear. Guess he must have been pretty proud of himself, too, as he set up a video camera and recorded himself rummaging through the house. Things took a bad turn when he encountered the homeowner who put up a fight and sent our bozo running away, leaving behind a couple of problems. First, he forgot to grab his video camera, which contained the recording of him burglarizing the house. And second, he had forgotten to use a new tape. On the end of the tape in the camera were scenes from a family get together, and one of the officers recognized several members of our bozo’s family. Busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where bozo Archie Baxter was due to appear in court. Since he was prone to oversleep, he took precautions. And it didn’t involve buying an alarm clock. Instead, he called 911 and told them he had to be in court and needed a wake up call. The 911 operator politely told him they didn’t provide that service. Undeterred, our bozo then called the local police station and asked that they please call him early in the morning so he could make his court date. The officer on duty decided to do a little investigating and, wouldn’t you know it, our bozo was also wanted on an outstanding warrant. He didn’t get his wake up call but he did get a late night visit from the cops who placed him under arrest.

From Pinetops, North Carolina comes the story of bozo Devin Harper who walked into the local convenience store with the intention of robbing it. Not having a suitable disguise, he simply placed his football helmet on his head before entering. Which might have worked out OK, except for a couple of things. First, Pinetops is a small town and the odds are that the clerk would have recognized him, even wearing the helmet. But he made it even easier for him. He also wore his high school football jersey, with his name on the back. The cops caught up with him less than a block from the store.



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