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A Florida man landed behind bars after he demanded food from a closed Burger King drive-thru window and then threatened to place cops under citizen's arrest. 
Police were called to the fast food restaurant around 2 a.m., where 29-year-old Ravi Shah was banging on the drive-thru window demanding cheeseburgers. An employee inside the restaurant explained that they were closed, but the hungry pest persisted and police were called in.
When cops arrived, the man yelled at them and threatened to place them under citizen's arrest. Officers searched his car and found marijuana inside a duffel bag. He was arrested for drug possession and resisting an officer.

If you find a small snake inside your house you might call it a freak incident. If you find two snakes in your house, you'd probably call in a professional. But if you found more than 100 of the slithering creatures, you'd probably call in a moving company and get out of there.
A family in Canada recently watched as their house became a bed and breakfast for more than 100 garter snakes. They first noticed some of them in their basement, but before too long, they started making their way into other rooms in the house. So finally, they called in a local animal shelter who spent the day catching them in buckets and pillowcases. They believe they caught all of them, but the family says they're expecting more to creep inside as the weather turns colder.

North Carolina cops prevented a hairy situation when they realized a woman had smuggled a gun into jail ... inside her weave.
Tiffanie Bass was one of several people busted during a late-night raid on a Raleigh nightclub, where she resisted arrest and was cuffed by officers. The 32-year-old was booked and fingerprinted at a local precinct, then taken to the Wake County Detention Center, where a corrections officer noticed her head was tilted to one side. Upon further inspection they found the weapon, a small Derringer, concealed in her ornate hair weave.
The weapon, which was determined to be stolen, was confiscated and Bass was ordered held on $65,000 bail.

Oklahoma cops found plenty of holes in the alibi of a woman who claimed she had holy permission to drive around using meth – because the drug was actually part of her religion.
Lori Potarf and Richard Henderson were pulled over after an officer noticed their car had a missing tail light. When the cop approached the vehicle, he noticed they were both fiddling with Crown Royal whiskey bags that appeared to have residue that turned out to be meth. Potarf insisted that she was a practicing Wiccan, which gave her the right to use meth.
The officers, who couldn't find any references to Breaking Bad in the annals of Wicca, arrested both Potarf and Henderson, who didn't mention his religion during the bust. 

A Florida woman tried to dance her way out of a DUI charge, by telling a cop she could easily pass sobriety tests because she worked as a stripper.
A trooper pursued and pulled over Devin Woodberry after she nearly ran down a different deputy as he was in the middle of a traffic stop involving another vehicle. As he approached the car, he noticed that she smelled strongly of alcohol, and was incapable of handing over the car registration when asked.
She admitted downing two Bahama Momma wine coolers and said she'd taken an Oxycontin tablet "about a million hours ago" – which is roughly 114 years. When it came time for field sobriety tests, Woodberry tried to balance on one foot, telling the officer it was "easy" because she worked as a stripper, but she came up short, bending a leg and using her arms to steady herself.
A blood alcohol test showed her to be more than twice the legal limit for driving

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lawton, Oklahoma, where bozo Kristi Rucker walked into the local El Chico and ordered food and several alcoholic drinks. She tnen told the waitress she didn’t have any money, but, not to worry, her husband would soon be along to pay for everything. She elaborated further by telling the server that she was married to Jesus Christ and the he would take care of the bill. When Jesus was a no-show, the cops were called and she was arrested on a fraud charge.

Bozo criminal for today comes from El Cerrito, California, where bozo Anthony Carlson visited the Department of Motor Vehicles office to register his car. Which would have been OK except for one little thing. The car he wanted to register was one he had recently stolen. Oops. He’s under arrest.

Bozo Shannon Davis was in jail on burglary charges and since she didn’t have money for bail, she hatched our Bozo Scheme of the Week. She called her sister on the jailhouse phone and, ignoring the signs all around that said phone calls were monitored and recorded, came up with a plan to have her sister burglarize the store where she worked. The cops were in on the plan from the beginning and placed our bozo’s sister under arrest when she showed up to pay her bail with a fistful of stolen cash. They now have adjoining cells.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lafayette, Louisiana, where teenage bozo Detron Bates put on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask and used a stick wrapped in plastic as a weapon when he attempted to rob a convenience store. He was able to get as far as the cash register, but couldn’t figure out how to open it. Taking what he could get, he fled with two wallets from underneath the counter. Guess it isn’t easy to run in a turtle mask, as the cops caught up with him a short distance away. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, where bozo Robert Lasater thought he’d found the ideal place to set up his methamphetamine lab…in the basement of the local funeral home. Which might have been an OK idea except for one thing: The funeral home is across the street from the police station. Officers there noticed the lights on in the home after hours and walked over to check things out. The front door was unlocked and they walked right into his lab. He’s busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Fort Worth, Texas, where bozo James Farmer was on trial on drug possession charges. He got a little nervous when he heard the prosecutor ask for life in prison during his closing arguments. During a break, he ran out of the courthouse and didn’t come back. Bad idea. When the trial resumed, the jury announced their decision: A $1000 fine and six years probation. Of course that was before they discovered he had fled. He now faces felony charges of evading arrest. Oops.

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report. From the International File in Nova Varos, Serbia, comes the story of an unidentified bozo who walked into the local bank wearing a ski mask and pointed a shotgun at the teller, demanding cash. He got away with quite a bit, around $60,000, but he didn’t stay away for long. He removed the ski mask and returned to the bank a few minutes later to use some of the cash he had just stolen to pay off an overdraft charge he had on his checking account. Several employees recognized him, even without the mask, and called the cops. He was arrested before he even got his overdraft problems straightened out.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Council Bluffs, Iowa, where an unidentified bozo walked into a cell phone store and demanded cash from the clerk. When she was only able to give him a few dollars, he became frustrated and whipped out a can of pepper spray, which he then proceeded to spray in his own face. Police are looking for a very bleary eyed bozo.

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Monterrey, Mexico. Bozo Ana Gomez was well known around town for begging from her wheelchair. Residents were shocked to hear that she and her husband had tried to rob the local furniture store. And they were even more surprised to learn that when the store’s security guard confronted the couple, she jumped out of her wheelchair and ran away on foot. They were arrested by the cops when they returned to the store to get her wheelchair.

A woman in Colombia had to go to the emergency room after she made a half-baked attempt at birth control – by inserting a potato into her lady parts to keep her from getting pregnant.
The 22-year-old woman, whose name was not released, went to a clinic to complain about severe abdominal pain – and admitted that she'd planted the potato inside herself, not realizing it could actually take root in her private parts. She'd had the tuber in her tubes for more than two weeks at the time she sought medical treatment, and said that she did it because her mother suggested that was the best way to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay.
Doctors were able to remove the spud without invasive surgery

A Florida motorist took rear-ending to a whole new level when she paused in the middle of a DUI bust so that she could drop her skirt and bare her butt at cops at the scene.
Officers pulled over a car driven by Michele Ann Rivera after another driver called 911 to report that she cut him off, then exited her vehicle and approached his, shouting at him about tailgating. A patrol car arrived as the argument was still going on, and the deputy reported that Rivera and her passenger both smelled strongly of alcohol and seemed unsteady on their feet.
After Rivera failed a number of sobriety tests and responded "obviously" when asked if she'd been drinking, cops booked her on DUI charges – at which point she dropped her skirt and patted her bare butt, saying, "This is the best you'll ever have." Since she had three previous DUI convictions, she was held on $66,000 bond

Police raided a Georgia man's home thinking he was growing pot – only to find a big green crop of okra.
Dwayne Perry says he was awakened by the sound of helicopters hovering overhead, and went outside to see officers "strapped to the gills" and rummaging through his garden. He told the deputies that he was only growing veggies, and pointed out that the plants don't even have the same kind of leaves – but cops didn't buy it and continued their search.
A lab test confirmed that Perry was telling the truth, and the officials apologized, but the retiree is mulling a lawsuit, saying he could have been shot by the armed officers – and noting that the raid damaged his reputation in the local community.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Deland, Florida, where officers pulled over a vehicle because its license tag light was burned out. Our bozo drove the car into a shopping center parking lot but didn’t stop. The cops watched as he reached for a cup in the car and dump the contents before driving out of the parking lot. He finally stopped the vehicle and dialed 911 as the officers approached the car. He said to the 911 operator, “My hands are on the wheel, sir. I have done nothing wrong.” Well, that wasn’t exactly true. The cops noticed he had a green substance stuck to his face, which turned out to be marijuana. He’s been charged with making a false call to 911, possession of marijuana and fleeing and eluding

Bozo criminal for today comes from Raleigh, North Carolina, where bozo Fred Ellis attempted to steal a woman’s car in a grocery store parking lot. Other shoppers noticed what was happening and came to her rescue, including one gentleman who had just purchased A frozen  turkey. And it was a big bird, too. He used said bird to bash our bozo over the head, knocking him to the ground. After being treated for head injuries, he was placed under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Plainfield, Illinois, where bozo burglar Brett Sawyer needs to refer to the standard crook operations manual before he tries another break-in. Our bozo broke through the back door of a residence late the other evening, awakening the homeowner. When she came face to face with him, instead of fleeing, he tried to convince her not to panic, telling her to stay right where she was and remain calm. She ignored him and ran next door to call the cops. This gave him the perfect opportunity to flee, right? Nope. Or perhaps he used the time to ransack the house before making his getaway? No way. Instead, out bozo made himself at home, settling into the La-Z-Boy in the living room. And that’s where the cops found him, sound asleep. They woke him up and took him to jail.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Kalamazoo, Michigan, where bozo Richard Helms broke into a residence and stole the owner’s purse and a couple of other items. Investigating officers found a beer can inside the house that our bozo had apparently left behind. And since it wasn’t a common brand, they decided to check a nearby convenience store to see if anyone had purchased any of the stuff lately. Sure enough, the clerk remembered the beer and was able to identify our bozo, who the cops found, along with the stolen items, at his apartment nearby. Busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Barre, Vermont, where bozo Robert Paine was arrested by the cops and charged with theft. While being interrogated at the sheriff’s office, our bozo spotted a picture on the wall that he took a fancy to. And when he thought no one was looking, he snatched it. Bad idea. Someone was looking and now he has another theft charge added to his rap sheet.

A drunk New Hampshire man was arrested after he set a picnic table on fire and ran around wielding a chainsaw.
Chester police were called to a home after receiving reports of an intoxicated man going after the homeowner with a chainsaw.
"He had lit a picnic table on fire," said Chief William Burke. "Prior to getting there, (the officer) was also advised that the subject had started a chainsaw and was chasing the resident homeowner around the yard with a chainsaw."
When police got to the scene the homeowner told them the suspect had run into the woods. Police eventually found him trying to hide under a fallen tree. Maybe he put the chainsaw to good use?
He was charged with criminal threatening, criminal mischief and resisting arrest

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Bozo Kal Xu had a problem. He had received a shipment of 51 turtles, which can bring up to $800 apiece in Asia and had to figure out a way to get them across the US-Canadian border. What he didn’t know was that the Fish and Wildlife Service had received a tip that someone had received a package of turtles from Alabama and they staked out the UPS office. He walked out of the office with a large box and then went behind a couple of large UPS trailers. When he emerged, he was walking slowly and there were numerous visible lumps beneath his sweat pants. Yep, he had duct taped the turtles to his legs and crotch and was hoping to sneak them across into Canada for shipment overseas. Didn’t work. He’s under arrest and the turtles are in protective custody.

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Randy Shereda for sending in today’s report from Frisco, Texas. Bozo James Hathaway broke into and stole a pickup truck from a downtown parking lot. He had gone less than one hundred yards when he came to an intersection with an off-duty police officer directing traffic. Which wouldn’t have been a problem except for the fact that the pickup he chose to steal belonged to the officer. When he saw his own truck headed his way, the officer signaled for our bozo to pull over. Instead, he slammed it into reverse and hit several other vehicles. Oops. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Stuart, Florida, where bozo Sharon Lewis stole a $300 dress from a local shop. She must have really thought she looked good in it, because less than one week later she was back at the shop looking for another one. One problem…she wore the stolen dress when she returned to the shop. Employees recognized her and called the cops. Busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Boonville, Indiana, where bozo Jesse Gerard broke into a food co-op with big plans for stealing the anhydrous ammonia used for refrigeration. Unfortunately, during the break-in he accidentally hit the speed dial button on his phone. And even more unfortunately, the speed dial button he hit was for 911. The emergency operator could hear what was going on and, thinking something sounded suspicious, dispatched police to the scene where our bozo was caught in the act. He’s under arrest.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Mt. Isa, Australia, where, after carefully studying today’s case, we can only ask, "Why?" About 11 o’clock Saturday night, bozo Stan Wilbanks stripped down to his underwear and put on his bike helmet, upon which he had attached a large number of firecrackers. He then lit the firecrackers and began running up and down the city’s main street. Police didn’t find his little parade particularly charming. He’s been arrested and charged with being a public nuisance and also with unlawful possession of fireworks. We’re just glad he didn’t try to put on his big finale…where he fired a Roman candle down his shorts.

Tattoos are quite stylish these days but this is the first time we’ve had a report of a tattoo leading to an arrest. It would seem bozo Max Green had a distinctive tattoo done on his left forearm at the Classic Electric Tattoo shop. Nothing wrong with that, unless, of course, you’re planning on robbing that same tattoo shop a short time later. And that’s exactly what happened. Our bozo and an accomplice broke into the tattoo shop and stole a couple of guns, some cellphones and some small electronic items. While looking at surveillance footage, one of the tattoo shop employees recognized the tattoo on our bozo’s arm as one he had done. He’s busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Elko, Nevada, where bozo Charles Harrigan called the local Pizza Hut and tried to extort $500 out of them, telling the manager he had five Pizza Hut signs that are used on the roofs of delivery cars and wouldn’t return them unless he got the cash. The manager wanted proof he actually had the signs, so he asked for a photo. Our bozo snapped a shot with his cell phone camera and sent it over. Sure enough, in the picture were the five Pizza Hut signs. Also in the background of the picture was our bozo’s vehicle, complete with a clear shot of his license plate. Busted! No word on whether they arrested him in 30 minutes or less.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Stoystown, Pennsylvania, where bozo Robert Stafford was pulled over by the cops after he was seen driving with a broken taillight. As the officer approached, our bozo jumped out of the car and fled into the nearby woods. It was then he hatched his bozo plan. He went home, shaved off his mustache, changed his clothes and called the cops to report his car had been stolen. As luck would have it, the same officer was sent to his house to investigate the reported theft. Guess his new look wasn’t that different after all. The officer recognized him and charged him with drunken driving, escape and related charges.

Bozo criminal for today comes from Fort Myers Beach, Florida, where bozo Christopher Clark broke into a restaurant, setting off the burglar alarm. He didn’t let a little thing like an alarm deter him and went about his business looking for a bottle of booze to take home. When the security company called to check on the alarm, he answered the phone and gave the operator his real name but left with a bottle of Gran Marnier before the police arrived. Things might have worked out OK for him except for one little thing. For reasons known only to the Bozo Mind, he returned to the same restaurant the very next morning. An employee recognized him from the security tape and called the cops. He’s under arrest.

Bozo Criminal for today comes from the Internal Affairs department. From Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, comes the story of bozo part-time police officer Steven Cooper. One evening, while officially off duty, our bozo pulled over a young woman, and not because she had violated any laws. When he walked up to her, rather than ask for her license and proof of insurance, he instead asked for her name and phone number. Yep, he wanted to ask her out on a date. He’s been sentenced to 30 days in jail.



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