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My days in radio started way back when we still played 45 records on the air, in 1981. I graduated from Park City High School in Montana back in 1981. FFA was a big part of my life and being a state public speaking winner led me to radio. I started my career in Laurel Montana and had stops in Livingston, Polson, Bozeman, Billings, Portland Oregon, Nebraska City Nebraska and finally landed in Gillette Wyoming. I called play by play for high school and college sports for 27 years before taking over the morning show on Fox Country. My wife Gina and daughter Jenikah and dog Gizmo make up our Gillette family and we also have two boys Rob in Sioux City Iowa and Jeremy in Livingston Montana. We love this community and area and hope to grow older here.

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After growing up in Wisconsin and graduating from college in Minnesota my journey in the world of radio has taken me to a few different places including Gillette......twice! I am glad to be back in Gillette, I've always heard "there is just something that grows on you" and I have to say that is very true! I live a pretty simple life, just like most guys I enjoy sports, my favorite teams pretty much all call Minnesota home (except the St. Louis Rams). A few random facts about me are, I am scared of public speaking (at least with radio I don't have people looking at me!) I am engaged to be married in late 2015 at that time my lovely better half will join me in Gillette and I cannot wait for her to enjoy the area as much as I have!! I have always enjoyed country music and I am so excited and proud to bring you the latest and best in country music to you afternoons from 2-6!

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The Stench of Betrayal
Samantha Wragg barely had time to get her wedding dress to the cleaners before she found out her new husband was cheating . So what did the British woman who works in social media do? She listed her dress on eBay to help pay her divorce bill. Heeding the advice of her brother, she spiced up the listing by revealing some of the dirty details. Since then bidding has climbed from the initial $2,600 asking price - what it cost new - to roughly $85,000! The humorous post mixes details about the size 6 Art Couture ivory lace dress with her own story. Things like: "Great condition but needs dry cleaning before wearing to get rid of the stench of betrayal." There's also this gem: "Hope this dress brings you a lot more happiness than it brought me in the end and if not ... well you can always sell it on here!." Believe it or not, the 28-year-old says she has forgiven her ex-husband in spite of his "terrible and really hurtful mistake" and that she is "very happy now so I hope he is too." 

It Used to Suck If Your Kid Had Allegories. Now It Really Sucks!
It's the size of a magic marker and as common as Band-Aids in a school nurse's office. EpiPen, a device that delivers a dose of epinephrine that can stop an extreme allergic reaction, has been credited with saving the lives of children for whom a peanut or a bee sting could be fatal. But for some reason, drugmaker Mylan has hiked the price of the device by nearly 500% over the past few years and neither parents or doctors are happy. Allergy specialist Dr. Douglas McMahon said, "When epinephrine only costs a few cents, but they're going up to $500, personally I don't think that's ethically responsible." Many patients are now saying they can't afford the pens. McMahon is actually seeking FDA approval for his own device that he says will cost $50. Twice in her seven years, Ellie Henegar's life was saved with an EpiPen, but her parents were stunned last year when the bill came to $600. Compare that to 2009, when the bill was about $100 for the same two-pack of EpiPen. While insurance covers varying degrees of the cost, not everyone is lucky enough to have a plan that does. And, with a near monopoly, Mylan has little incentive to cut the price. 

Fortunately For Us All, Kindness is Alive and Well
You'll be happy to know kindness is alive and well as was seen in St. George, Utah recently. Deborah Grimshaw's daughter Cami has austism. In a Facebook post Deborah explained that for the past few years, Cami has been fixated on a particular T-shirt - one with a distinctive pink floral design purchased from Target. Cami likes to wear it after school and as a pajama top. Problem is the T-shirt has been discontinued. Deborah had some success finding a few on eBay but that well has also run dry. So she appealed to anyone who would listen on Facebook, who might have one of the shirts they would be willing to part with. About 13,000 shares later, Cami has received no less than 78 of her favorite shirts. Not only that- the team at Target has been in touch with Deborah directly saying they want to help ensure Cami never runs out of her favorite T-shirt.

Just FYI - Sherriff Joe Arapio is Still Investigating Obama's Birth 
Certificate You all know Arizona's infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County. Here's something you don't know. While it's been for years since Arpaio held his last news conference detailing his accusations that President Barack Obama released a fake birth certificate - he wants you to know he's not done with his investigation. During a videotaped deposition connected to an unrelated investigation, Arpaio happened to mention that the birth certificate investigation is still ongoing. Shortly after the White House posted Obama's birth certificate, Arpaio ordered his Cold Case Posse to investigate its authenticity. The posse member in charge of the investigation is Mike Zullo, a former police officer and car salesman. Critics charged that Arpaio was using the birther investigation to gain votes and campaign dollars for his 2012 re-election campaign. The sheriff even said as much himself in a video clip shown in the documentary, "The Joe Show." But Sheriff Joe hasn't made too many statements about the investigation since his last news conference in 2012. All of this may soon come to an end anyway as Joe is currently facing a potentially tight election, as well as the possibility of criminal charges for disobeying a federal judge's orders. 

Going to Jail Over a Stale Doughnut
You really are stupid if you allow yourself to end up in jail over a stale doughnut. So it appears 19-year-old Daniel Schlagler is really stupid. Allegedly, Schlagler was standing in line at a 7-Eleven on Staten Island waiting to pay for a doughnut. While waiting he decided to go ahead and bite into the doughnut and says he found it was stale. According to his lawyer, what happened next was "bogus!" Schlagler told the clerk he was willing to pay for his Big Gulp but not the stale doughnut. So police were called and our friend was carted off to jail. His lawyer said, "This is a totally bogus arrest! They should have apologized and given him a fresh doughnut!" 

What the What? 
In New Jersey, police aren't exactly anxious to find missing fugitive Keith Jean. It might even be that authorities almost hope he managed to get away. It seems that two weeks ago Mr. Jean Keith swam across the Passaic River in an effort to flee from police. He then disappeared down into the city swear system in Newark and hasn't been seen since. As for what's down there, officials describe a network of cramped chambers where he would find potentially deadly gases, along with a constant flow of human waste. Robots have searched the tunnels, and cadaver dogs have sniffed sewer grates, but they haven't found traces of Jean, alive or dead. But in case you're worried, the executive director of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission notes that a dead body probably wouldn't disrupt the flow of sewage. 


Sucks When You Get Hacked
It seems Nancy Pelosi got to see the dark side of human nature this weekend. On Friday night her personal contact information was posted online, the latest casualty of the cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee, and several people reached out to touch the House minority leader as she flew home to California, leaving her to find upon landing what she calls "scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voice mails, and text messages." The California Democrat warned colleagues whose contact info was similarly published not to let their kids around their phones. Pelosi warned her colleagues to change their numbers - something she did Saturday morning.

Judge Bans Guy From Ordering Pizza
Just so you know, having pizza delivered is not one of your civil rights. In Sebastian, Florida, a judge has banned Randy Riddle from ordering pizza as a bail condition after the 49-year-old was accused of harassing numerous pizza restaurants. During a three-week reign of terror, Riddle allegedly used several phone numbers to order pizzas that he refused to pay for, send pizzas to fake addresses, and tell restaurants that their pizza was disgusting. Riddle -- who already has a conviction for making harassing phone calls -- also allegedly bombarded police, city hall, and health authorities with pizza-related phone calls. 

Well, It Was a Memorable Proposal
One thing's for sure, 19-year-old Marcela Montoya will never forget her proposal. Her boyfriend, Tom Sweet got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Oh yeah, he was dressed in a Nazi uniform and in front of about 100 people at the time. No, he's not a hater, but he was taking part in a WWII re-enactment. Both Sweet, 21, and Montoya were dressed in 1940s German outfits for the re-enactment in Blaenavon, Gwent. Tom said, "It was nerve-wracking for me as she didn't say yes straight away, I think she was just in shock." The crowd cheered and many a tear was shed. History-lover Tom has been involved in re-enactments for four years-and Marcela loves joining in. Organizer Wendy Sidney said it was the first proposal at a reenactment that she had seen and noted, "It was a well kept secret and it was just a wonderful surprise to everyone-especially the girl." 

What the What?
As hard as this is to believe, in Baltimore, a woman was apparently pulled over for a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight and then strip-searched in public on the side of the road. The woman asked the officer in charge, "I really gotta take all my clothes off?" The officer told her yes and says he had a female officer search the woman. The female officer put on latex gloves and searched the woman's bra area before pulling down her underwear and searching her anal cavity. She found nothing and the woman was released without charges and received a repair order for her broken taillight. Sadly this is just one example of extreme misconduct in the Department of Justice's report on the Baltimore Police Department. The report, released after a 14-month investigation, concludes the BPD engages in a pattern of practice of unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests; unfairly targeting black people; excessive force; and retaliation.


Face Off - In Real Life!
Pro-Tip: If you're gonna alter your face to avoid the law, you gotta update your passport photo! Japanese lawyer Yasuo Tsubaki has been arrested for an alleged stock share manipulation scheme from over a decade ago. Police say Tsubaki had significantly altered his face using plastic surgery to try and avoid capture. He had been sought by Japanese authorities for securities fraud amounting to more than $116 million from 2001 to 2005. He fled to Thailand in 2007 and was finally arrested when he sought to renew his Thai visa. Immigration officials became suspicious when they noticed Tsubaki's face didn't match his passport photo and checked his profile, which is when they discovered a Japanese warrant for his arrest. He has been living in an apartment in a suburb of Bangkok and used a cellphone number and bank accounts that were under the names of various Thai citizens. 

Okay, Take Astronaut Off the Bucket List
Bad news would be astronauts. According to a new study published in Scientific Reports, travel in deep space dramatically raises the risk of cardiovascular disease. Florida State University researchers looked at America's Apollo astronauts, who are the only people ever to have gone to deep space, and found that they were four to five times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than other astronauts. Eight of the 24 Apollo astronauts have died, and three, including Neil Armstrong, were from cardiovascular disease. That works out to roughly 45%, compared with around 10% among astronauts who either remained in low Earth orbit or never went to space at all. The study suggests that leaving the Earth's protective magnetosphere, which deflects cosmic radiation, even for short periods can do long-term damage to the cardiovascular system. Researchers say that since astronauts are selected from some of the most physically fit people around, the link wasn't uncovered until the Apollo crews were compared to other astronauts instead of the general public. 

Bored Elephants Can Throw Rocks - And Kill You!
Here's an unexpected tragedy. A 7-year-old girl is dead after an elephant threw a rock at her at a Moroccan zoo! The unnamed girl was posing for a photo when she was struck in the head with a large rock. She suffered severe injuries and died at the hospital. The zoo is denying responsibility saying, "These kinds of accidents are rare, unforeseeable, and unusual." A spokesperson points out the elephant's enclosure is up to international standards and the rock had to clear both a fence and a ditch in order to reach the girl. The scientific director of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants said this kind of behavior happens when "elephants are frustrated or bored." He says it's unlikely the elephant was actually trying to hurt the girl specifically. At this point, the zoo has no plans to euthanize the elephant. 

Get Up and Move
If you think squeezing an hour of exercise in per day can't come close to making up for the other 23 hours when you're relatively sedentary -- so you don't bother at all -- you're very wrong. A study by Cambridge University and the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences published in theLancet journal finds that even if you're sitting in front of a computer monitor or watching soap operas during the 9-to-5, just one hour of physical activity could nix the increased death risk. The findings support a University of Leicester study done earlier this year that found regular exercise can fend off the detrimental effects of daylong sitting sessions, including increased risk of diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease. The study's lead author, Ulf Ekelund, said, "Our message is a positive one: It is possible to reduce -- or even eliminate -- these risks if we are active enough, even without having to take up sports or go to the gym." Researchers examined data from 1 million people from 16 studies, dividing them into four groups based on activity level, from less than five minutes a day up to 75 minutes per day; activities included such exercise as brisk walking at around 3.5mph or leisurely cycling at 10mph. Those who were physically active had a significantly lower risk of death than those who kept up their couch potato habits.

Bad News: "Yoga Rage" is Now a Thing
Bad news - yoga rage is apparently now a thing. A South Korean tourist was arrested after he became violent because he wasn't allowed to do yoga on a plane leaving Hawaii. While he won't get more jail time, Hyongtae Pae must pay United Airlines more than $44,000. A federal judge in Honolulu sentenced Pae to time served, which was about 13 days. He will be under court supervision for three years, which is the amount of time he has to pay the restitution. Pae and his wife were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with a Hawaii vacation and the couple was headed home when he was arrested. According to court records, Pae didn't want to sit in his seat during the meal service on the March flight from Honolulu to Tokyo, so he went to the back of the plane to do yoga and meditate. Authorities say he refused to return to his seat, threatened crew members and passengers and shoved his wife. The pilot turned the plane around and returned to Honolulu. Pae told authorities after his arrest that he hadn't slept in 11 days.


Take That You Stupid Vegan!
Well the head chef of the Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby, England just got himself fired. It seems Chef Adam Lambert made the mistake of bragging online that he often would sneak meat into vegan dishes. Lambert was arguing with a woman online and said that she "should find a better way to spend your time, my personal favorite is feeding vegans animal products and them not knowing." The establishment's management initially just suspended him, saying he had never actually fed meat to vegans -- the menu suggests that the only main dish that doesn't already include animal products is the risotto -- but it decided to fire him after the restaurant found that review sites had been inundated with bad reviews from vegans worldwide. After his firing, Lambert admitted that his comments were "stupid." He added, "I lost my temper, which I think is understandable given her comments, and said something completely stupid," he said, adding that he has no issue with vegans. 

Busted by MOM!

Authorities say 27-year-old Keith Knowles Jr. of Florida was charged with multiple drug store robberies after his own mother recognized his picture on the news! Police were looking for the man responsible for robbing four Walgreens locations. The suspect would act like he was going to pay for an item, then punch or push the cashier when they opened the cash register, grabbing cash and running off. Ironically, Keith's own mom saw surveillance video footage on the local news and confronted her son. He confessed to her before turning himself in. He's been charged with four counts of robbery, one count of theft, and one count of battery on a person over 65. Authorities believe he may be responsible for two additional robberies as well. 

Obviously the Seattle Housing Market is Getting Hot
The housing market is definitely hot in Seattle. So much so that a home described by the Seattle Times as a "Halloween haunted house" recently sold for more than twice its listing price despite partially collapsed ceilings, five feet of standing water, toxic air, hazardous mold, unspecified "biomaterial," and rooms filled with garbage. This place was so toxic that only licensed contractors who signed a legal waiver were allowed inside and the buyer knew full well he would have to completely demolish the place and start over. The 65-year-old home sold for $427,000. If that sounds crazy keep in mind that the median home price in Seattle last month was a $666,500. That's a 15.9% increase over last year and an incredible 74% increase since 2011. Home prices are rising faster in Seattle than almost anywhere else in the US. 

Scumbag Defined
Need a definition for scumbag? How about Danielle Kunkel of Newtown, Pennsylvania. Attorney General Kathleen Kane says Kunkel faked having cancer, and fooled her family, friends and others into raising more than $36,000 for her. Kunkel has agreed to repay the money raised under false pretenses, plus more than $13,000 in civil penalties and other fees. That money will be distributed to cancer charities in Bucks County, where she lived. Kunkel's family held a dinner, dance, raffle and silent auction to raise money, and Kunkel solicited donations on the Pay It Forward For website - all without knowing the truth. 

Doing Taxes Can Have an Upside
Doing your taxes isn't always a bad thing. Just ask Yokasta Boyer of Clifton, New Jersey. While preparing to file, she found a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth more than $470,000! The state lottery just announced that Boyer found the Jersey Cash 5 ticket from an April 2015 drawing and was able to file her claim about two weeks before the ticket expired in April. Boyer says she had her brother verify the winning numbers after finding the ticket. Boyer, who has a full-time and part-time job, says she plans to pay off her debts and spend more time with family and friends during this year's holiday season. 

What the What?
Border guards in Switzerland received quite a shock when they watched a full-grown man emerge from inside a normal suitcase. The 21-year-old man was trying to smuggle himself into Switzerland aboard a train from Italy. Guards boarded the train to check passenger documents and immediately became suspicious of the suitcase, which was traveling with the man's friend. One guard spokesperson said, "It was not hard to know there was a person inside, given the weight and the movement of it." Guards removed the suitcase from the train, then watched as the man started unzipping himself from inside of it. His attempted smuggling was even more impressive for the fact that he's 6 feet tall! The man was promptly sent back to Italy.


Hooters and Cub Scouts Together! What Could Go Wrong?
When the parents of a group of Cub Scouts went to pick up their kids from a day camp in Denver, they couldn't wait to hear about their day. There's no way they could have been prepared for what they were about to aww. Turns out the camp had been sponsored by Hooters, and while there wasn't anything really amiss - just young boys practicing archery and doing arts and crafts under sunny blue skies -- parents found their 7-year-old boys wearing Hooters visors and surrounded by Hooters girls! The Denver Area Council said the restaurant had approached the Boy Scouts about working with the camp, and while a Boy Scouts of America spokesperson acknowledged in a statement that the Hooters employees "mistakenly wore the wrong attire," the Boy Scouts "relies on millions of dedicated volunteers and we are very appreciative of their commitment." The parents who were upset about Hooters' involvement -- which included a financial contribution and three employees to help out at the camp per day -- says it's not even the outfits that bothered them the most. One mom said, "The philosophies of the two organizations are polar opposites and I just don't think they should be together." 

Doctor Was Wrong So Patient Sues
Back in 2008, Lori Cichewicz of Michigan wanted to get her "tubes tied" as a permanent birth control measure. Her doctor said it wasn't necessary noting that her fallopian tubes were actually blocked so basically wouldn't work anyway. Well, turns out he was wrong and five years ago Lori gave birth to a little girl with Down syndrome. Lori says of her daughter, Reagan, "She's full of life, loving, kind, sweet, everything you could ever imagine." But she also worries about the financial strain and other issues involved in raising a child with special needs. So Lori's now suing her doctor for damages for what she says was a pregnancy that shouldn't have happened in the first place. A Michigan appeals court ruled last week that while Cichewicz can't sue for funds to cover raising a child with Down syndrome, she can file a complaint to be compensated for the emotional stress of the unplanned pregnancy. The case is expected to go to trial later this year. Not that the outcome of the suit will affect how Cichewicz feels about her daughter. She said, "I can't imagine life without her now. When they say having a child with special needs is a gift, it's a gift." 

Will Work for Beer Has Been Around for a Really Long Time!
You've hear of "Will work for food." Apparently, the Mesopotamians were willing to work for beer. Scientists have discovered one of the earliest examples of writing in the form of "the world's oldest known payslip." Dating to around 3300 BC, the clay tablet found in the Mesopotamian city of Uruk in modern-day Iraq and now housed at the British Museum -- written in a picture language known as cuneiform -- shows that as there was no real money, people were paid in other ways -- in the case of this tablet, with beer. Alison George wrote, "We can see a human head eating from a bowl, meaning 'ration,' and a conical vessel, meaning 'beer.' Scattered around are scratches recording the amount of beer for a particular worker." The exchange is actually pretty normal, according to historical records. They show builders of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza were paid about a gallon of beer a day, while Richard II paid poet Geoffrey Chaucer some 252 gallons of wine per year in the Middle Ages. While it isn't clear how workers managed to focus on the job at hand, beer was thought of as a meal, so it was sort of like working for food. 

There's Just Something About Ben Franklin and Lightening!
We all know the story of Ben Franklin discovering electricity with his kite in the rain. Well it turns out Ben just saved the Maryland State House from a lightning strike. A 208-year-old original Ben Franklin lightning rod diverted disaster when the nation's oldest State House was hit by lightning, triggering a sprinkler system in its historic dome. Fire officials say there was no smoke or fire in the building and no one was injured. The lightning rod, measuring 28 feet, has sat atop the statehouse for 208 years and was actually constructed and grounded to Franklin's exact specifications. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says at the time it was added to the building, it served as "a powerful symbol of the independence and ingenuity of our young nation." 

Flying Under the Radar - Level: Expert!
Two government workers in Spain were fired this week for a very, very good reason. It turns out the two men may not have done any actual work in 15 years despite continuing to collect their paychecks! The town of Jerez de la Frontera's HR department discovered the men hadn't been to work between January 2015 and the end of this May. But a deeper investigation revealed the problem was actually much worse. The city says the men -- one a gardener, the other a driver -- admitted to not working for up to 15 years. Believe it or not, the workers' union claims the men were just taking their "accumulated days" off and the whole thing was totally legitimate. The union allows days off to be shared between employees and says the two men were using the days off accumulated by other workers, as well. One of the fired workers attempted to explain this in a letter to HR, but the city found it "insufficient to free him from work for the rest of the year, which was his intention." It gets better - the union plans to fight the men's firing. 

Cinemark Wants $700M From Aurora Victims
Some are calling for a nationwide boycott of Cinemark movie theaters after it was revealed that the country's third-largest theater chain was seeking to recoup $700,000 in legal fees from the victims of the deadly Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. Sandy Phillips, whose daughter was killed in the 2012 shooting tweeted: "Please boycott Cinemark." She added: "Don't add to their $194 million profit while they come after Aurora victims who have lost everything." More than two-dozen victims and their families had sued Cinemark for not doing enough to prevent the shooting, such as hiring armed guards and installing alarms on emergency exits. But a jury said no and the families lost the case. As Cinemark racked up $700,000 in attorney's fees fighting the lawsuit, the company wants their money back. But when news of Cinemark's plans broke, the hashtag #BoycottCinemark started trending. "Shameful!" tweets California Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom, a staunch advocate for gun control. Cinemark's most recent quarterly revenue was more than $700 million. The people the theater chain is seeking money from include the families of two men who helped save others, the family of a young boy who was shot in the head, and a woman who held her own intestines in after being shot. A judge still needs to approve the $700,000 request. 

What the What?
In Ridley, Minnesota, a thoughtful driver stopped to allow a group of ducks to safely cross the street. Unfortunately, the street where he stopped was Interstate 694. So, the SUV driver coming up behind our duck-loving friend of course crashed right into him, then spun out and was then hit by another SUV. The driver of the first SUV and a teenaged passenger were taken to North Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No word on if any charges will be filed. Meanwhile, the Minnesota State Patrol asks motorists not to stop on the interstate for ducks or other wildlife.


Parents Sue Kid Who Blew $200,000 of Their Money!
In England, Noel and Margaret Foreman's son, Neil, promised to help them invest $200,000 for their retirement. Little did they know he secretly resented mom and dad and instead blew the cash on fast cars, luxury vacations, golf lessons, fine wines and expensive meals at 5-star restaurants. Turns out he was disgruntled that his parents had spent thousands putting his younger brother and sister through private school while he was sent to public schools.

Man Gets Himself Arrested So He Doesn't Have To Be With His Family!
Talk about dysfunction! In Sicily a 35-year-old man showed up at a police station asking to be arrested because he preferred spending the night in prison rather than with his family. But he was refused as he had committed no crime. That problem was quickly solved when he immediately went to a tobacco shop next door and threatened the owner with a box cutter as he grabbed a few candy bars and a pack of gum. He then waited until police arrived to arrest him for robbery.

The World's Happiest People Are 74!
According to a study by scientists from Germany and America, the happiest people in the world are those who are 74! The researchers questioned 21,000 men and women on how happy they were with their lives which they ranked on a scale from one to seven. At 74 happiness averaged at 5.9 -- the highest score.

Going Green Is Tearing Family's Apart!"
More and more couples are seeking couples counseling and marriage therapy over conflicts when one half of the relationship goes green, but the other doesn't. Friends or family members who are not devoted to the environmental cause can become irritated by life choices they view as self-righteous or politically correct.

Scientists Prove We're Happiest When We're Not Working!
It may be the biggest "Duh" study of the decade but researchers from the University of Rochester published a study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology which says that we all are happier on the weekends when we're not working! The study points out the painfully obvious and states: Men and women alike feel better -- emotionally and physically -- from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, regardless of their age, education, salary, marital status or how many hours they work.

"Hey Give Me A Little Space," said the man in 2050!
For those of you expecting to be around in 2050, you'll have about 9.1 billion neighbors. That's the world population prediction for forty years from now from the United Nations' Population Division. The current population is 6.5 billion. Also in 2050, India is predicted to be the most populous nation surpassing China in 2030. Meanwhile, the population in developed countries was predicted to remain static at 1.2 billion. 

How Not To Rob a Drugstore!
Here are a few things not to do when attempting to rob your local drug store. Don't tell the employee outside taking a smoke break what you're about to do. Also don't ask if he wants any money or pills while you're inside. And don't select a water hose nozzle as your hold up weapon of choice. Police in Indianapolis arrested 27-year-old Dustin Abney and say he is guilty of all three mistakes while trying to hold up a CVS Pharmacy. The employee taking the smoke break dialed 911. Police quickly arrived and found Abney inside at the counter with a list of prescription drugs he wanted while wielding the hose nozzle. 

If Tattooing My Kids at Home is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right!
In Chattooga County, Georgia, police arrested Patty Jo Marsh and Jacob Edward Bartels and accused them of tattooing six children, including her own son, with a homemade device. Their deeds came to light when the mother of one of the children discovered a tattoo on her daughter's hand and contacted police. Apparently six juveniles, ranging in age from 10 to 17, each got a small "X" on their hands. Mash and Bartels each face multiple charges including child endangerment and cruelty to children. Marsh told officers she didn't know it was illegal to tattoo children. She said, "We didn't even break the skin barely. They are very tiny, just through a few layers, on the top, they will fade away, that's how minuscule this is." She also defended her actions saying the kids were begging for tattoos like hers.

Hey Stephen King - There's a Sequel Waiting for You!
More than 1,000 dead animals at a pet cemetery in Delaware will not be resting in peace. The Delaware SPCA is trying to sell the 21-acre facility in Stanton and plans to clear the onsite pet cemetery. The organization has told pet owners they have until the end of this month to get rid of any headstones, along with any remains they can unearth. Kurt Gingher, who has pets buried at the cemetery said, "That is going to be a heartbreaking nightmare." The cemetery is around 50 years old and its demise is the result of an organization that has struggled for years amid dwindling grant dollars, lost contracts, and escalating expenses. There's not much the pet owners can do as legally dead pets are classed as "solid waste" in Delaware. 

Best Tip Ever Quickly Becomes Worst Tip Ever
Servers at a Thai fusion restaurant in Edgewater, Colorado, thought they'd hit the jackpot on Monday when a customer dropped a $1,088 tip in cash for a $60 meal. But the celebration was short-lived as the diner returned to the Thailicious restaurant the following morning to ask for the money back. It seems he had too much to drink and had mistakenly stuffed the big wad of cash inside the checkbook. Restaurant owner Nithiwadee Anantatho said it felt "Like someone told you that you won the lottery, but it's not." The diner explained he had accidentally handed over a stash of $100 bills instead of $1 bills like he had intended. They gave the money back and they guy ended up leaving a still-generous $40 tip. 

Sorry Folks We Have to Turn the Plane Around. It's Just Too Damn Hot!
It was so hot in Phoenix last week (how hot was it?) that a United flight headed there had to turn around and return to Houston! The United flight operated by Mesa Airlines was reportedly minutes away from Sky Harbor Airport before being sent back. The reason given was that the record 118-degree temperatures meant it was too dangerous for the plane to land. The passengers were put on another plane the following morning. 

How to Fool a Bear
A woman was running a marathon in a national preserve in northern New Mexico when she was attacked -- by a bear! Karen Williams -- who suffered several bites and scratches and had injuries to her head, neck, and upper body that weren't life-threatening -- surprised the female black bear after her cub had run up a tree in the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Williams says she played dead for around half an hour until other runners arrived. They called emergency crews and she was airlifted to an Albuquerque hospital. In a Facebook post, Williams says she had only had time to raise her arms and shout "No!" when she came to the top of a rise and the bear charged her. "Then I was on my a-- and being raked with claws and bitten," she writes. "I cried out in pain and Mama bear did not like that so she hit me with a left hook and bit my neck and started to try to shake me. I rolled into a ball and played dead." Officials say the bear was captured and euthanized to check for rabies, as state law requires. When her three cubs are found, they will be turned over to a wildlife center. "I am really sorry that the mama bear died," Williams says. "She was just being a bear." 

Let's Drug Test the Rich!
In many states, welfare recipients must now submit to drug testing before they can get benefits. A lawmaker from Wisconsin says fair is fair so she wants wealthy Americans to get the same treatment before they can enjoy generous tax deductions. Rep. Gwen Moore's "Top 1% Accountability Act of 2016" would require taxpayers with itemized deductions exceeding $150,000 to submit a clean drug test. If they refuse, they can take the lower standard deduction. She says, "It is my sincere hope that my bill will help eradicate the stigma associated with poverty and engage the American public in a substantive dialogue regarding the struggles of working- and middle-class families." According to the congresswomen, the government spends $81 billion on poverty programs, while taxing capital gains at a lower rate than income costs the government $93 billion. She adds, "We might really save some money by drug-testing folks on Wall Street, who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done." Some 15 states have passed laws to that require people who receive state welfare benefits to take drug tests. Among them are Florida, Michigan, and Moore's own Wisconsin, which also requires drug tests for people in the federal SNAP food stamp program. Supporters say drug testing saves money and acts as an incentive to keep people clean. Critics say drug tests are a cure for a problem that doesn't exist, citing stats from Florida that just 2% of welfare recipients failed drug tests and 2% declined to take the test.

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down
Remember Rick Astley? The little guy with the big voice who had a few big hits in the 80's? Well he's back -- at least in the UK. Almost 30 years after topping the charts with "Never Going to Give You Up" -- Rick Astley has scored another No. 1 in the UK with new album called, "50." Rick, who indeed just turned 50 said, "It's amazing, it's incredible. It's been a very, very, very long time since this happened before, I'm ecstatic, I couldn't be happier." Astley's previous album, 2005's Portrait, never rose higher than No. 26, Billboard notes. 

What the What?
So how's this for weird and creepy? At a screening of The Conjuring 2 in India, a 65-year-old man suffered chest pains and passed out at the film's climax. The poor guy was later pronounced dead at a hospital, where staff ordered the body taken to another hospital for postmortem. But then, the person tasked with transporting the body, and the body itself, simply vanished! No one has seen either since! Of course Indian social media is blowing up with speculation of all kinds of supernatural explanations. But many are questioning the authenticity of the mysterious death and wonder if it's not all just a publicity stunt.

New Rules for Kids and Sleeping
Is your kid getting enough sleep? Well a panel of experts released new guidelines yesterday and you can blame them the next time your kid whines over bedtime. The guidelines, the first-ever for children from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, encompass recommendations the American Academy of Pediatrics has made at different times for different ages. According to the guidelines: Adequate sleep is linked with improved attention, behavior, learning, and mental and physical health at every age covered. Recommended daily/nightly sleep duration is as follows:

  • 12 hours to 16 hours, including naps, for infants aged 4 months to 12 months (younger infants aren't included because they have a wide range of normal sleep patterns)
  • 11 to 14 hours, including naps, for children aged 1 to 2 years 1
  • 0 to 13 hours, including naps, for children aged 3 to 5 years
  • 9 to 12 hours for children aged 6 to 12 years
  • 8 to 10 hours for teens aged 13 to 18 years
Meanwhile, insufficient sleep increases risks for obesity, diabetes, accidents, depression, and in teens, self-harm, including suicide attempts. The recommendations are based on a review of scientific evidence on sleep duration and health. 

Woman Dies from Kissing Boyfriend
Four years ago, 20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay died after kissing her boyfriend who had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich. For the first time, her mother, Micheline Ducre, is speaking out to keep the same thing from happening to anyone else's kids. After getting home from a party, Myriam's boyfriend made toast with peanut butter, then kissed Myriam goodnight. Myriam quickly had trouble breathing and her asthma inhaler didn't help. The boyfriend called 911 and paramedics arrived within minutes but were still too late; Myriam died at the hospital from a lack of oxygen to her brain. Ducre says her daughter had recently told her new boyfriend she loved him. "Sadly, she did not have the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy." Ducre opened up about her daughter's death for the first time last week to the Journal De Quebec. She wants young people to know how important it is to carry EpiPens and tell others about their allergies. Myriam wasn't wearing a Medical Alert bracelet and didn't have her EpiPen with her at the time of her death. Dr. Christine McCusker at the Montreal Children's Hospital says, "(This) is why you have to carry your EpiPen, even though you don't want to and even though it's not cool." Traces of allergens -- from peanuts, for example -- can linger in saliva for hours. "The most important part of managing your allergies is that you have to inform people," McCusker says. "You have to say, 'Listen guys, I have food allergies, I have my EpiPen. If there's a problem, help me.'" 

For the Love of Frogs
What would you do if you accidentally ran over a frog while mowing the lawn? In Queensland, Australia, Min Tims had the injured frog airlifted 500 miles so it could be treated at a specialist vet clinic! Tims says she was horrified to discover she had sliced into the green treefrog's head, especially as it is an endangered species. So she persuaded Rex Airways to fly the animal 500 miles to Cairns, where it was met by staff from Frog Safe Inc. After giving him medicine to clear up the problems, the little frog is now making a full recovery. Deborah Pergolotti, a vet at Frog Safe believes we could all learn from Min's example by showing care for those around us, whoever or whatever they are. She says, "If people can nonchalantly turn away from someone who needs help -- including small animals -- then we as a species may not deserve to be helped ourselves." 

What the What?
When Tennessee Highway Patrol officers pulled over 35-year-old Curtis Eidam on suspicion of drunk driving, they quickly realized it wasn't going to be a typical DUI stop. As investigator Bobby Joe Higgs tells it, Eidam was wearing "some kind of red mesh see-through hose" with a ribbon tied in his goatee and "some kind of little skirt." He also had a chastity belt around his private parts -- though they didn't notice that until later. Police said Eidam's blood-alcohol level was 0.117, but it wasn't until they took him into custody that they say they found out about that aforementioned chastity belt. Eidam mentioned that he needed a key that was in his vehicle because it unlocked the chastity device he was wearing. He said one key was in his car and the other was around the neck of his driving companion, who officials noted was visibly intoxicated but they did not arrest. They did manage to retrieve the key, thankfully.


Eifel Tower to Be Converted Into Apartment! What?
How'd you like to live in the Eiffel Tower? Well four lucky contest winners will become the first people in history to use the famed Paris landmark as a vacation home next month! Rental company HomeAway is taking over part of the first floor of the iconic 984-foot-tall structure for the duration of the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament in Paris and transforming it into living quarters. The competition opens Thursday for the chance to stay in the famous monument, which provides panoramic views onto the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacre Coeur, and the Seine river. Brian Sharples, HomeAway CEO, called the move "unprecedented" and said it was "guaranteed to provide the most epic vacation memories of a lifetime." 

Dog Finally Saved After Living on Highway Median for Five Weeks!
Against all odds, the story of a dog stuck on the median of a California freeway for weeks got a happy ending last weekend. Galt Police were called on April 10 after someone saw a German shepherd fall off the back of a pickup truck on Highway 99 south of Sacramento. In the coming weeks, the police department received dozens of calls about the dog, but officers were never able to find her. Finally, after yet another call, police and the California Highway Patrol shut the highway down and rescued the frightened dog, whom they dubbed Freeway Frida. Freeway Frida was drastically underweight and had a broken leg when she was brought to a local animal hospital. The veterinarian was surprised the dog managed to survive for five weeks while trapped on a freeway median without an obvious source of food or water. Fortunately, Freeway Frida appears to be recovering from her ordeal. She's lacking a microchip and tags, so police are hoping her owner comes forward. 

Anti-Trump Hat Doesn't Go Over So Well
In Staten Island, 22-year-old college student and Home Depot worker Krystal Lake says many of her co-workers often wear pro-Donald Trump shirts, hats and other flare and nobody ever says a word. However, when she wore an anti-Trump hat, one that stated: "America was Never Great", she received racial slurs and death threats. Lake, an African American, says, "The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement. I don't think it's a positive message to say, 'Let's look to the past.'" Regarding the controversy swirling around Lake, who says she had no idea her headwear would go viral, a Home Depot spokesman says that employees aren't allowed to wear items with a political message but that no managers saw it. "Otherwise, they would have had her remove it immediately." But Lake, a Bernie Sanders fan, says she sees co-workers wearing Trump flair, including pins and pendants, without reprimand or reprisal. Lake says she's been bombarded with hate messages, including being called "the N-word left and right" and told "America was great when your people weren't here." 

Who Wants to Go Swimming?
Ready to hop in the community pool this summer? Well, unfortunately the CDC wants you to know you'll be entering at your own risk. According to a report just released more than 84,000 routine inspections of more than 48,500 pools, hot tubs, and water parks in 2013 across five states turned up at least one violation 79% of the time. Approximately 12% of the time, the violation was serious enough to close the pool. The most common violations were problems with the pool's pH level, safety equipment, and concentration of disinfectants. The problems were worst with kiddie pools, which had to be closed following approximately 20% of their inspections. These violations can have serious health repercussions. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people had to be treated for issues related to pool chemicals between 2003 and 2012, according to the CDC. There were approximately 650 outbreaks of infections or diseases related to pools reported to the CDC between 1978 and 2012. 

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!
Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Police in Berkeley, California say 25-year-old Joseph Skyler pulled a gun on a man then made off with his grandmother's car -- but first, he demanded to use the guy's bathroom. The victim was reportedly returning to the apartment he shares with his grandmother around 7am when Skyler accosted him at gunpoint, took his cellphone and keys, and demanded that he be allowed to relieve himself in the man's apartment. Once inside, Skyler forced the grandmother out of the bathroom and made his victim enter the room with him while he did his business -- though the victim was kindly allowed to look the other way. Skyler then took off in the grandmother's car. Police say they found Skyler driving the car an hour later. He and passenger Harold Dennis, 24, were booked on suspicion of armed robbery, kidnapping, and carjacking. 

Locked Out of Your Hotel Room? No Worries. There Are Guns Here!
Deputies say a St. Pete Beach, Florida hotel guest used a handgun to shoot the lock on his room door because he had locked himself out. The incident occurred at the Beachcomber Hotel where they arrested 35-year-old Charles Richardson, of Dunbar, West Virginia, sitting in the lobby unarmed. Deputies determined that Richardson, who was a guest at the hotel, used a handgun to shoot the lock on his hotel room door because he had locked himself out of his room. Deputies said Richardson then proceeded to shoot a glass window at the hotel for no apparent reason. No one was injured at the hotel as a result of the shooting. Deputies recovered the handgun near Richardson's hotel room. 

What the What?
Ever look at a kid in a stroller and think, "Wow! That could be fun!" Well, the Kolcraft baby products company has created a giant version of its Contours Bliss stroller that is big enough for parents to try out. Kolcraft president Tom Koltun said the giant stroller was built to give parents a better idea of what their children experience. He says, "We created the test ride so adults could experience first-hand how each Contours Stroller is carefully designed with a baby's joy and comfort in mind and make sure it's the perfect choice for their family." The supersized stroller is more than twice the size of the one for babies, measuring 7 feet, 6 inches high, 6 feet deep and 4 feet wide. No- they're not going to mass produce it. It's only for special marketing events, the next of which will be June 7 at Chicago's Mary Bartelme Park. However, you may have to wait in a long line, based on the reaction of the parents who've already ridden it.


Grandma Gives Colorful Insult From the Grave
They called her Grandmother Ruth and she enjoyed riding horses, had her own signature dish and crocheted pillows for her grandchildren. When she recently passed at 86, she also had some very colorful words for the world. After mentioning her love of horse-riding and her signature pasta casserole in her obituary, Ruth insisted that some important advice be included in the obit. Unfortunately it contained some rather strong language that we can't repeat here so you'll have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks. The obit read: "As stipulated in her will, Ruth wanted to make sure her obituary included this final line: "If you vote for Donald Trump, you seriously must be a ____ing dumb ___! " The image, shared on Imgur did not reveal the name of the paper or Ruth's last name. But a photo of the obit is going viral big time. 

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