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Love at 86
An 86-year-old grandmother has become something of a Facebook sensation after she posted pictures from her wedding day. It's not just that Millie Taylor-Morrison found love again well after her first husband of 41 years died in 1992, but that she is such a an amazing radiantly beautiful bride! Of course it helps that earlier in life, Millie was a professional model, but she stopped working in the industry after having her fourth child. She designed her gorgeous purple wedding gown herself and when groom Harold Morrison, 85, eyes welled up upon seeing her walk down the aisle before their 200 guests, Millie "just beamed with happiness," her granddaughter says. The New Jersey couple went to the same church six decades before their Oct. 16 wedding, and Harold actually attended Millie's first wedding -- in 1952. Millie said, "I used to admire him in church. He dressed impeccably, and I admire that in a man." After not seeing each other for many years, they met once again when Harold joined Millie's new church. After Harold fell ill, Millie offered to help care for him in her home so he didn't have to go to a nursing home. When his health improved, they decided they "wanted to be pleasing in God's eyes" and set about planning their wedding. And now their happily ever after begins. 

People Doing the Right Thing
It's good to know 2016 hasn't completely killed good old American decency. In upstate New York, a couple who found nearly $10,000 in a shopping cart at a Tractor Supply Co. promptly returned the cash with absolutely no expectation of a reward. The cash -- $9,800 in twenties, fifties, and hundreds was turned in to staff, then the couple finished their shopping and left without leaving their names. Store manager Jeff Weltch says they're regular customers but otherwise he doesn't know them. On Monday, the cash's owner, an area restaurateur who didn't want to be named, called Tractor Supply to claim her lost envelope. The woman had been shopping Sunday after work. She had to leave her windows down because her dogs were in the car, and she didn't want to risk having the envelope, which contained the week's cash receipts from her restaurant, stolen. She apparently forgot the envelope in the cart after one of her dogs peed in the car, distracting her. She later said, "I was in awe that anyone in this day and age would turn that kind of money in." 

In Brewer, Maine, police officer Sgt. Fred Luce was responding to a report of a daylight burglary at a notorious abandoned house. He drew his gun as he went inside and suddenly found himself confronting Assistant City Manager James Smith and two Bangor Daily News journalists who were inspecting the home for a story they were doing on foreclosed homes in the area. Smith was showing reporter Nok-Noi Ricker and photographer Ashley Conti around a city-owned, foreclosed ranch house when Sgt. Luce entered and yelled, "Hey, what are you doing here! Come over here!" The police officer pointed his weapon first at Ms. Conti, and then Mr. Ricker, in the backyard for about 10 seconds, even though they identified themselves as journalists. Brewer Public Safety Director Jason Moffitt said in an email that Luce acted appropriately and that he "had has his service weapon at a low ready, meaning that it was out of its holster but not pointed directly at anyone, which is a typical police response that falls within policy and procedure for this type of incident." Ricker, however, said, "He had the gun pointed at Ashley's head." She said that when Luce turned away from the photographer to face her, he was also holding the gun level with her chest or head. Conti said, "It was scary. It was uncalled for, unnerving and unnecessary." Abandoned since July when the city took possession for unpaid property taxes, the house has been the scene of assaults, drug sales and burglaries. The BDN journalists were reporting on the city's plans to repair and sell the house. Of course they'll be doing a very different story now. 

Did You Get a Charger from Amazon?
Hey Buyer beware: A new report says Nearly 90% of Apple chargers and cables sold on Amazon could be counterfeit. The report from Associated Press says the chargers -- manufactured by Mobile Star and wrongly bearing the Apple logo -- "pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock." A lawsuit by Apple claims the cables and chargers are being sold "as genuine Apple products using Apple's own product marketing images." And they're being sold by both third-party sellers and Amazon itself. Apple says customers would have no reason to believe the faulty products are anything but the real deal. And it says that could damage its reputation. Apple says it routinely buys its own products off Amazon to make sure everything is on the up and up. Apple's lawsuit claims that over the past nine months, nearly 90% of the cables and chargers it purchased were counterfeit. Amazon is cooperating with Apple and has turned over its inventory of cables and chargers. In a statement, Amazon says it "has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site. We work closely with manufacturers and brands, and pursue wrongdoers aggressively." Apple is seeking $2 million per type of counterfeit product from Mobile Star. 


The Times They Are A Changing!
My how the times are changing. We very well may be on the brink of America's first woman president...and we definitely have our first male CoverGirl! The makeup giant's current spokesperson, Katy Perry, just announced James Charles as the first ever "CoverBoy" on her Instagram page. Charles, a 17-year-old "aspiring makeup artist," started using makeup only a year ago but has already amassed more than 430,000 followers on Instagram. Charles will appear in TV, print, and digital ads for "So Lashy" mascara later this month and will work with CoverGirl through 2017. Charles posted on Instagram: "I am so thankful and excited. And yes I know I have lipstick on my teeth. It was a looonnnnggg day." CoverGirl says it wants to work with "role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful." The company calls Charles an inspiration. Teen Vogue is definitely also on board, stating: "We're firm believers that anyone on the gender spectrum should be able to share their passion for makeup without facing outdated stereotypes and negative judgment."

Timing Really Is Everything
They say timing is everything. For 34-year-old Canadian Adam Bari, that seems to be horribly true. Bari was riding his motorcycle June 1 when he was T-boned by a car. His family is now facing the possibility of bankruptcy- something that wouldn't be if the crash had happened just 12 hours earlier. Bari suffered brain trauma, broken bones, and more in the crash, in which he was determined not to be at fault. He was so severely injured that police initially pronounced him dead. The father of two was in a coma for nearly a month and was only released from the hospital a few weeks ago. Bari's injuries would have been considered catastrophic -- had Ontario not changed its auto insurance guidelines the day before. Under the old guidelines, Bari would have been entitled to up to $2 million in compensation from the accident. Instead, he received just $86,000. His wife Courtney said, "Adam has the same amount of money available to him as somebody who broke their toe." Bari is currently unable to work and may never return to his old job -- and Courtney Bari has had to go down to one day a week while she takes care of him. Meanwhile, medical bills are piling up, and supporters have resorted to a GoFundMe page that seems to have drawn renewed attention after the media coverage, as well as charity golf tournaments. 

Hell Freezes Over: Glenn Beck Supports Clinton
Hell has officially frozen over. Once one of the loudest and most adamant conservatives on FOX News, Glenn Beck seems to be advocating for Hilary Clinton in the White House. In a Facebook post Beck called on Republicans to vote against Donald Trump, whom he describes as an "immoral man who is absent decency or dignity." He also urged the GOP to get Trump to step down to show "that the Republican party still stands for something." Beck says voting for Trump is "validating his immorality, lewdness, and depravity," voting against him is the "moral, ethical choice." Beck says he's OK if that means a Clinton presidency, arguing that she can be fought against as president in a more moral way, through politics, protests, and more. Incidentally, Beck campaigned for Ted Cruz during the primary. 

What the What?
If you're going to try to monetize yourself online, make sure you carefully read the fine print. Or ask your mom or dad. In Spain, a 12-year-old Jose Javier is a young trumpet player who simply wanted to get some ad hits (and some cash) for his band. Jose had placed an ad through Google's AdWords program, which he believed would bring him per-click profits. But the service that actually does that is called AdSense -- AdWords does the exact opposite, making the ad's creator pay whenever someone clicks on it. And so from mid-August to October, while Jose thought he was reaping internet treasure, he was really building up a giant tab - to the tune of $110,000! Fortunately for Jose's family, Google is doing the right thing and after reviewing the case says the family won't have to pay. As for how a 12-year-old set up the AdWords account in the first place: His mom says he used the bank account number for one of the savings accounts his parents had set up for his future expenses. 


Cool Down With Cinnamon!
Turns out cinnamon is better for you than we thought. A new study in Scientific Reports suggests it can lower stomach temperature by up to 3.6 degrees. While the study used pigs, researchers say the same should hold true for humans. Eating cinnamon with meals seemed to lowered carbon dioxide levels in the pigs' stomachs after meals, which made their bodies cooler. Researcher Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh said, "cinnamon protected the walls of the stomach and small intestines, basically protecting the integrity of the gut." Pigs that ate cinnamon saw a "significant improvement in their overall health." It appears that cinnamon lowers the levels of stomach acid and pepsin in the gut, thereby helping blood flow in the stomach's walls, which in turn may improve digestion and gut health. Of course, more research is needed to see if any of that is true. Regardless, Kalantar-zadeh says that 1 gram of cinnamon (about 1/3 teaspoon a day should produce health benefits in humans. But don't overdo it. The US Department of Health says eating 6 grams of cinnamon or more a day for six weeks or longer can be toxic. 

Grandma's Smokin' Weed! Call Out the National Guard!
Margaret Holcomb is an 81-year-old grandmother in Amherst, Mass. She admits she's been growing one single marijuana plant in her raspberry patch for years because it soothes her arthritis and glaucoma and also helps her sleep at night. Her garden is fenced in and away from neighbors. Okay - maybe what she's doing is wrong but do we really need to send in a military-style helicopter from the National Guard to descend on the garden and uproot the plant that was almost ready for harvest? It actually happened and Margaret's son, who was home at the time, says it was "shocking" and "scary as hell." Holcomb is technically growing the plant illegally in a state that has approved medical marijuana use because she has no card, though full legalization of recreational use is on the ballot next month. Ms. Holcomb later said, "I had been nursing this baby through a drought, and I was pretty pissed to tell you the truth. A state police spokesman said the National Guard and State Police conducted a widespread raid of 44 plants on multiple area properties, seizing the plants but not pressing any charges. 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!
Doctors won't reveal the patient's name or location. What they have told is that she was a 38-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital with nausea and sudden vomiting. She admitted suffering from constipation and an enlarged abdomen-due to accumulating gas and fluids and because she threw up everything she ate. She had lost 15 pounds over the last eight months and had no appetite for around a year. Turns out she was suffering from the extremely rare Rapunzel syndrome - a rare disorder where suffers seem compelled to eat hair. When surgeons operated they discovered gigantic hairballs so large her intestines were completely blocked. The largest measured 6 inches by 4 inches! There are some dandy pictures online if you're interested. After surgery the woman was discharged six days later and sent to see a psychiatrist and nutritionist. In addition to reporting on this case, the group of US doctors reviewed 88 cases of Rapunzel syndrome, highlighting the rarity of the condition. They found that the condition is most commonly seen in children and adolescents, is associated with an underlying psychiatric disorder.

Gary Johnson Scores Perfect Trifecta
It's not the perfect trifecta any politician would want to score...but Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has done it - the perfect trifecta of completely stupid answers. First there was his now famous "Aleppo moment" when he had no idea where or what the city of Aleppo was. Then he was asked to name any world leader he admired and he couldn't remember the name of a single one. Now, during an interview with the New York Times, Johnson was asked if he knew the name of North Korea's leader - and he never came up with the name. He asked indignantly, "Are you seriously asking me for the name of North Korea's leader?" The answer was "yes" but Johnson never would say the name - which of course is Kim Jong Un. The Times speculates he was "conspicuously seeking to avoid another misstep" with his non-answer. 

Friday Night Lights: Total Domination!
Talk about Friday Night Lights total domination! It seems nobody will play the Archbishop Murphy High School football team in Washington state. After crushing the opposition by a combined total of 170-0 in its first three games of the season, the team's next three opponents all simply forfeited out of fear of literally being crushed. The high school is a private Catholic institution in Everett, Washington, which, unlike the public schools it has been playing, allows it to recruit players from across the region. The Archbishop Murphy team has six players over 250 pounds and three over 300, while Granite Falls High School, the latest to forfeit, has only one player over 250 pounds. Ironically the school's future in the Cascade Conference is now uncertain. Granite Falls coach Tim Dennis explains, "It's not that we're afraid to play the game, it's an injury issue. Another Granit Falls mom said, "My son is 5'8" and weighs 117 pounds and just got out of middle school and just turned 14. They've got 18-year-old players [who] are 6'5" and weigh 330 pounds. I mean, that's like putting a Volkswagen Bug against a Mack truck." Meanwhile Archbishop Murphy coach Jerry Jensen described the team's story as one of "resilience in the face of adversity," which started three years ago when a group of freshmen players vowed to improve after a season of losses. 

Not Every Giuliani Agrees
It's no secret that one of Donald Trump's most outspoken supporters is former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. But apparently that support is not family wide. Giuliani's daughter, Caroline Giuliani, says "I love Hillary, I think she's by far the most qualified candidate that we've had in a long while." The 27-year-old adds that her dad is "fully comfortable with it and thinks I have a right to my opinion." Caroline Giuliani supported Obama in 2012 and in the 2008 race, even when her own father was also running for president. Rudy himself hasn't commented on the political leanings of his daughter, who recently changed her profile picture to include Clinton's campaign logo. He has, however, announced that he's taking leave from Greenberg Traurig LLP, the law firm he joined earlier this year, to concentrate on the Trump campaign. 

What? No More BBB Coupons?
If you're like a lot of Americans, you probably have a pile of 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons sitting on your entryway table, and you're likely also aware that, despite having an expiration date printed on them, they actually never really expire and you can usually use more than one on the same shopping trip. But those coupons may be going away for good. It seems the home goods chain believes people would rather pay $29 per year in order to get a 20% discount on all their purchases - and free shipping if they order online. BB & B launched the subscription program, called Beyond Plus and currently available by invitation only, last week. Ultimately, it hopes to move away from paper coupons, which has been squeezing the retailer's margins for the past 15 quarters. The retailer hopes Beyond Plus will improve those margins while increasing customer loyalty, but some analysts say it will be difficult to wean customers off the coupons they've come to expect. 


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