Gillette Police Chief Summarizes Annual Report

Earlier this week, Chief of Police for the Gillette Police Department Jim Hloucal presented the 2013 annual report. Below is a message from Hloucal summarizing the report.

The City of Gillette and the Gillette Police Department continue to conduct surveys of citizens in our community who have received service from the Police Department.  We are committed to providing high quality and timely service to the citizens we serve.  This year we carefully evaluated the Police Departments response times and citizens satisfaction in this area of our service.  On average, 98% of the time citizens were satisfied with how quickly their phone call was answered and 95% of the time they were satisfied with how quickly an officer responded to their call.

In the surveys drug crimes, theft and traffic safety continue to be the top concerns in our community.  We continued to proactively address narcotics crimes using our Narcotics Enforcement Team (N.E.T.) and our K-9 teams.  For the third year in a row we increased the number of narcotics cases investigated, up by 13% from 2012; narcotics arrests made, up by over 6% from 2012; and drugs seized.  Of concern is the increasing amount of Spice and other synthetic drugs being found in our community.  These drugs can have serious adverse health effects and we will continue to proactively work to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

In 2012 we saw a significant increase in theft related crimes (Burglary, Larceny, and Motor Vehicle Theft).  The Police Department focused on preventing and solving these types of crimes throughout 2013.  This year we saw a 15% decrease in these crimes in Gillette.  While we are seeing success in our efforts to work with citizens and businesses to reduce theft related crimes they are still one of the most frequent crimes occurring in our community.  The Gillette Police Department will continue using various proactive strategies to further reduce thefts in Gillette. 

While Gillette had two homicides in 2013 after more than five years without any, violent crime in our community remains low and is rarely perpetrated on a victim by a total stranger.  

We continued to utilize grant funding to address traffic safety by assigning additional officers to work directed traffic enforcement and DUI enforcement events.  These events use high visibility enforcement strategies to target high crash areas and focus on those violations that contribute most to traffic crashes and injuries.  Additionally, since Campbell County has one of the lowest voluntary seat belt usage rates in the State, we increased education and enforcement of Wyoming’s seat belt laws.  As a result of these efforts there was an 18% reduction in injuries resulting from crashes in 2013.

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