Gun Pulled In Traffic Dispute

Yesterday the Gillette Police Department issued a reckless endangerment citation to a 42-year-old man after an apparent traffic dispute. Lieutenant Chuck Deaton said the incident began when the 49-year-old female driver of semi-tractor trailer was turning left from Boxelder Road. The woman was trying to turn onto North Highway 59, when the traffic signal light turned red while the female was in the intersection.

The male driver of a 2009 pickup truck was traveling north on Highway 59 and allegedly became agitated that he could not proceed with the green light. Deaton said the man honked his horn and made an obscene gesture at the victim.

The victim was able to merge onto the left lane on Highway 59, and prepared to travel westbound on Intestate 90 when the man pulled next to her and again honked and made an obscene gesture.

The victim began to honk back at the man and the situation allegedly escalated to the point where the man pointed a handgun at her.

Police made contact with the man. He denied pointing the gun at the victim. Deaton said an independent witness verified the female's story and a loaded handgun was located in the man's center console.  

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