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by Melody Judge posted Oct 9 2014 6:51AM
When you load up your plate on Thanksgiving, all the food winds up touching each other in a giant carb-loaded orgy. So the latest Thanksgiving trend KNOWS all the food blends together . . . and saves you the hassle of serving them separately. It's called "Thanksgiving in a Bucket." When you're making Thanksgiving dinner, instead of having everything on its own separate dish, you layer everything into a bucket . . . kind of like a Thanksgiving parfait. You put stuffing on the bottom, because it's best at absorbing all the other flavors. Then mashed potatoes on top of that . . . then a green vegetable . . . then sweet potatoes . . . turkey and gravy . . . and finally cranberry sauce. And you serve it with a big cake spatula so you can give someone an entire slice of Thanksgiving all at once.

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by Melody Judge posted Oct 8 2014 8:03AM
If you asked people 30 years ago what sandwich they ate most . . . 99% would've said peanut butter and jelly. But now, between paranoia over peanut allergies and our laziness to do ANY food preparation, PB-and-J is DYING. A new survey asked thousands of people what sandwiches they'd eaten in the past two weeks, then figured out the most popular sandwiches in the U.S. Coming in at number one was . . . TURKEY. 14% of people have eaten a turkey sandwich in the past two weeks. Peanut butter-and-jelly finished FIFTH, with only 5%. The nine most popular sandwiches are: Turkey . . . ham . . . chicken . . . other kinds of subs . . . PB-and-J . . . BLTs . . . grilled cheese . . . roast beef . . . and club sandwiches. The survey also found we're most likely to eat Philly cheesesteaks at restaurants . . . only 9% of people make them at home. And we're most likely to make our own peanut butter-and-jelly . . . 0% of people surveyed ate one at a restaurant.
(Business Insider)
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by Melody Judge posted Oct 2 2014 8:07AM

Eddie Vedder - Imagine 2014 (Official Audio) Multicam

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