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by Melody Judge posted Jun 24 2015 8:11AM

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Good news … You can now un-send a Google email. That’s right – you can take back that email you sent by accident … the one that could cause you major embarrassment or trouble.

You’ll have 30 seconds to undo an email after you send it. Just go to the "General" tab in your Gmail settings and enable the feature.

by Melody Judge posted Jun 24 2015 7:27AM

Researchers recently looked at what people said on social media about different TV shows, and analyzed their profiles to see what their favorite shows might say about their personality.

These things tend to be about as accurate as your horoscope, but here's what they found . . .

1. If your favorite shows are sitcoms like "Modern Family" and "The Big Bang Theory", you're more likely to have an active imagination . . . more likely to take risks . . . and more likely to recycle. (???)

2. If you enjoy competitive reality shows like "The Voice" or "The Biggest Loser", you're more likely to be considerate, cooperative, sympathetic, and trusting.

And this is random, but you're also more likely to be a good bargain shopper. Which is probably good, because supposedly you're more likely to be into fashion too.

3. If you like current event shows, you're more likely to be thorough when it comes to your work. But that doesn't just mean you just watch the news. It also applies to things like "Saturday Night Live" and "The Daily Show".

4. And if you watch really popular shows no matter WHAT they are, you're more likely to be an extrovert . . . so you can talk about them at work the next day.

(Prevention / MovieMetrics)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 24 2015 6:47AM

Carrie Underwood is coming back as the star of the opening sequence for NBC's Sunday Night Football.

The network announced the news via Twitter: "Great to have Carrie Underwood back for another season of Sunday Night Football." The series of tweets reveal that the players starring in the open are the Giants' Odell Beckham, Jr, the Cowboys' Dez Bryant, the Eagles' DeMarco Murray and the Packers' Clay Matthews.

by Melody Judge posted Jun 23 2015 7:07AM

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Can someone tell Facebook no one's impressed when they debut a feature that reminds us JUST how creepy and invasive they are?

They just started testing a new tool that can recognize and tag you in photos even if your face isn't showing. It works by learning other things about how you look . . . like your hair style, your clothes, your body shape, and your usual poses.

It's been about 83% accurate in tests so far . . . and there's no word on when it could become standard across Facebook.

(New Scientist)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 23 2015 7:02AM

There's an old cliché that it's better to look good than to FEEL good. I would say that counts as TERRIBLE advice . . . especially when someone takes it to the extreme like THIS.

A 35-year-old woman in Adelaide, Australia was recently helping a relative move . . . and she wore SUPER skinny jeans. She spent a few hours squatting to get stuff out of the kitchen cabinets and when she tried to walk right afterward, she COULDN'T.

Her calves were so swollen it was impossible to get the jeans off, and she had no feeling in her feet.

She was rushed to the hospital where they had to cut the jeans off . . and she was there for FOUR DAYS before she could walk again.

The doctors who treated her said this should be a good warning about being careful with wearing skinny jeans . . . or at least being careful about what you do when you're wearing them.

(Courier Mail)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 22 2015 7:55AM

A dog attacked a four-year-old kid in Bakersfield, California last year, and you might remember the story . . . because the kid was rescued by the family CAT.

It was the neighbor's dog, and it basically tried to rip the kid's LEG off. Then the kid's cat came charging in out of nowhere . . . attacked the dog . . . and saved his life.

She's a seven-year-old tabby named Tara, and a video of the whole thing went viral.

Now she's back in the news, because the SPCA in Los Angeles just gave her their annual "National Hero Dog Award." Yes . . . to a cat.

Apparently they don't have an award for cats, which is probably fair enough. How often do you hear about a CAT saving someone's life?

But they were so impressed with what Tara did, they decided to break tradition last week. They crossed out the word "dog" on the trophy, and gave it to a cat for the first time in 33 years.

Tara's owners also get a year's worth of free cat food from Purina.


by Melody Judge posted Jun 19 2015 7:15AM

In honor of Father's Day, take a moment to reflect on everything your dad taught you. And if you're drawing a blank, here's a cheat sheet.

A new survey asked people what skills or life lessons they learned from their dads. Here are the results . . .

1. A strong work ethic, 76%.

2. How to be a good person, 64%.

3. How to drive, 54%.

4. Financial responsibility, 51%.

5. Car maintenance, 40%.

6. Self confidence, 39%.

7. Good sportsmanship, 37%.

8. How to play a sport, 27%.

9. Gardening, 24%.

10. How to cook, 20%.

11. That uncomfortable lesson about sex, 11%.

12. Dating skills, 6%.

13. How to play an instrument, 6%.

The survey also found how people perceived their fathers as a kid . . .

68% thought he was smart.

59% thought he was handy.

54% thought he was funny.

53% thought he was a role model.

37% thought he was cool.

31% thought he was distant.

27% thought he was embarrassing.

21% thought he was fashionable.

And 16% thought he was lame.

(Harris Interactive)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 18 2015 7:03AM

Now THIS is an all-American product.

There's a company in Missouri called Redneck Boot Sandals that's offering a great service . . . if you're desperate to wear cowboy boots this summer but know you can't pull them off in 100-degree heat.

You send them a pair of cowboy boots . . . and they turn them into SANDALS.

From the photos we've seen, it looks like they carve out a lot of the foot part . . . turn the toe into a flip-flop . . . and leave the leather that goes up your leg intact. They actually look pretty well made. And also ridiculous, but whatever.

You provide the boots, and they charge $50, plus another $25 to ship them back to you once they're sandals. So, $75 altogether. And the process takes one to two weeks.

You can start the process by Googling "Redneck Boot Sandals" and messaging them on Facebook.

(Austin American Statesman)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 17 2015 7:31AM

Details magazine is reporting a new drinking trend … It seems that more and more guys are drinking rosé – you know … pink wine – and they’re supposedly not even embarrassed about it.

Back in the day, pink wine might have been shunned because it felt like a Sex and the Citydrink. On top of that, pink wine can be pretty nasty, the kind of stuff you put a paper bag around and chug while sitting on a curb.

Well these days, some guys are embracing the pink without flinching and finding out that many wine makers are actually making rosé that doesn’t taste like watered down Kool Aid mixed with vodka.

With the hot summer months upon us, it’s something to consider next time you order wine.

Can we call it “brosé?”

by Melody Judge posted Jun 17 2015 6:38AM

It turns out a lot of us do fairly TERRIBLE things when we're on vacation. Let's hope we're not this bad in our day-to-day lives.

A new survey asked people whether they do nine "bad" things on vacation. Here are the results . . .

>69% of us have taken toiletries, slippers, or a robe home from a hotel.

>67% have done work while we were supposed to be on vacation.

>64% have peed in a pool or the ocean.

>59% have reserved chairs at the beach or pool by putting a towel on them early in the morning.

>24% have faked being sick to extend a trip an extra day.

>22% have snuck something through customs.

>13% have skipped out on a bill.

>4% have gone to a tanning salon after a trip so people will be impressed with their "vacation" tan.

>And 3% have cheated on their partner on vacation.

by Melody Judge posted Jun 12 2015 7:54AM

Even dumping someone on their Facebook wall on their birthday might be kinder than THIS.

There's a new product called "Break-Up Beans" that's kind of clever . . but totally brutal. Break-Up Beans are lima bean seeds that have a secret message etched into them with lasers. When you plant one, it takes about 10 days to grow. And when it does, that message is right there in big, clear letters on the beans. The messages are things like, "It's over" and "Let's be friends." The plants can even grow up to 20 feet, which would make the message HUGE.

They cost $6.99 for a set of two beans. You can find them by Googling "break up beans."

(Daily Mail) Image title

by Melody Judge posted Jun 11 2015 7:39AM

Not really for a kitty....A mom thought the crop top her 16-year-old daughter ordered on Amazon was way too small, so to prove her point she posted a picture of the family cat wearing it.

The woman, named Christy, posted the photo as part of her Amazon review, which read: “It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn't legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it." So far, nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers have found her review "helpful." (KFOR)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 2 2015 6:22AM

IHOP just changed its logo for thefirst time in 20 years . . . because they finally realized it lookedlike a FROWN. It was a blue box with "IHOP" in it and ared curved banner underneath. Now they've flipped the banner 180degrees so it looks like a smile.

by Melody Judge posted Jun 2 2015 6:05AM

Crayola is tackling the beauty trend of using the crayon company’s products as makeshift makeup, saying just because they’re nontoxic doesn’t mean they’re safe as lipstick or liner. The practice began when beauty bloggers like Brooke Eve and Rachel Leven showed users how to brighten their look by dipping colored pencils in warm water to soften them up. Online tutorials have had upwards of 2 million hits. And fans note that the price sure is right for this DIY hack, as a 12-count box of pencil crayons costs only about $5. But safety concerns abound. One recent study has found that pencil crayon eyeliner can migrate into the eye within minutes of application, causing serious issues for contact wearers and those with dry eyes. (Bottom line: Don’t put those crayons anywhere near your face!)

by Melody Judge posted Jun 2 2015 5:00AM

Author E.L. James announced Monday that she's going to publish a new novel from Christian Grey's point of view on June 18th, which just happens to be the kinky billionaire's birthday.

On her blog, James wrote, "This book [titled Grey] is dedicated to those readers who asked…and asked…and asked…and asked for this. Christian is a complex character and readers have always been fascinated by his desires and motivations, and his troubled past."

The movie sequels — Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed — come out on Valentine's weekend in 2017 and 2018.

The original trilogy has sold more than 125 million copies. (New York Daily News)

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