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How much does Mom make?

by Melody Judge posted May 9 2014 7:40AM
Every year does a study to determine exactly what a stay-at-home mom deserves to be paid in an annual salary − and this year, the calculation is roughly $119,000.The people responsible for the survey found that the job of "mom" is actually made up of 10 different jobs  − each with a different salary. They then figured how many hours per week were spent on each, and did the math.Those jobs are: housekeeper, day care teacher, cook, laundry operator, janitor, computer operator, psychologist, facilities manager, van driver, and CEO.FYI: The salary for a working mom would be about $70,000 (on top of her regulary salary). 
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05/09/2014 5:40AM
How much does Mom make?
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