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by Melody Judge posted May 30 2014 5:36AM
A 23-year-old guy was driving through a safari park in England recently, and dropped his phone.  Park officials told him to stay inside his car, but eventually returned it.  When they did, the guy realized an ELEPHANT had accidentally taken a SELFIE on it.  Seriously.
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by Melody Judge posted May 28 2014 5:37AM
What toppings do you like on your burger?
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by Melody Judge posted May 28 2014 5:23AM

Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen


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by Melody Judge posted May 23 2014 8:39AM
  They all enter and exit through the cat door
.• Frequently seen walking on their clothesline.
• You overhear the guy complimenting his wife by saying, “The beard looks nice today.”
• Every Saturday night ‘Monkey Boy’ passes out on your lawn.
• They’re always swallowing your rake.
• Everywhere you look … sawdust.
• Literally, freaks on the porch.
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by Melody Judge posted May 23 2014 6:34AM
Unless you're a communist, you'll probably eat between one and 17 burgers this weekend.  So what are you gonna put on it?  A not-very-exciting new survey had Americans rank 10 of the most popular burger toppings.  And coming in at number one was . . . KETCHUP.   For some reason, CHEESE wasn't one of the choices.  I guess that would technically make it a cheeseburger, so maybe that's why they left it off the list?  We're not sure.  Anyway, here are the top 10 most popular burger toppings, in order:  Ketchup, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, pickles, mayo, bacon, mushrooms, and barbecue sauce.  I think we can assume that if they'd included cheese as an option, it would've been number one.   (ABC News)
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by Melody Judge posted May 22 2014 9:23AM
Jon Bon Jovi reportedly wants to buy the Buffalo Bills and move the NFL team to Toronto—but angry Western New Yorkers are fighting back. A group calling itself 12th Man Thunder is calling for all Buffalo businesses to ban Bon Jovi from their establishments, WGRZ reports. What does that mean? USA Today has the group's rules: Bars, clubs, DJs, and bands will not play Bon Jovi songs—including on the jukebox—and Bon Jovi himself will not be allowed inside any businesses. More than 60 businesses have signed on.

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by Melody Judge posted May 22 2014 8:30AM
Dieting can be pretty antisocial.  It's harder to go out for dinner, it's harder to go to parties . . . and it's hard because you might be making the people around you feel like LAZY SLOBS.  So this makes a lot of sense.  A new study found that for every seven pounds you lose on a diet, you ALSO lose one FRIEND.  The study included more than 2,500 people who dieted in the past 18 months . . . and 81% said they'd lost at least one friend in the process.  65% said they'd lost a friend because the friend was jealous . . . and 53% said they'd lost a friend because the lifestyle changes they made during the diet drove them apart.  But . . . it's a sacrifice almost ALL of them would make again.  92% say losing weight made a, quote, "significant positive impact" on their life . . . regardless of the friends they lost. 
(Daily Mail)
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by Melody Judge posted May 22 2014 6:51AM
You know how it's common to get sick after taking a flight? Well, there's a very good reason why. And it doesn't have anything to do with the guy sitting next to you who coughed for five hours.New research shows that deadly germs can live in plane cabins (on upholstery, tray tables, metal buttons, toilet handles, armrests, etc.) for up to a week (because of the dry air).So even though airlines claim they clean the inside of the plane after you leave, you should always carry hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you to clean off anything you're planning on touching. Your immune system will thank you for it. (CBS)  

And one more thing....PLEASE keep your feet to yourself. Bare feet don't belong on the back of the chair in front of you. It's gross. 
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by Melody Judge posted May 21 2014 9:13AM

Mother Bear Rescues Baby Bear


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by Melody Judge posted May 21 2014 6:49AM

A New Champion Is Crowned (The Voice Highlight)


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by Melody Judge posted May 20 2014 6:55AM
Merriam-Webster is adding over 150 words to the newest edition of its "Collegiate Dictionary".  And as usual, things that have to do with technology and the internet tend to dominate.  Here are the top 13 new internet and tech words . . .  
1. Hashtag. 
2.  Selfie.  In November, the Oxford English Dictionary named "selfie" the Word of the Year.  Although Webster's went with"science".) 
3. Hot spot . . . as in a WiFi hot spot. 
4.  Big data.  Which they define as, quote, "an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools."
 5.  Auto-Tune. 
6.  Crowdfunding . . . when you raise money through websites like Kickstarter. 
7.  Dubstep.  That's the electronic music that pretty much requires a computer to create. 
8.  E-waste . . . which is anything tech-related that you throw away.
9.  Social networking. 
10.  Tweep . . . a person who uses Twitter. 
11.  Catfish . . . as in someone "catfishes" you online, and pretends to be someone they're not. 
12.  Fangirl.  Obviously it's the female version of fanboy.  As in, a girl who's WAY too into something.  They're both kind of an online phenomenon. 
13.  Spoiler alert.  
But there are actually a few words that DON'T deal directly with technology and the internet. The top seven are:  
1.  Baby bump. 
2.  Fracking. 
3.  Freegan.  That's, quote, "an activist who scavenges for free food . . . as in waste receptacles at stores and restaurants . . . as a means of reducing consumption of resources." 
4.  Gamification . . . where you add game elements to something that ISN'T a game to make more people interested in it. 
5.  Steampunk . . . which is, quote, "science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology." 
6.  Turducken . . . "a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck stuffed into a boneless turkey." 
7.  Yooper . . . a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  
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by Melody Judge posted May 20 2014 5:36AM

5/18/14 Wright to Newcastle, WY Supercell Time-Lapse


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by Melody Judge posted May 16 2014 9:32AM

Godzilla - Official Main Trailer [HD]


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by Melody Judge posted May 16 2014 9:29AM
 "Cosmo" recently came out with a list of things that make a guy instantly more attractive.  So here's 15 things that instantly make a guy LESS attractive.
1.  Aggressive or reckless driving. 
2.  A soul patch or goatee. 
3.  Wearing anything by Ed Hardy.  
4.  Smoking.  
5.  Calling all their friends "bro." 
6.  Having no hobbies or interests. 
7.  Not reading books. 
8.  Bad manners. 
9.  Bad grammar or spelling.  
10.  Being rude to servers, bartenders, or people who work in retail.     11.  Swearing a lot.    
12.  Indecisiveness.  
13.  Wearing a Bluetooth headset everywhere.     
14.  Wearing a fedora.
15.  Calling their ex "crazy." 
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by Melody Judge posted May 16 2014 7:51AM
I know us gals spend a lot of money on make-up and beauty stuff.  But I didn't know it was THIS much.   According to a new study by the makers of Vaseline, the average woman WASTES over $300,000 worth of beauty products in her lifetime.  Women buy 6,495 different products, including 840 moisturizers, 360 nail polishes, and 300 lipsticks . . . and only use 10% of them.  So, they spend about $330,000 total, and 90% of the stuff doesn't get used.  The five things women waste the most are nail polish, shampoo, lipstick, perfume, and shower gel.  But one thing that DOESN'T go to waste is deodorant.  The average woman uses it three times a day.  The study also found that men buy 960 beauty products over their lifetime, or about 12 a year.  And they use ALL OF THEM.  Plus, one in four men admit they sometimes use their wife's stuff.  

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by Melody Judge posted May 16 2014 6:37AM
SANTANA says PITBULL is like this generation's QUEEN or ROLLING STONES, which is pretty hilarious . . . except for the fact that he WASN'T JOKING.  Now to be fair, Santana isn't equating Pitbull's songwriting prowess to those groups, necessarily . . . he's speaking more to the fact that Pitbull's overplayed tracks are great at pumping people up at sporting events.  He says, quote, "Everything that [Pitbull] does becomes like halftime at the Super Bowl, or the NBA.  He's like the new Queen and Rolling Stones of today . . .  "Because every time you want your team to pick up the energy, they play that music, y'know?  So that's what Pitbull is:  He's, like, the arena energy person!" 
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by Melody Judge posted May 14 2014 8:05AM
Surprise! Researchers from the University of Bristol found in a study that booze really does make you find people more attractive than you would if you were sober. Yes, beer goggles are real— even though most of us have already learned this the hard way. Thanks, science!Some participants in the study were given an alcoholic drink, while others were given a booze-free placebo. After that, they were shown images of human faces and of landscapes. The group that was given alcohol gave higher attractiveness ratings to both types of images.The research team insists that even though the study makes everyone giggle, it also points to some important risk factors. When a person is more likely to think everyone around them is smokin’ hot, they’re more likely to have unprotected sex or be talked into something (sexual or otherwise) that they may be uncomfortable with.According to the study, the part of the brain responsible for sexytime keeps functioning until we pass out, no matter how drunk we get. So the root of the change in attraction may have less to do with someone actually appearing hotter to you, and more to do with the fact that your decision-making skills and inhibits have melted (while your libido hasn’t budged).This is around the time that I’d wonder whether people will test out this theory in bars “for research,” but actually, the study’s leaders will be doing exactly that. They’re extending their research and will carry out tests over four nights in Bristol pubs. Essentially, they’ll be getting paid to party – how’s that for a dream job?
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by Melody Judge posted May 14 2014 7:39AM
They say smell creates the most powerful memories.  I'm not sure who "they" are, but I trust them . . . because they're right.  Ever smelled something that just ROCKETED you back to when you were a kid?  A new survey asked people to name the scents that take them back to their childhoods.  Here are the top 10 . . .  
1.  Fresh-cut grass.
 2.  Pencil shavings. 
3.  Baby powder. 
4.  Vicks vapor rub and other cold and cough medicines. 
5.  Play-Doh. 
6.  Cotton candy. 
7.  Bonfires. 
8.  Suntan lotion. 
9.  French fries. 
10.  An old lady's perfume that reminds you of your grandma.  
 (Mid Devon Gazette)
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by Melody Judge posted May 14 2014 6:56AM
-2008, Metallica kicked off a 26-date North American and European tour at the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California.
-2006, Red Hot Chili Peppers started a two-week run at No.1 on the UK album chart with 'Stadium Arcadium' the bands ninth studio album, also a US No.1. 
-1998, George Michael was fined after being convicted of a "lewd act" in a Los Angeles lavatory. The Los Angeles court also ordered him to undergo psychological counselling and carry out 80 hours community service.
-1998,  Frank Sinatra died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles aged 82, after suffering a heart attack. 
-1957, Elvis Presley was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after swallowing a porcelain cap from one of his front teeth, which then lodged its-self in one of his lungs.
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by Melody Judge posted May 14 2014 5:39AM



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by Melody Judge posted May 13 2014 7:00AM
The children of legendary DJ CASEY KASEM don't know where he is . . . and they got a judge to order an investigation into his whereabouts.  Casey is 82 years old and suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.  He can no longer speak, and his current wife Jean has been moving him to various facilities and keeping his children from seeing him.  Yesterday, Casey's daughter Kerri was appointed her father's temporary caretaker . . . but Jean's attorney told the court he DIDN'T KNOW WHERE CASEY WAS.  He said Casey had been removed from the country . . . but an attorney for Kerri says the kids believe he's on an Indian reservation in Washington state.  (???)
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by Melody Judge posted May 13 2014 5:59AM
-1969, Led Zeppelin became the first major British rock group to appear in Hawaii, when they appeared at The Civic Auditorium, Honolulu.
-1970, The world premiere of The Beatles film 'Let It Be' took place in New York City.
-1971, On his twenty-first birthday Stevie Wonder received all his childhood earnings. Despite having earned $30 million so far, he received only $1 million. 
-1985, Bruce Springsteen married Julianne Phillips at Lake Oswego, Oregon. Julianne filed for divorce on Aug 30th 1988. 
-2003, Michael Jackson launched a court case suing Motown Records. Jacko filed the lawsuit in LA, saying he hadn't been paid royalties due for the music he did with the Jackson Five in the 60s and 70s. The singer also claimed his music has been used in TV ads without his permission. 
-2011, Like A Rolling Stone was voted as Bob Dylan’s best-ever song by Rolling Stone Magazine
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by Melody Judge posted May 12 2014 7:54AM
Ed Gagliardi, the original bassist for Foreigner, has reportedly passed away at the age of 62.The news comes courtesy of Gagliardi’s former bandmate Lou Gramm, who posted a note to his Facebook fan club page on May 11 that reads, “It is a heavy heart that I let fans know that Foreigner’s original bassist Ed Gagliardi passed away last evening. I had spoken to Ed a few weeks ago & we were making plans to meet at my show in Orlando Florida on July 31. Rest in Peace Ed .. Always your Band mate, Lou".
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by Melody Judge posted May 12 2014 7:40AM
:ADIDAS – From it’s founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler
.BMW – Bavarian Motor Works.Canola – Canadian Oil, Low Acid.
IMAX – Image Maximum.
GEICO – Government Employees Insurance Company.
H&M – Hennes (‘hers’ in Swedish) & Mauritz (a hunting apparel retailer the company bought out).
NABISCO – National Biscuit Company.
Q-Tips – The Q stands for quality.
RADAR – Radio Detection And Ranging.
SMART Car – Swatch & Mercedes Art Car.
TASER – Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle.3M – Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing.
WD-40 – Water Displacement (40th version).WI-FI – Wireless Fidelity.–
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by Melody Judge posted May 12 2014 7:28AM
On this Day May 12, 1968 Brian Jones made his final live appearance with The Rolling Stones when they appeared at the New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert at the Empire Pool, Wembley, England.
On this Day May 12, 1968 Jimi Hendrix was arrested by police on his way to Toronto for possession of hashish and heroin. Hendrix claimed the drugs had been planted on him.
On this Day May 12, 1973 Led Zeppelin started a three-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with their fifth album Houses Of The Holy. The group's third US No.1 album went on to spend 39 weeks on the US chart. Houses Of The Holy has now been certified 11 times Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for US sales in excess of 11 million copies.
On this Day May 12, 2008  Singer-songwriter Neil Young had a spider named after him. US university biologist Jason Bond discovered a new species of trapdoor spider and decided to name it after his favourite musician. Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi was found in Jefferson County, Alabama, in 2007 
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by Melody Judge posted May 9 2014 7:40AM
Every year does a study to determine exactly what a stay-at-home mom deserves to be paid in an annual salary − and this year, the calculation is roughly $119,000.The people responsible for the survey found that the job of "mom" is actually made up of 10 different jobs  − each with a different salary. They then figured how many hours per week were spent on each, and did the math.Those jobs are: housekeeper, day care teacher, cook, laundry operator, janitor, computer operator, psychologist, facilities manager, van driver, and CEO.FYI: The salary for a working mom would be about $70,000 (on top of her regulary salary). 
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by Melody Judge posted May 9 2014 7:05AM
1969, Beatles guitarist George Harrison's experimental album Electronic Sounds was released on Zapple records.1970, Guess Who started a three-week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'American Woman'.
1974, Bonnie Raitt played two shows at Harvard Square Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts; opening act was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Rolling Stone critic John Landau saw Springsteen and wrote 'I have seen rock & roll's future and his name is Bruce Springsteen'. 
1975, Kiss, James Gang and Rush all appeared at Ohio Northern University in Ada Ohio. Advance tickets cost $5.00. 
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by Melody Judge posted May 8 2014 8:34AM
– Spotify has put an end to a small band's ingenious plan to milk it for money with a silent album—but not before that album racked up a five-figure royalty check. In case you missed it, last month a band called Vulfpeck createda silent album called "Sleepify," and urged fans to play it on repeat all night while they slept. The band only has about a thousand fans, but they were able to not-listen hard enough to earn the band $20,000 in royalties, Gawker reports.Spotify ended the party a few weeks ago—which Vulfpeck revealed in a gimmick three-track EP. Spotify told him that "while they enjoy Sleepify and thought it was funny and clever, it violated their terms of content," frontman Jack Stratton said in a spoken track called "#Hurt." The next track is 30 seconds of silence. Stratton tells Vice that Spotify hasn't paid up yet, but he assumes it will, and he's not worried about any repercussions from the stunt. "You have to be practicing yoga and eating grass-fed butter to face the coldness of the free market," he says.  (NEWSER)
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by Melody Judge posted May 8 2014 7:15AM
On this Day May 08, 2006 The Rolling Stones called off their forthcoming European tour after guitarist Keith Richards underwent emergency brain surgery. The 62 year-old guitarist suffered "mild concussion" when he fell out of a coconut tree on holiday in Fiji.On this Day May 08, 1996 A Los Angeles judge ruled against Tommy Lee and wife Pamela Anderson in their bid to keep Penthouse magazine from publishing still photos from an X-rated home movie that was stolen from their home.On this Day May 08, 1982  Vangelis went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Chariots Of Fire', his only US No.1. Vangelis was accused of plagiarising 'Chariots of Fire' from a song by fellow Greek composer Stavros Logaridis called 'City of Violets'. Vangelis won in court by convincing the judge to allow him to bring his keyboard setup into the court to demonstrate his method of composing by improvising new music.On this Day May 08, 1965 () The filming of the promotional film for Bob Dylans 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' took place at the side of the Savoy Hotel in London
May 8 1970 - The Beatles release their 12th and final album, Let It Be.
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by Melody Judge posted May 8 2014 6:59AM
You've all heard of the "prom-posal" by now, when guys do over-the-top invites to ask girls to the prom. Well, some students at a California high school are doing the opposite of that ... and it's downright sexist.The boys over at Corona Del Mar High School have a longstanding tradition of picking their prom dates through an NFL-style draft. Yep, the guys make their "picks" from a pool of potential dates. They even encourage the female "free agents" to dress to impress in the hopes of getting a prom date.Though the draft isn't affiliated with the school in any way, the principal has finally had enough and is trying to shut this practice down, claiming that it objectifies women. But one female student begs to differ: “I am part of the draft and am friends with many girls in the draft and yes, in some instances girls can be picked by appearance. It is all just a fun way to decide who you will be going to prom with. It is not meant to harm those who are picked and I do not believe that it does. It is not, was never, and will never ever be used to objectify the girls at our school.” WOW. (OC Register)
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by Melody Judge posted May 7 2014 7:43AM
Well THIS can't be right.  A new study tested how much people's happiness and sense of wellbeing increased with different pay raises . . . and how much people's happiness and sense of wellbeing increased doing different hobbies and activities.  And they found getting a LIBRARY CARD makes you feel SUPER happy.  In fact, the happiness is the equivalent of getting a BIG PAY RAISE.  The researchers found that getting a library card and using it increases a person's wellbeing the same amount as a $2,282 raise from work.  That's about a 5% raise if you're making $45,000-a-year.  Going to the library even feels better than playing SPORTS.  Playing sports increases a person's wellbeing as much as a $1,913 raise.   (MNN)
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by Melody Judge posted May 6 2014 9:27AM
This is pretty much every guy's fantasy when they're flying solo.  So of course it ends in disaster in REAL life.  A British girl in her 20s was flying with her parents from London to Las Vegas last week, on a Virgin Atlantic flight.  And she got DRUNK.  Then she started talking to the random guy sitting next to her . . . and even though they just met, they decided to join the MILE-HIGH CLUB in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, their bathroom sex got LOUD . . . and flight attendants went to the bathroom to break it up.  Then the woman got into a loud argument with the flight attendants . . . so they ended up CUFFING her.  And when the plane landed, the cops escorted her off.  Fortunately, the Las Vegas police were pretty cool about the entire thing . . . and just let her off with a warning.  There's no word how her parents felt about what went down.  We assume they were thrilled.    
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by Melody Judge posted May 5 2014 8:20AM
PYT is a restaurant in Philadelphia that makes the craziest burgers in the world . . . last year they made burgers that usedlasagna and deep-fried Twinkies as buns.  And now they're back with something even MORE innovative.  Their new burger is the Fried Chicken and Beer Burger.  It features a fried chicken breast . . . and a fried wonton on top that's filled with PABST BLUE RIBBON.  So as you eat the wonton, the beer EXPLODES into your mouth.  If you want the burger, get to Philadelphia now . . . they say it's only available for a limited time.   (Eater)  
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by Melody Judge posted May 5 2014 7:05AM
Dave Downey owns a comic book store in Sacramento, California . . . and he has a replica of FRED FLINTSTONE'S car outside.  The car was STOLEN back in December.  The police looked at surveillance footage and tracked down the thieves in January.  Turns out it was three teenagers who'd cut the lock on the car, loaded it into a truck, then drove off.  Dave decided not to press charges . . . IF the three kids agreed to a punishment he came up with.  He wanted them to dress up as characters from "The Flintstones" to help promote Free Comic Book Day . . . which just happened on Saturday.  They agreed to it . . . so on Saturday they dressed up as Fred, Barney, and Wilma, and stood on the street for NINE HOURS waving at cars, holding up signs, and getting people to come into the store.  Dave says he's satisfied . . . and the three guys who stole the car say they're done stealing things.   (FOX 40 - Sacramento)   (Here's a photo of the guys dressed up, and the car they stole.) 
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by Melody Judge posted May 5 2014 5:49AM
Sinko de Mayo is truly a day to celebrate. Few people have come to know the “true” story of the origin of Sinko de Mayo. It is my pleasure to set the record straight.A little known fact is that back in 1912, Hellmann’s mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York. This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico but as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York.The ship hit an iceberg and sank and the cargo was forever lost. The people of Mexico, who were crazy about mayonnaise and were eagerly awaiting its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning which they still observe to this day. The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course as Sinko de Mayo. Go out on this day grab a couple of slices of Wonderbread and a jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise and have a party. 
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by Melody Judge posted May 2 2014 9:47AM

James Franco Posts Weird Underwear Selfie

Via via

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by Melody Judge posted May 2 2014 9:30AM
Churchill says that for Derby and Oaks it will serve 425,000 cans of beer, 475,000 pounds of shaved ice for Mint Juleps and Oaks Lilies, 120,000 Mint Juleps, 7,800 liters of bourbon, 40,000 Oaks Lilies, 142,000 hot dogs, 32,400 jumbo shrimp, 18,000 barbecue sandwiches, 13,800 pounds of beef, 11,520 gourmet sausages, 9,700 pounds of chicken, 8,000 pounds of potatoes, 6,480 pounds of tomatoes, 4,500 pounds of pork-loin chops, 1,892 sheets of Derby Pies and 560 roasted turkeys.
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by Melody Judge posted May 2 2014 8:32AM
 I know the average criminal isn't a MATH GENIUS . . . but you'd think they can at least count to six.  Not this guy.  30-year-old Matthew Medlin of Portland, Oregon has been serving a 278-day prison sentence at the Columbia River Correctional Institute for burglary, sex abuse, and assault.  He was 272 days into his 278-day sentence on Wednesday, and apparently he JUST couldn't hold out those extra six days . . . because he HOPPED A FENCE and broke out.  The cops found him later that night eating at a Jack in the Box restaurant in north Portland.  He was arrested and will be facing new charges for escape.  If he'd just stuck it out, his release date would've been Tuesday.   (CBS 6 - Portland / CBS News)  (Here's his mugshot.  Yes, it appears he shaved off his eyebrows and replaced them with tattoos.) 
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by Melody Judge posted May 2 2014 8:00AM
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