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by Melody Judge posted Aug 27 2014 8:42AM

Simpsons Ice Bucket Challenge | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX

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by Melody Judge posted Aug 27 2014 8:38AM
Top 10 guitar riffs:
Whole Lotta Love by Led ZeppelinSweet 
Child O'Mine by Guns 'N' Roses
Back in Black by AC/DC
Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple
Layla by Derek and The Dominoes
How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
Down Down by Status Quo
Money For Nothing by Dire Straits
You Really Got Me by The Kinks
Money by Pink Floyd
(BBC Radio)
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 27 2014 7:46AM
It's time for a late August tradition . . . a list about today's college freshmen that makes you realize you're so old, you might as well wither up and die.  Beloit College in Wisconsin just released their annual "Mindset List" . . . where they list a bunch of things about college freshmen that'll make you feel ancient.  This year's freshmen were born in 1996, so here are some highlights about their mindset . 1.  They were just starting kindergarten when 9/11 happened. 
2.  They've never known life without "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" . . . he took over the show in 1999, when they were three. 
3.  They were never seduced into smoking by Joe Camel . . . he was gone by '97. 
4.  They've never known life without the WNBA . . . it started in 1997. 
5.  Bill Gates has been the richest man in the U.S. their entire lives. 
6.  They've never experienced the AIDS crisis . . . the number of cases of Americans dying from AIDS has been going down their entire lives. 
7.  They have never used Netscape as a web browser.(Beloit College) 
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 27 2014 6:41AM
A brewery in Austin, Texas, is now making a 99-pack of beer.Austin Beerworks is brewing Peacemaker Anytime Ale, which they claim is so light, balanced, and refreshing that you can enjoy it anytime.
And, if you pick up a 99-pack of the stuff, you’ll be enjoying it for a long time.

The world’s first and only 99-pack is pretty much a party-in-a-case that requires two men to carry.

Just in time for Labor Day Weekend. 
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 19 2014 8:53AM
 According to the newest report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it now costs an average of $245,000 to raise a child.   And that's NOT including college.  If we DID include college, it would probably cost $47 billion to raise a kid.  The cost varies a LOT depending on where you live.  If you're in a city in the northeast, it could cost closer to $455,000 . . . if you're in a rural area in the south, it costs around $145,500.  That number includes housing, food, transportation, clothing, health care, education, childcare, and other random things like haircuts and presents.  The cost of raising a child is up 2% from last year, but that's actually not bad . . . overall costs have been growing slower over the past few years because inflation is low.  
 (CNN Money) 
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 19 2014 7:49AM
If you attend an Atlanta Falcons game this season at the Georgia Dome, you will have the opportunity to buy alcohol-infused cupcakes.Created by the company Delights by Dawn – which advertises with the line, "Intoxicating Desserts to Warm the Soul" – the cupcakes come in 11 different flavors, including Apple Fireball Cinnamon, Chocolate Cherry Bourbon, Key Lime Margarita, and White Almond Amaretto.Give the folks at the Georgia Dome some credit … this year, it’s boozy cupcakes. Last year, it was The Game Changer, which is a pulled pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese, along with bacon and onion rings.So even if the team stinks this year, there will still be plenty of good reasons to head out to the stadium. (Fox Sports)
(Photo from Delights by Dawn Strawberry cupcake infused with strawberry colada vodka. )
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 19 2014 7:08AM
There are more ways to vote than at your local polling place. Many people support the companies that support their political affiliation. And now you can too. There's a new smartphone app called Buy Partisan that lets you scan grocery store items and more to find out which political party that company supports. It even provides you with itemized breakdowns for the CEO, board of directors, PACs, and employees.

 (In The Capital)   
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 14 2014 8:35AM
Nick from Dude Foods has unveiled his latest creation: deep fried spaghetti dog on a stick. He basically shoved a stick through a grilled Italian sausage and wrapped it in cooked spaghetti. Then battered it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs -- and plunged it into a fryer for about 45 seconds. A tastebud explosion, for sure, with the added bonus of maybe, possibly, exploding an artery or two.
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 6 2014 7:15AM
You can find a lot of crazy stuff – and crazy trouble – online.It’s like the wild, wild, west out there – especially when you’re talking about Craigslist. Anyone can get on there. It’s up to you to figure out who’s legit - and who’s a whack job.Here are some tips on how to avoid getting killed when answering a Craigslist ad:

Run the seller’s name and email through social media – If the person you’re trying to find can’t be found, he or she is not someone you want to do business with.

Take someone with you or let someone know what you're doing – When you go into battle, it’s important that someone has your back. 

Tell your friends what’s going down … and leave a note in your own home so the cops know where to search if – or when – you’re reported missing.

Too good to be true – If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is. You’ll live a long, wonderful life if you just use common sense.

Don’t answer a Craigslist ad involving sex – There’s never a good reason to go into the back alleys of the Internet to find a little lovin’. (Guyism)
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 5 2014 9:14AM
The day has come when Scrabble players everywhere can now lay down tiles spelling Q-I-G-O-N-G or S-E-L-F-I-E without worrying about coming to F-I-S-T-I-C-U-F-F-S with their fellow spellers.

Those words, among more than 5,000 others, are included in the Fifth Edition of The Official SCRABBLE Player’s Dictionary, put out by American dictionary behemoth Merriam-Webster.

The announcement, marking the Scrabble bible’s first big update in nearly a decade, comes just days before 500 of the world’s most eminent Scrabblers go head-to-head at the national championships in Buffalo, N.Y. on Aug. 9.

The new words won’t be sanctioned for official use in club and tournament play until Dec. 1. But the new dictionaries will be on sale this week, with updated apps available later this month. Here are some other newly sanctioned words that players might consider throwing down in future competitions:

BEATBOX (v. -ED, -ING, -ES) to sing to the rhythm of rap music

BROMANCE (n. pl. -S) a close nonsexual relationship between men

BUZZKILL (n. pl. -S) one that has a depressing or negative effect

CHILLAX (v. -ED, -ING) -ES to calm down

COQUI (n. pl. -S) a small arboreal frog

DA (n. pl. -S) dad

DUBSTEP (n. pl. -S) a type of electronic dance music

FRENEMY (n. pl. -MIES) one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy

FUNPLEX (n. pl. -ES) a building with facilities for sports and games

GEOCACHE (n. pl. –CACHED, -CACHING, -CACHES) to search for hidden items by using a Global Positioning System device as part of a game

GI (n. pl. -S) a white garment worn in martial arts

HASHTAG (n. pl. -S) a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that categorizes the accompanying text

JOCKDOM (n. pl. -S) the world of athletes

JOYPAD (n. pl. -S) a device with buttons to control computer images

MIXTAPE (n. pl. -S) a compilation of songs recorded from various sources

MOJITO (n. pl. -TOS) a cocktail made of rum, sugar, mint, and lime juice

PO (n. pl. POS) a chamber pot

PONZU (n. pl. -S) a tangy sauce used chiefly on seafood

QAJAQ (n. pl. -S) kayakQIGONG (n. pl. -S) a Chinese system of physical exercises

SCHMUTZ (n. pl. -ES) dirt, grime

SELFIE (n. pl. -S) an image of oneself taken by oneself using a phone camera

SOJU (n. pl. -S) Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato

SUDOKU (n. pl. -S) a puzzle involving the numbers 1 through 9TE (n. pl. -S) ti

TEXTER (n. pl. -S) one that texts

VLOG (v. VLOGGED, VLOGGING, VLOGS) to blog video material

VODCAST (v. -CAST or -CASTED, -CASTING, -CASTS) to make video files available for download over the InternetWEBZINE (n. pl. -S) a magazine published on the Internet

YUZU (n. pl. -S) a sour Japanese citrus fruit

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by Melody Judge posted Aug 5 2014 8:13AM
A new survey found 49% of people are unhappy enough at work that they'd love to switch careers . . . and found the top 10 dream jobs people WISH they could do if they quit their real jobs.  
Check 'em out . . .  
1.  Start a restaurant. 
2.  Run a bed and breakfast in another country. 
3.  Write a novel.  (Good luck making money on this one.  Sincerely, guy who once wrote a book.) 
4.  Own a bar. 
5.  Become a chocolate taster. 
6.  Travel writer. 
7.  Photographer. 
8.  Gardener. 
9.  Artist. 
10.  Food critic.  
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 1 2014 9:34AM
On this day (August 1) in 1981, video killed the radio star and MTV was born. The all-music video channel, which showed only videos guided along by V-Js, was launched at 12:01 am. The first video was The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star."
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by Melody Judge posted Aug 1 2014 9:23AM

Spoiled deer

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by Melody Judge posted Aug 1 2014 6:38AM

My wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place... - Imgur

Funny, or creepy? 
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