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What's on the mind of Melody Judge? She's the farm girl that loves stilettos and is always ready to add more boots to her collection.
by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 7:36AM

Gary Dahl, the creator of the Pet Rock -- the wildly popular '70s trend -- died last week in Oregon. He was 78.

Dahl was an advertising executive in California when he came up with the idea for a pet that required no care or time commitment. He placed a smooth rock inside a cardboard box, with breathing holes, and included instructions for how to care for and feed the pet. Each Pet Rock cost around $4 and about 1.5-million of them were sold.

Did you have a Pet Rock? What weird things did you purchase like this?

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 7:22AM

Tax Freedom Day happens on April 24, which is 114 days into the new year.

This year Americans will pay $3.28 trillion in federal taxes, $1.57 trillion in state and local taxes which equals a total tax bill of $4.85 trillion.

Tax Freedom day is the day when Americans as a whole have worked enough to pay off the nation's tax burden.

In 1900, Tax Freedom Day came on January 22. The latest it's ever fallen was May 1 in 2000.

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 6:35AM

Playing Christmas music all day, all night, every day!

by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 6:30AM
by Melody Judge posted Apr 1 2015 5:46AM
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