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by Melody Judge posted Dec 17 2014 9:20AM

There was a story last month about a guy in California who went to a job interview drunk and STABBED the interviewer. We'll say THAT'S the worst thing you can do in a job interview. But these are all pretty bad too.

A new survey asked 600 managers to name the most embarrassing thing someone ever did in a job interview with them. Here are the top eight . . .

1. "She was so nervous she almost fainted."

2. "He brought in his pet dog."

3. "He did a song and dance routine in hopes of getting the job."

4. "He didn't realize his zipper was down."

5. "We caught her lying on her resume during the interview."

6. "He fell asleep."

7. "He didn't know what job he was applying for."

8. "He used the cliché, 'I never let people see me sweat' . . . but was sweating profusely the entire time."

(Office Team)

by Melody Judge posted Dec 17 2014 7:32AM

eBay just released its list of the most popular Christmas toy in all 50 states this year.  A video game is number one in 19 states . . . Legos are number one in 10 different states . . . and "Frozen" toys are number one in four states.

by Melody Judge posted Dec 16 2014 6:39AM

We recently found out that the Oxford dictionary named "vape" the word of 2014.

The other famous dictionary has chosen the word "culture" as the 2014 word of the year.

"Culture" got picked due to the amount of times the word was looked up on its website over the past year, with the word "nostalgia" coming in a close second.

by Melody Judge posted Dec 15 2014 7:43AM

Robicelli's Bakery in Brooklyn, New York, has a treat on its menu that is the stuff of mad scientists.

It's called Nutellasagna – and it's exactly what it sounds like: Layers of buttery lasagna noodles, cannoli custard, copious amounts of Nutella, crushed roasted hazelnuts and chopped chocolate, with some marshmallows on top.

Pastry maker Allison Robicelli came up with the crazy "Frankenfood" during an event where the main goal was to create the craziest culinary concoction you could.

If you want a tray of this delicious defiance of nature, all you have to do is hop a plane to New York and fork over $120.

Something tells us it's worth it. (Gothamist)

by Melody Judge posted Dec 12 2014 7:33AM

Everybody is different and everybody has their own unique style – even with their Christmas trees.

Here's what your Christmas tree says about you:

  • White lights – You ask houseguests to remove their shoes.

  • Multi-colored lights – You're an extrovert.

  • Blinking Lights – You have attention deficit disorder.

  • Homemade ornaments – You have lots of kids.

  • Strung Popcorn – You have too much time on your hands.

  • Red balls only – You wish you lived in a department store.

  • Yellow star on top: You’re traditional.

  • Glowing Santa on top: You're not very traditional.

  • Vague evergreen smell – You bought a healthy tree.

  • Strong evergreen smell – You sprayed your tree with Pine-Sol.

  • Just plain smelly – There's a dead animal in your tree. (Reader's Digest)

by Melody Judge posted Dec 12 2014 6:47AM

Apparently a new trend this Christmas is . . . putting tiny ornaments in your BEARD.

Of course, to have a beard bushy enough to support ornaments, you would've had to start growing it a while ago. Which should be fine if you're a filthy hipster, or you're still rocking some facial hair from "Mo-vember."

There's a company that's even selling ornaments specifically for beards . . . but they say demand has been so high they're already SOLD OUT.

You can still join in though . . . you'll just have to buy miniature ornaments, hook them onto your beard yourself, and be the HIT at your holiday parties.


by Melody Judge posted Dec 11 2014 9:33AM

Insurance website compiled loads of data to determine that Montana and South Carolina are tied for having the worst drivers in the country. They based this on a variety of factors including fatality rates, drunk driving and speed-related crashes. The state with best drivers is Minnesota, followed by Iowa, New Hampshire and Alaska.

These are the Top 10 states with the worst drivers...

1. Montana, North Carolina (Tie)
3. Texas
4. North Dakota
5. Delaware
6. Louisiana, Nevada (Tie)
8. Hawaii
9. Oklahoma
10. Missouri

(USA Today)

by Melody Judge posted Dec 11 2014 5:52AM

Many people strive to be unique on their dating profile ... and many people fall short. put some end-of-the-year stats together about how un-original people's profiles, are and they're pretty dismal. Here's the breakdown:

  • Number of times the word "travel" was mentioned – 1,005,346

  • Number of times "Down to earth" was mentioned – 232,348

  • The most common word people used in their profiles was: "Zumba" – followed by "Electrician," "Welcoming," "Warmhearted," "Crochet," "Quickest," “Cosmetology,” “Ladies,” and "Sewing."

  • Number of times Selfie was used – 5,613

  • Number of times the Disney movie Frozen was mentioned – 5,501

  • The most hashtags used in a single profile – 44 (Betabeat)

by Melody Judge posted Dec 2 2014 7:37AM

Every year a study comes out that shows how much it would cost you to buy all the stuff from "The 12 Days of Christmas" . . . it's supposed to be a reflection of how much prices have gone up in a year. So I guess it's good news that this year, it's just a TINY bump from last year.

If you wanted to buy everything from the song this year, it would run you $27,673. Last year, it would've cost $27,393. That's only a $280 bump, or about a 1% increase. The jump from 2012 to 2013 was 7.7%, which is clearly MUCH bigger.

But . . . the $27,673 is only if you want to buy everything from the song ONCE. Technically, the song says you have to re-buy everything from all the previous days.

Like, on day three, you'd give three French hens . . . but also two more turtle doves and another partridge in a pear tree. If you do it that way, it'll cost you $116,273 . . . up 1.4% from last year.

The biggest cost increase this year is the six geese-a-laying. Last year, the geese cost $35 each . . . they jumped 71.4% this year to $60 each. The three French hens had the next biggest jump . . . they went up 10% from $55 each to $60.50 each.

Here's the item-by-item breakdown for 2014 . . .

>A partridge in a pear tree, $207.68 . . . up 3.8% from last year.

>Two turtle doves, $125 . . . same price.

>Three French hens, $181.50 . . . up 10%.

>Four calling birds, $599.96 . . . same price.

>Five golden rings, $750 . . . same price.

>Six geese-a-laying, $360 . . . up 71.4%.

>Seven swans-a-swimming, $7,000 . . . same price.

>Eight maids-a-milking, $58 . . . same price.

>Nine ladies dancing, $7,552.84 . . . same price.

>Ten lords-a-leaping, $5,348.24 . . . up 2%.

>Eleven pipers piping, $2,635.20 . . . same price.

>Twelve drummers drumming, $2,854.80 . . . same price.

(PNC Christmas Price Index)

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