Patrol Car Struck & Trooper Injured

Buffalo – A Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper is recovering at home following a Wednesday morning incident in which his parked patrol car was struck by a vehicle on WYO 387 approximately 8 miles north of Midwest in southern Johnson County.  

Trooper Richard Burridge who was seated in his patrol car, sustained minor injuries after his patrol car was hit from behind by a pickup while Troopers were investigating a previous crash scene and several slide offs in the area.  

Trooper Burridge was transported by another Trooper to Johnson County Memorial Hospital in Buffalo where he has been treated and released for minor injuries.  

Trooper Burridge had his overhead emergency lights activated and had traffic cones out in the southbound  passing lane diverting traffic over to the right lane.  Additional Troopers and tow trucks, all with their overhead lights activated were in the area assisting motorists.  

Traffic was moving at around 30/40 MPH which was to slow for 46 year-old Michael Bagley from Riverton, Utah.  Bagley was in the passing lane passing vehicles in his Ford F-150 pickup at a speed estimated to be around 66 MPH when he drove through the traffic cones and plowed into the rear of Trooper Burridge's patrol car.  

WYO 387 had just re-opened because of a previous crash.  This crash caused Troopers to temporarily close the highway once again while they investigated and cleared the crash scene.  

Bagley, who was not injured, has been cited by Troopers for careless driving.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers know there is more the public can and should do to make it safer for emergency workers and themselves.  If you see the flashing red/blue lights it's the law to either slow down 20 MPH below the posted speed on a two lane highway or move over when on a four lane highway.  Failure to comply with the law can result in a $220.00 citation.  

It is unknown at this time if the 2012 Dodge Charger patrol car is repairable or will be considered a total loss.
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