Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey to Fill District 22 Senate Seat

After a little under two hours Monday morning, the Sheridan and Johnson County Commissioners voted for which candidate that would fill the State Senate seat vacated by the late Senator John Schiffer. The vote was between James Gampetro of Johnson County, Ryan Wright, Johnson County Deputy Attorney, and Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey. Kinskey received 67% of the vote, Wright received 21%, and Gampetro 10%. 
 Kinskey says it is clear from the interviews each of the candidates received, there are a broad range of issues he will have to face once he joins the legislature. He says he has already begun research on the position, carrying a copy of the state's budget.
Kinskey says his first job will be to call Senate President Tony Ross of Cheyenne and ask whether Ross wants him to continue with Schiffer's committee work on the Judiciary and Transportation Committees.
  The Sheridan City Council will appoint of its own members to serve as mayor to fill Kinskey's post until the next general election.
 During the interviews, each candidate was asked one or more questions by all of the Johnson and Sheridan County Commissioners. Questions ranged from what issues the candidates thought the state faced, to fuel taxes, to water issues. Candidates were also asked about funding for Community Colleges, each saying it was important.

Justin Wolffing,, reporting
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