Softball Tournament Will Still Go On Without New Complex

Too much moisture over the past few weeks has caused a delay for the completion date for the Gillette Softball-Baseball Field Complex at the Field of Dreams Site.


“The Field of Dreams project, the Gillette Baseball-Softball Complex is being postponed in its completion due to the significant deluge of rainwater that we have had in the past six to eight weeks. We are now anticipating a mid to late August completion, whereas originally we anticipated mid-July completion for the project.”---Napier


City administrator Carter Napier noted that even though the complex will not meet its scheduled completion date, the national softball tournament coming to Gillette towards the end of the month will still take place after some rescheduling.


That’s right, the tournament is still going to be held in the community even though it won’t be at the Gillette Baseball-Softball Complex. Organizers are making plans accordingly and rescheduling teams and so forth for the fields at Bicentennial Park verses for both fields at Bicentennial and the Gillette Baseball- Softball complex. ---Napier


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