Storm Outage Update 6 p.m., Sunday

precorpPRECorp line crews will return from the field tonight after working to restore reliable power to approximately 1,000 members still without power after Friday’s snowstorm that pounded northeastern Wyoming.


Tomorrow, PRECorp crews and multiple contractors plan to rebuild line in the Redwater Road area east of Highway 111 between Beulah and Sundance that had broken poles and crossarms. More crews are working in the Hulett area, Aladdin, Mush Creek area near Newcastle, and rural areas of northeast of Crook County. PRECorp cannot yet determine a time when power will be fully restored to these areas.


Members are being contacted if they are going to have extended outages.


There are scattered broken poles and broken crossarms throughout the service territory that are being replaced. Even after restoration of power, repair and replacement work will continue for several weeks.


There are many broken trees throughout the area. PRECorp crews and multiple contractors are working in the Hulett area today to remove trees that are threatening power lines. Other personnel will be attempting to reach remote areas around Sand Creek and Moskee that have been blocked by four feet of snow.


Many of the storm-closed roads in the service territory are reopened. If you experience a new outage call 1-888-391-6220. If you see a hazardous situation such as a downed power line, call 1-888-391-6220. Do not approach the scene. You can be electrocuted if you make contact with an energized line or anything it touches.


Powder River Energy Corporation is a member-owned, nonprofit electric cooperative serving the five counties of northeast Wyoming including Campbell, Sheridan, Johnson, Crook and Weston. Approximately 28,700 meters are served across more than 16,200 square miles of northeastern Wyoming and southern Montana.      
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