Supreme Court Overturns SF 00104

HillCheyenne – Troopers on opposite sides of the State made several significant unrelated seizures within the last week which have resulted in six individuals being arrested facing felony charges.  Seized were pound amounts of marijuana, methamphetamine and U.S. currency.


The four contacts were the results of traffic stops for speeding 102 MPH in 75 MPH zone, following too close whereupon the driver was found to be driving while under suspension, a speed warning and a property damage crash.  Last Updated on Friday, 24 January 2014 13:06Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill responded today to the release of the Wyoming Supreme Court ruling that the Legislature acted unconstitutionally in January of 2013 when it stripped her office of essentially all responsibility for public education.

Hill said the decision in Hill v. Mead ( upholds the separation of powers in Wyoming’s government and clearly defines the respective roles of the executive and legislative branches.

“Obviously, Kerry and Clara Powers and I are very pleased with the decision. The Supreme Court affirmed that our vote matters in Wyoming. Today the people of Wyoming get their vote and voice back.”


“We made the case that to preserve a true separation of power and to keep the legislative and executive roles in balance, it was necessary for the court to hold that the Legislature had overstepped its authority. I think the people of Wyoming should celebrate the constitution continues to be a viable limit on the Legislature and clearly protects the role of people in selecting who should head the public education. I trust the Legislature will once again focus on its important work of providing adequate funding for our schools,” Hill stated.

Hill went on to say: “I intend to meet with my advisors to see what the Court specifically held and how soon we can implement the ruling and when I can resume my elected responsibility at the Department of Education.”

Hill said she will continue her efforts to focus the state Department of Education on Wyoming’s students, teachers, parents and communities to further public education.

“I am glad that we, the people of Wyoming, have regained leadership in education. This has been a harmful interruption of our work, but I intend to use the remainder of my term to return the department to one that assists districts and schools in improving education for our students. We were well on our way to converting the agency from a federal paymaster and compliance enforcement agency to one that also works hand in hand with our districts and educators. I will do my best to resume that path with as little disruption as possible. I look forward to returning to work with the committed staff at the department to serve the state.”


Hill announced last spring she will pursue a bid for governor in 2014, and she will not be seeking a second term as superintendent.
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