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What's on the mind of Melody Judge? She's the farm girl that loves stilettos and is always ready to add more boots to her collection.
by Melody Judge posted Oct 29 2014 7:23AM

Is it Time to Move In Together? 10 Ways to Know - eHarmony Advice

by Melody Judge posted Oct 29 2014 7:17AM
Around this time of year, it's probably a little odd to have a name like "Michael Myers," "Jason Voorhees" or even "Freddy Krueger." But some people out there DO have to deal with it. The directory service White Pages revealed which horror characters, directors and actors have the most common names among U.S. residents. They even noted which state has the most people with that name. Here's the list:
1. 4,282 people have the same name as the character Michael Myers from "Halloween" . . . and 333 of them live in Ohio.
2. 2,068 have the same name as Stephen King . . . and 168 live in Texas.
3. 96 people have the same name as Norman Bates from "Psycho". . . and nine of them live in Texas.
4. 30 people have the same name as Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th" . . . and there are four each in Pennsylvania, California, and New York.
5. 25 people have the same name as Annie Wilkes from "Misery" . . . and 10 of them live in Georgia.
6. 10 people have the same name as Jack Torrance from "The Shining" . . . and two of them live in California.
7. Seven people have the same name as director Wes Craven . . . and two of them live in North Carolina.
8. Seven people are actually named Alfred Hitchcock, and there are two each in California and Maryland.
9. Six people have the same name as Max Cady from "Cape Fear" . . . and three of them live in Florida.
10. There are five poor souls in America named Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" . . . and two of them live in Washington state.
11. Four real-life people are named Donnie Darko . . . and three of them are in Pennsylvania.
12. Just ONE person shares a name with the ANTICHRIST, Damien Thorn from "The Omen" . . . and he lives in California.
Here are a few other interesting facts: There are 315,711 people named Carrie, spelled like the horror movie "Carrie", and 510 people have the last name Frankenstein. 38 people have the last name Ghost, including 14 in Pennsylvania, and there are 2,632 Caspers . . . and a lot of them are living in North Dakota.
by Melody Judge posted Oct 27 2014 7:21AM
Everyone knows dogs can't have chocolate because it's toxic, especially dark chocolate and baker's chocolate. But here are five foods you probably DIDN'T know your pets can't eat.
1. Raw dough. The yeast is dangerous for ALL pets, because it can rise while they're digesting it. And it also produces alcohol, which can be deadly.
2. Grapes and raisins. They can cause kidney failure. Some dogs can eat them and be fine, but there's no way to tell if they'll have a reaction.
3. Sugar-free gum. An ingredient called xylitol tricks a dog's body into thinking they just ate a bunch of sugar. So they release a bunch of insulin to compensate, and can DIE if their blood sugar drops too low.
4. Onions and garlic. They can damage a cat's red blood cells. They have to eat a lot of them though. So it's not usually a problem unless they eat onion or garlic POWDER.
5. Avocados. A toxin called persin can cause lung problems and heart damage for birds, rabbits, and horses. With cats and dogs, they usually just cause digestive issues.
by Melody Judge posted Oct 27 2014 5:41AM
The kind of candy we hand out apparently says alot about our personality. What kind of candy do you hand out?

>M&M's: You're a ton of fun. Everyone likes hanging out with you because you're lively, talkative and outgoing. You can talk to anyone because you're open, light-hearted and relate well to all sorts of people.
>Three Musketeers: We hate to say it, but you're pretty boring. You're stuck in your ways and don't want to challenge yourself to experience new things. There's a lot of world out there, though. You're missing out.
>Apples: You're a health nut who prioritizes your diet above everything else. If you go out to eat, which is rare because most restaurants can't accommodate all of your dietary restrictions, you drive the people at your table crazy with your endless questions and specifications. It's time to let loose and live a little, or at least stop inflicting your rigid lifestyle on other people.
>Butterfingers: You're kind of an enigma... sort of difficult to get a handle on. Your mysterious allure attracts people, but even when they start to get to know you better, you're still tough to break through. It's good you don't wear everything on your sleeve -- you don't have to!
>Raisins: You're mean.
>Reese's: You're the life of the party. Everyone wants to hang out with you because you are quite simply, a ton of fun. Hilarious and charismatic, you are endlessly entertaining and nice to everyone. You're an all around solid human being.
>Popcorn: You try a little too hard to be friendly, and unfortunately come off as a little creepy. You have good intentions, but you don't need to be quite so touchy-feely.
>Crunch: You're friendly and easy-going. You like to please people, maybe even to a fault. Remember that you don't always have to put other people first.
>Twix: You're an angel.
>Kit Kats: You're a man or lady of leisure. You're really good finagling your way into doing as little work as possible, and you're an excellent couch potato. You could do nothing all day every day and never tire of it. What can you say? You just like to chill.
>Candy Corn: You're a monster!!!
>Snickers: You're very wise and diplomatic. You're a great listener and very thoughtful, and in turn give golden advice. Everyone comes to you with their problems, and you're very patient and giving in return.
>Twizzlers: You're really polarizing. People either love you or hate you, and frankly, you don't pay attention either way. You don't care what other people think of you and are perfectly happy marching to the beat of your own drummer. March on.
(Huffington Post)
by Melody Judge posted Oct 24 2014 6:06AM
According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 28% of us have used a fake excuse to call in sick to work this year. And 31% of bosses say they've tried to CATCH employees faking it. 15% say they've even driven by someone's HOUSE before.
Here are the eight weirdest excuses employers have heard so far this year. Some of them sound TOO weird to be fake.
1. "I just put a casserole in the oven."
2. "My legs fell asleep in the bathroom. Then I stood up, fell, and broke my ankle."
3. "I was at a casino all weekend, and still have money left to play with."
4. "I woke up in a good mood and don't want to ruin it."
5. "I hooked up with someone at their place last night, and I don't know where I am."
6. "I got stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store."
7. "I tried to dry my uniform in the microwave, and it caught fire."
8. "I accidentally got on a plane."

(PR Newswire)
by Melody Judge posted Oct 9 2014 6:51AM
When you load up your plate on Thanksgiving, all the food winds up touching each other in a giant carb-loaded orgy. So the latest Thanksgiving trend KNOWS all the food blends together . . . and saves you the hassle of serving them separately. It's called "Thanksgiving in a Bucket." When you're making Thanksgiving dinner, instead of having everything on its own separate dish, you layer everything into a bucket . . . kind of like a Thanksgiving parfait. You put stuffing on the bottom, because it's best at absorbing all the other flavors. Then mashed potatoes on top of that . . . then a green vegetable . . . then sweet potatoes . . . turkey and gravy . . . and finally cranberry sauce. And you serve it with a big cake spatula so you can give someone an entire slice of Thanksgiving all at once.

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by Melody Judge posted Oct 8 2014 8:03AM
If you asked people 30 years ago what sandwich they ate most . . . 99% would've said peanut butter and jelly. But now, between paranoia over peanut allergies and our laziness to do ANY food preparation, PB-and-J is DYING. A new survey asked thousands of people what sandwiches they'd eaten in the past two weeks, then figured out the most popular sandwiches in the U.S. Coming in at number one was . . . TURKEY. 14% of people have eaten a turkey sandwich in the past two weeks. Peanut butter-and-jelly finished FIFTH, with only 5%. The nine most popular sandwiches are: Turkey . . . ham . . . chicken . . . other kinds of subs . . . PB-and-J . . . BLTs . . . grilled cheese . . . roast beef . . . and club sandwiches. The survey also found we're most likely to eat Philly cheesesteaks at restaurants . . . only 9% of people make them at home. And we're most likely to make our own peanut butter-and-jelly . . . 0% of people surveyed ate one at a restaurant.
(Business Insider)
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by Melody Judge posted Oct 2 2014 8:07AM

Eddie Vedder - Imagine 2014 (Official Audio) Multicam

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