Trash Collection Days May Change In August

At last night’s Gillette City Council workshop, city staff and council discussed solid waste collection route days. City administrator Carter Napier said they have recognized for some time that the current solid waste routes are quite inefficient. They are hopeful the proposal of changing certain days that areas have their trash picked up, will save the public works division time and money. The change may also potentially keeping rates lower for customers and potentially decrease the need for more equipment to be purchased. Staff of the Public Works Division spent months working with the City's Geographic Information Systems team coming up with a more efficient way to run the solid waste routes.
“This truly was a collaborative effort and I really want to point that out because this is the first time in my career that separate departments have come together with so much effort into a single project to work it out. “ --- Public Works Director Sawley Wilde. 

Wilde told the council that in the past when a new area was added to the city limits, its trash collection days were simply added to the lightest part of the week.  Over the years sections of the city as far apart as Westover Subdivision and Fox Park ended up sharing the same trash collection day.  This has caused a great deal of side trips and is believed to be greatly hindering the efficiency of the department.

 City staff told the council they believe the proposed change in the solid waste route days would save the city fleet about 138 miles per week and over 7,000 miles per year. The savings and dollars is estimated to be over $369 a week and over $19,000 a year as well as nearly 7 hours of driver time saved weekly and 359 hours saved yearly.
On June 3rd the council will consider a resolution to establish a solid waste collection schedule for areas within the city limits. If changes in solid waste days are approved, a media campaign will be launched using the local media, social media, advertising, press releases and postcard mass mailing to all impacted customers.
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