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11/21/14 11:04 AM
Press Release - Cal Rerucha, Carbon County Attorney, will be the special prosecutor to review the Pownall investigation for potential criminal charges. The reports have been forwarded to Rerucha for review.  The formal appointment as special prosecutor will be completed at the next regular meeting of the County Commissioners. 

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11/21/14 06:02 AM
Press Release – President Obama announced unilateral changes to America’s immigration policies today by use of executive orders. These orders will grant amnesty to at least 4 million people without a single vote in Congress.

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., who has opposed previous attempts at providing amnesty for illegal immigrants, opposes the president’s plan and said
11/21/14 05:57 AM
GILLETTE, WY – Dr. John Mansell has received recertification in the subspecialty of Pain Medicine from the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA), valid through 2024.

The American Board of Anesthesiology is an independent, nonprofit organization first founded in 1937 as affiliate of the American Board of Surgery to provide board certification to individuals who have met a defined
11/21/14 05:53 AM
Press Release - Two Wyoming communities have been highlighted in a report from the Milken Institute for promoting and enabling successful aging.
Cheyenne ranked 9th overall and Casper ranked 20th out of 252 small metros that were graded in the Milken Institute first-of-its-kind, data-driven index, Best Cities for Successful Aging. The index measures and ranks the performance metropolitan
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11/21/14 09:39 AM
Over the past year, the city of Sheridan has received several accolades in published magazines, and just this week, Shawn Buckley with Sheridan Travel and Tourism learned that it has received another. The city will be featured in the 2015 Edition of True West Magazine’s Heritage Travel Guide as "The Best Place To Live Like An Old West Cowboy". Buckley talks about the award...
11/21/14 08:16 AM

The Wyoming Supreme Court announced on Wednesday, November 19 that they are suspending outgoing Washakie County Attorney Marcy Argeris for 30 days effective March 15, 2015 saying that she violated professional rules by billing the County to cover a disciplinary sanction against her. The suspension levied against Argeris has to do with a private reprimand she received from the Wyoming State Bar in
11/21/14 01:48 AM
Those who may have cats that venture outdoors and interact with other felines may want to take note, according to Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue, several area veterinarians are reporting cases of FPV, feline-panleukopenia, pronounced "pan-luke-o-penia" virus, which has the potential to be fatal. FPV is a virus that attacks the cat's immune system, and causes dehydration. Unfortunately it is often fatal if left untreated, and is highly contagious.
11/20/14 12:28 PM
Mike Quast of the Johnson County YMCA gave a presentation at the Chamber Luncheon on Wednesday detailing plans to expand into an additional building.  The YMCA has been in their current facility since 1978.  Up until the past few years, they have been able to make the space accommodate high traffic attendance for exercise classes, swim club, day care and youth activities.  Although the space has become a little too tight...
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