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Opinion, Yeah, I've got one.

by Don Carpenter posted Feb 16 2014 10:08AM
What good is an opinion if you can't upset people with it? Just kidding. This is the blog where I will get the chance to share my opinions with the world, and in true blog fashion. You will agree with what I say making me a genius. Alright folks, just wait my overwhelming wisdom is on the way.
02/16/2014 10:11AM
Opinion, Yeah, I've got one.
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07/06/2016 10:51AM
Don Carpenter Twitter
So Carpenter blocks everyone on twitter who can't answer back. He leaves comments on your social media account and then blocks you so you can't answer back. He is a coward. He calls people rapists without any knowledge of what he's talking about. What a coward behind his microphone and words. His twitter picture says it all. Well, hopefully, I found you, and got to voice my opinion without being blocked by you. I hate people like you. Freedom of speech, that's what you hide behind with your hate. Too bad I can't say what I really want w/o being "spammed."
07/06/2016 10:53AM
Don Carpenter
He makes remarks on your social media account like a coward and then blocks you so that you can't have your own opinion and answer back. Such a coward. Well, I found you.
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