Terry Michael
My days in radio started way back when we still played 45 records on the air, in 1981. I graduated from Park City High School in Montana back in 1981. FFA was a big part of my life and being a state public speaking winner led me to radio.

Dan Sherwood
After growing up in Wisconsin and graduating from college in Minnesota my journey in the world of radio has taken me to a few different places including Gillette......twice! I am glad to be back in Gillette, I have always enjoyed country music and I am so excited and proud to bring you the latest and best in country music to you afternoons from 2-6!

A.P. Harreld Born in Webster Groves, MO, but raised in Atlanta, A.P. Harreld is a Dean's List graduate of America's second-oldest university, The College of William and Mary, where, as a senior, he received the L. Tucker Jones Recreational Sports Award. The government and history double-major has visited 46 states and his international treks include Canada, Costa Rica,England, Holland, Spain and the Philippines.

A.P.'s background in improvisational and stand-up comedy, morning radio, emceeing and auctioneering provides him an ability to entertain. Additionally, his gifts with the written word allow A.P. to add value in the marketplace with more than just his vocal cords. 
Paul Wallem
The voice of your local news.
His favorite highlight in his time working as News Director for The Basin Radio Network was receiving The Spirit of Service Award from the Campbell County Fire Department in 2010.
Chris Brintle
From a young age sports has been a major part of my life. During those games I would pretend to be the broadcaster and call the action. Little did I know I was practicing for a possible career. 
It was love at first sight from the first time I arrived in Gillette. I can not wait to meet more people within the community and build relationships that last for a long time. One thing is for sure.....Chris Ledoux wasn't lying so I am proud to be singing the Song Of Wyoming!
 Vic Wright
You can hear Vic on 97.3 KAML-FM weekday mornings from 6am-10am. He is also the play-by-play commentator for Gillette College Men's and Women's basketball and Wright Panthers sports.
Jen Austin

 Jen is a big Katy Perry and Lady Gaga fan, and she loves following local sports teams like the Rough Riders and Camels. 

JJ Jeffery
Born in Idaho and graduated form Skyline High School, I Grew up listing to the radio like every one of us have, but I just kept bugging the DJ’s at different stations and asking them how I can do what you do.  
At the age of 8, I had my own mock radio setup (yes turntables and a mic included) in my bedroom and the rest is history. 
Kym McKay -Thanks for checking out my bio page!  I was born and raised on the east coast outside of our nations capital.  My parents were military so I've lived all over the world.  I'm married with one pretty talented son who is off to college in the fall.  My husband and I are avid lovers of the space program and aviation.  We've met several astronauts and even 3 moon walkers and spend a lot of time speaking in acronyms around our house.
Prince Mayne
​Prince enjoys horses, camping, computers, trail riding and the challenge of golf! (When he's not enjoying his true love, entertaining you on the radio)! Check out the Legend on 93.3 KLED!

Jeff Iller
I am the current mid-day show host on 93.3 KLED and you can join me weekdays from 2pm to 6pm for great Classic Country here on 93.3 FM, The Legend.

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