Christmas Tree Permits Available From the Bighorn National Forest

forestSheridan, Wyo. (October 28, 2013) – Cutting your own Christmas tree can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family. If you would like to make this part of your holiday tradition, Christmas tree permits are available from the Bighorn National Forest. The cost for a permit is $8.00 for a tree up to 10 feet tall. Cutting a larger tree requires the purchase of additional permits. Permits are available at Bighorn National Forest offices in Buffalo, Lovell, and Sheridan, which are open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. Christmas tree permits can be also be purchased by mail. Simply complete the form that is available on the Bighorn’s website at, mail it with payment to your local ranger district office, and a permit and copy of the regulations will be mailed to you. Rules and regulations apply, so please follow the instructions that come with the permit. Here are some of the rules: --- Trees may not be cut in wilderness areas, marked timber sales, within 300 feet of campgrounds, lodges, summer homes, private land, and ranger stations, or within 100 feet of state highways. --- On the Powder River Ranger District, trees may not be harvested along U.S. Highway 16 from the eastern Bighorn National Forest boundary to the Hettinger Group Area sign, and along Forest Service Road 19. ---The required tag(s) must be attached to the tree before it is transported. ---Off-road travel regulations are in effect – check with your local ranger district office for more information. ---When cutting a tree, stumps must be cut at six inches or less, and it is important to keep roadways clear of debris and slash. ---Boughs may be cut only from trees tagged with a permit. Most important, be extremely careful while driving and with saws and axes, and be prepared for winter conditions by checking weather and road conditions before starting out. Safe winter driving tips can be found on WYDOT’s web page at If you have any questions about cutting a Christmas tree from the national forest, please stop in or call any Bighorn National Forest office.
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