Cruz Noted Enzi’s Record Of Opposing Obamacare

enziWashington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., will not support a continuing resolution that funds implementation or enforcement of Obamacare. He will also not support parliamentary maneuvering that will strip the defunding of Obamacare provisions from the House passed continuing resolution.


 Enzi said thousands of Wyoming residents and many more out-of-state residents have contacted his offices in the past few days asking him not to support funding for Obamacare. A few were under the mistaken impression that he favored the president’s health care law.


“I want to defund Obamacare and will vote accordingly. Anyone or any organization that tells you different is selling you something,” Enzi said. “I signed a letter with Senators Mike Lee, (R-Utah), Ted Cruz, (R-Texas) Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and others in July that specifically stated we would not support a continuing resolution that funds further implementation or enforcement of Obamacare. I was on the Senate floor this week with these same senators, repeating our opposition to funding Obamacare.”


 The Senate will take a procedural vote soon on a House continuing resolution to fund the government until November 15. The House resolution would not fund Obamacare. However, if 60 senators vote for cloture, which means an end to debate on the measure, then it enables the majority leader to shut out minority amendments and add back in the funding for Obamacare. Enzi also said the House resolution is about $20 billion more than is allowed under previously established budget caps.


“There are plenty of reasons for me to vote against cloture and against the majority leader’s version of the bill.  That is what I intend to do if it funds Obamacare,” Enzi said.


Enzi said his record against Obamacare speaks for itself. As Cruz noted during his lengthy speech Tuesday night, Enzi has been part of the defunding effort from the start. He opposed the law at its creation, voting against it in two committees and again on the Senate floor. Apart from the efforts with Cruz and Lee, Enzi has worked on 17 bills to repeal, defund, and dismantle Obamacare piece-by-piece. He also introduced a bill with Senator David Vitter, R-La., that would require all members of Congress, the president, vice president, and political appointees to get their insurance through the exchanges like the American people. Enzi said if it’s good enough for the American people, the people responsible for passing and implementing the law should be subject to it as well.


  Click here  to watch Senator Enzi’s speech on defunding Obamacare with Cruz.
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