Scammers Targeting Electric Cooperative Members

precorpPowder River Energy Corporation members are advised to be wary of scammers posing as collection agents demanding payment to avoid disconnection.


In recent days, a number of utility customers across the nation have reported that a caller has impersonated their utility company, claiming the customer’s bill is overdue and needs to be paid immediately. If the customer refuses, the caller threatens disconnection.


 This recent scam has generally targeted commercial accounts and requests a prepaid debit card payment. The caller will even provide a call-back number. Caller ID’s have been crafted to appear to be your utility company.


PRECorp sends a notice prior to any direct telephone calls regarding delinquent bills. If you receive a collections call or e-mail from someone posing as a PRECorp representative, please call your local PRECorp office at 1-800-442-3630 to confirm it is your local electric cooperative.


Powder River Energy Corporation is a member-owned, nonprofit electric cooperative serving the five counties of northeast Wyoming including Campbell, Sheridan, Johnson, Crook and Weston. Approximately 28,700 meters are served across more than 16,200 square miles of northeastern Wyom
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