Park County Homicide Investigation Continues

parkCODY – The investigation into the discovery of a decapitated body on Little Sand Coulee Road west of Powell on January 9, 2014 is progressing. The Park County Sheriff’s Office is working closely with local as well as national and international law enforcement agencies, using every possible resource available.


“We have had excellent cooperation with local law enforcement including the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the Cody and Powell Police Departments,” said Sheriff Scott Steward. “In addition, we have reached out to agencies in Montana as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), INTERPOL and the United States Border Patrol in an attempt to both identify the victim and to further enhance our investigation leading to the eventual apprehension of the suspect(s).”


Investigators continue to work closely with the DCI forensic laboratory in Cheyenne to analyze evidence to assist in both of these objectives. Moreover, they continue to receive and process any and all information provided from the public and appreciates the efforts of our residents thus far. There is also a plan in place to search more areas, for additional evidence to include the missing body parts; however recent weather has hampered these efforts.


“We are also fully aware of the theories and rumors circulating within our community regarding the crime being drug-related, a drug cartel killing, etc.,” continued Sheriff Steward. “But it would be irresponsible for us to focus on theories at this juncture because we just don't have enough facts to support conclusions this early into the investigation. Our primary focus must be on identification of the victim and possible suspect(s). Any speculation on my part without supporting evidence would be unwise and could hinder both the investigation and could lead to a false sense of security within the community.”


However, Sheriff Steward went on to reassure the citizens of Park County that their safety and security is of the utmost importance. And that any additional information that develops as a result of the investigation that would enhance that security would be released immediately.


“I ask that public to be patient and understand that we are doing everything we can to keep the public informed without jeopardizing the investigation. I realize this is difficult giving the brutality of the crime,” said Sheriff Steward. “But in the end it is my duty to ensure the integrity of the investigation at the same time balancing the public's need to know.”


Any information regarding the case, including possible identification of the victim, should be relayed to the Park County Sheriff's Office 527-8700.
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