WYDOT Snow Removal Reminder

The Wyoming Department of Transportation issued a reminder this week to businesses and property owners that snow removed from property adjacent to a state highway cannot be pushed onto the highway. Wyoming Statute 35-10-401 prohibits individuals or companies from obstructing public roads or highways, according to WYDOT spokesperson Ronda Holwell.


“We’ve had some cases lately where property owners or business owners plowed their parking lot or driveway and pushed the snow out into the state highway,” Holwell said. “While it might seem like this is an easy way to get rid of your snow, the piled snow can create an obstruction and potential safety hazard for drivers and result in a fine of up to $100 for the person who creates the obstruction.”


Questions about WYDOT snow removal activities can be directed to the Ronda Holwell, WYDOT Public Involvement Specialist at 307 674-2300.
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