Campbell County Prevention Council Can Use Your Help

Today we feature a look at the Campbell County Prevention Council. One of the group's directors Rhea Parsons, says the coalition, formally known as the Substance Abuse Advisory Council, has been in existence in Campbell County since 2007. The council includes coalitions that work on the prevention of suicide, drug abuse, alcohol misuse, and tobacco use.  Parsons says the group is largely supported by volunteers; 30 to 40 individuals who volunteer their time and effort to turn the tide against problems every community faces.

One of those volunteers is Billy Montgomery. Montgomery said it is important for him to do what he can to give back to his community, and he as found the suicide prevention efforts to be of the most interest. He says even if he helps only one person in the community, it will be a tremendously satisfying experience for him.

 Another individual that helps with the organization is Katie Jacobson. She says individuals who would like to help out their community through the Campbell County Prevention Council, will find the opportunities work well with their schedules.
“I am a part of the coalition, not only through my employment, but as a citizen of the community. I really get to pick and choose the times that I volunteer outside of my work obligations to the coalition.”---Jacobson
For more information on volunteer recruitment contact  the Campbell County Prevention Council:   Rhea Parsons
1211 S Douglas HWY, Suite 215 Gillette, WY 82716

(307) 696-8028
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