Enconomic Development Groups Look To Join

The Campbell County Economic Development Corporation is in discussion about consolidation with the Northeast Wyoming Economic Development Corporation. Yesterday, City of Gillette Administrator Carter Napier appeared on Newstalk 1270 KIML with host Don Carpenter, to talk about the possibility.
 “I happen to be a board member for the CCEDC. My feeling is that this will bring a lot of efficiency in the way in which we operate as a larger community here in Campbell County.”---Napier
Napier added he felt, in the past, that the two economic development groups have not always “dovetailed” on some of the larger projects. He feels the consolidation makes a lot of sense from an operational standpoint. He did say, however, he was unclear whether the move would mean much, in terms of saving dollars. 
 “I suppose we will avoid the need to hire staff and so forth as we move into the future, because we won't need to duplicate between the two agencies. We certainly will get more bang for our buck by being more collaborative, with regard to each of the agencies working together.”---Napier
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