No Adjustment In County Elected Officials' Salaries

At the March 18th Campbell County Commissioners Meeting, the commissioners had a discussion on county elected officials' salaries. Chairman Mark Christensen said the board decided to make no changes to those salaries. 

“With the exception of the commissioners, the rest of the elected officials are at the top of the band that the state has set. We made no adjustments or changes there. So those salaries will stay at $100,000.”---Christensen

There was discussion about the salaries of the Campbell County commissioners, but they were kept at $37,500 a year. 

“Serving as a commissioner does take a lot of time, and there are counties out there that have higher salaries for commissioners than Campbell County does. However, the board felt that we have still been able to attract quality applicants. And we all understand what we've signed up for and what the pay is for doing it.”---Christensen

Christensen said the salaries will be set for the next four years.
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