Stone Will Not Run For A Fourth Term.

After serving twelve years as Campbell County and Prosecuting Attorney, Stone is opting to not run for a fourth term.  Below are comments released by Stone.

“The position has given me so many great opportunities and experiences.  I have enjoyed the challenges, making the tough decisions, feeling like I have made a positive contribution to our community, and working with a lot of great individuals.  I have been able to focus on abuse and neglect cases, early intervention programs for juveniles, and working with victims of crimes; all areas that I am passionate about.  I have made some lifelong friendships with other prosecutors in the state, who I greatly admire and respect.  I love my job, the opportunities that it has given me, and serving the community.  It has really been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I am going to miss it.

I hadn’t planned four years ago to run again, but felt at that time that my leadership was still needed.  A couple months ago, Ron Wirthwein, Chief Deputy, approached me and indicated that he was interested in running for County Attorney.  I was thrilled that Ron wanted to step into this leadership role, as he is a talented trial attorney who has excelled as Chief Deputy.  He has done a little of everything in the office, and has excelled with his prosecution of the high profile cases.  He has a good head on his shoulders and uses good judgment when faced with difficult decisions.
A couple weeks ago, Lisa Finkey let me know that she was interested in the County Attorney’s Office for a period of time and has good common sense in her approach with cases.  Lisa also is a talented attorney and would also serve the county well.

Given the individuals who have stepped forward to run for the position, I know that the leadership of the office is in good hands.  It is time to pass the reigns, and let someone else serve as County Attorney.  The position is highly demanding, both mentally and physically, with long hours and difficult decisions, and after giving the position 110%, it is time to have some renewed energy put in the leadership position.  I hope to finish strong the next nine months, and will help whomever is elected with a smooth transition.

As to my future endeavors, I am going to see what opportunities come my way.  More than likely, I will continue to work with juveniles in some capacity.  If the opportunity presents itself to stay as a Deputy County Attorney, I would likely continue, as I enjoy the work and feeling like I am making a difference every day.”
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