Second School Threat Made, Suspect Identified

On March 18th, 2014, a second threat referencing a school shooting was found in the bathroom at Twin Spruce Junior High.  The threat said the shooting was to occur on March 24th.  Gillette Police Lieutenant Brent Wasson said school staff and law enforcement interviewed more than a dozen witnesses.

Wasson said a 12-year-old female was identified as the author of the message. Wasson said the  identification was made prior to March 20th, and the threat was deemed not to be valid. Wasson added there was no information to suggest that the juvenile female identified in this incident was involved in a similar incident, reported on February 21st. 

“In many cases, these incidents are perpetrated to affect school attendance and disrupt school activities.  Threats of this nature constitute a crime in the state of Wyoming; and every incident will be investigated and prosecuted.”---Wasson

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Location : Wyoming
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