Driver In Bike Accident Given Citation

The Campbell County Sheriffs Office has released an update in the investigation of an April 6th accident at the intersection of Southern Drive and Magnuson Boulevard that severely injured a 38-year-old male bicyclist. Undersheriff Scott Matheny said a 55-year-old male  driver of a 2014 Dodge Ram Truck was given a citation.

 “The driver was given a citation for failure to yield right of way while turning left at an intersection.”---Matheny

Matheny said a deputy was able to interview the victim in a Colorado hospital. The bicyclist was able to recall some of the accident.

“What he remembered was riding down the hill on Southern Drive going northeast. He thought he was about two-thirds down the hill.”---Matheny

Matheny said a deputy reported that the bicyclist needed surgery to save a severely injured left arm. Matheny was not able to provide an update on the full extent of the damage. He noted surgery to the victim’s left knee will also be needed. 
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