Council Supports Increased Security For Seniors

At last night’s Gillette City Council workshop, the Council heard from representatives from the Campbell County Senior Center.  Ann Rossi from the Senior Center said they were seeking financial support for a surveillance security system, and were hoping the Council would help with some of the $75K cost.

“As times are changing, and we are a public building, we do have a concern with the safety of not only our seniors (and) the staff, but anybody coming into the building.”

City Councilman Ted Jared said the request for a surveillance security system was something that was well-needed, and perhaps should have been handled much earlier.  City Councilman Kevin McGrath echoed those comments.

The Council indicated they were firmly behind a one-third split with the Campbell County Commissioners and Senior Center board.  No official vote was taken at last night’s workshop, but will have to come at a later time.
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