Water Conservation Rules Not Expected To Change

At the April 29th Gillette City Council Workshop, Sustainability Coordinator Michael Foote presented information on water conservation.  Foote said the public did a great job helping conserve water last summer. Foote told the council that staff was not recommending any changes from last years water conservation measures.  

“With the forecast this year, we do not anticipate drought conditions. We are feeling there is no need for changes, or anything different.”---Foote

Besides voluntarily watering on the correct day for your house number, and the mandatory ban on Monday watering, Foote said there are additional steps the public can take to conserve water.

“We have a number of rebate programs that are available for our utility customers. Everything from improving their irrigation systems by replacing insufficient components, to having auditors come in and actually look at their systems to see if there are changes that can be made to improve efficiency.”---Foote
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