Youth Enjoy Gillette History Lesson

Some of Campbell County’s youth are expected to take in some of Gillette’s history this week. Mary Kelley, with the Campbell County Historical Society, talks about what will be going on this week, weather-permitting.

“This is about the tenth year that we have done the downtown walking tours, and we do them in conjunction with National Historic Preservation week and National Tourism week.  We try to introduce the children to businesses that aren’t around anymore - even types of businesses that aren’t around anymore - like the mercantile and the creamery, and say that we are teaching them history by having them walk in the footsteps of our pioneer families that came here to homestead.”---Kelley

Challenges with the weather already caused some rescheduling last week.  And besides the weather, challenges are also being presented by construction.  But Kelley says they will be able to make the best of it.  

“Typically, we like to start at Lulu Belles because that is the oldest part of town.  But this year, all the tours are going to start at Twin Spruce, because there is more room for busses down there.  We will start at Twin and we will go up one side of the street all the way up to First Street, and then we will come back to Twin Spruce.  And that is a two hour tour, if we get to go into the jail cells and the buildings that are interesting inside.” --- Kelley

Kelley says the downtown walking tour is a big hit with the youth of Campbell County as they hear tales of shootings and ghost stories.  Helping with those tales are students from the High School Academies.

“Tremendous, tremendous help.  They are very enthusiastic, and love working with the kids, and we couldn’t do it without them.  So, thank you very much to the High School Academies.” --- Kelley

You can find more information on the downtown walking tours at the Campbell County Rock Pile Museum and other locations.  

“They can pick up a brochure, and they can start anywhere on the tour. It’s a self-guided tour.  These are available at the Rock Pile Museum, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Visitors Center.” --- Kelley
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